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Paul and Vi – The Slow Travelers

Hi, we’re Paul and Vi from Australia… and over 9 years ago we had an “Ah ha” moment!

We realized that there’s more to life than doing things we didn’t love… such as working for someone else and being miserable in our jobs. It felt like our lives were slipping through our fingers.

We were craving excitement, joy and new travel experiences. Yet, we could ONLY get about 28 days out of a year, to ENJOY life away from the workplace. That sounds scary when you think about it, right?

It felt like we were TRAPPED.

So, we made a BIG decision… WE QUIT OUR DAY JOBS! We said good-bye to our boring life. And, what started out as a 1-year trip, turned out to be a completely new lifestyle!

That’s when we were able to discover FREEDOM. We found out how fulfilling being our own bosses would be. And, rather than having to rush through our passion for traveling… we were loving the Slow Travel concept.

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