One Of The Most Amazing Scenery In Europe For You To See

After our short trip in Podgorica Montenegro, it was time for our next adventure! And yes, we would be continuing our travels through the Balkan region.

So, as we were researching getting to our next destination… we discovered that we had to add to our list of MUST see in Montenegro. And, that was to drive through the Moraca River Canyon.

Now, when we were looking at other travelers’ videos and photos… the Moraca Canyon scenery was breathtaking. Yet, it also looked scary in spots! 

So, in this travel blog post… I’ll run through our experiences of going through the Moraca River Canyon.

Transport In Montenegro

When we were looking for transport in Montenegro to get us to our next destination… we did have several options to choose from. And, this included taking a bus, renting a car, or getting a taxi in Montenegro.

We don’t travel lightly. So, that’s why we rarely catch public transport for long haul trips by road. Plus, we had an 8 hour journey ahead of us to our next destination.

And, as we saw how breathtakingly scenic the Moraca River Canyon was… we ended up deciding on having someone else take us. Then, at least we could relax and fully enjoy the experience through the Moraca Canyon.

So, in the end we chose a company by the name of, Taxi Transfers Montenegro. And, for a private car transfer from Podgorica for our 8 hour or so drive… it cost us 190 Euros (about USD $215).

And, for that distance we thought it was reasonable.

Driving On One of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Now, we did learn that some people did consider the drive through the Moraca River Canyon… one of THE most dangerous roads in the world to travel on. 

At first, I was hesitant. Yet, Paul being more of a thrill-seeker was keen to do this trip. So, after a lot of influencing I would be brave for the trip!

So, our route from Podgorica would be via the E80/E65/M2 road. And, as we were driving towards the Moraca Canyon… the roads getting there was like a breeze.

Yet, the closer we got, the more traffic there was on the roads. And, the road through the Moraca River Canyon wasn’t wide!

It amazed us at how some of the drivers would be screaming round the corners! And, sometimes I’d be cringing… with one eye open and the other closed, hoping we’d all be OK.

Yes, there were the dangers of falling rock too. And, at one point during our journey, we had to stop for about 15 minutes… as workmen had to clear debris from the cliff face!

Plus, the road isn’t wide. So, it was freaky seeing big buses barely fitting in the lanes. What’s more, seeing impatient drivers wanting to overtake made me squeamish.

And to top it all off, when I was looking out at the Moraca Canyon landscape, I saw glimpses of steep and deep cliff drops.

Even so, the breathtaking beauty of the journey overtook my fears!

The Incredible Scenery On Our Moraca River Canyon Journey

OK, so scary stuff aside. 

As we were leaving Podgorica and on the road through the Moraca Canyon, we saw some amazing scenery…

We also went through lots of tunnels. And, it was amazing being able to experience these tunnels… where their creation was from blasting through the thick mountains.

The water running through the canyon was glistening… crystal clear and a gorgeous turquoise color. 

And, the mountains In the Moraca Canyon landscape were absolutely stunning. 

So, there are some points along the road where we could pull over to admire the view. And, our driver did stop so we could take some pics and videos. 

Yet, we believe the photos and videos definitely don’t do the Moraca Canyon justice. It sure is something you have to witness with your own eyes. 

So, from our point of view… one of the top things to do in Montenegro is to drive through the Moraca River Canyon. 

And, we said that if we have the opportunity again… we’d love to drive through the canyon ourselves. 

So, then we could stop as many times we wanted… and admire the beauty with all the time in the world. Plus, we’d stop along the way… and explore other places that this “road trip” has to offer.

We challenge you to take the trip through the Moraca River Canyon. And, if you’ve driven through it yourself… then KUDOS to you!

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Note: All of our reviews and comments are our opinions and no-one else’s. Even if we receive complimentary goods or services we share our opinions honestly.

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What You Need To Know: Great Things To Do On Brac Island

Croatia has been on our list of places to visit for a while. And, finally we had the opportunity. So, we made the trip there after our long stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The first places to visit in Croatia for tourists would be the vibrant capital city of Zagreb… or the UNESCO town of Split, or experience the medieval quaintness of Dubrovnik.

Yet, our first place to check out was Brac Island, with a population of about 13,000. 

And, not only was Brac Island a lesser touristy place in Croatia to visit… we went there in Winter too! So, this would be an interesting experience, especially as first timers in Croatia.

So, here are 10 things to do on Brac Island Croatia… especially during the Winter season. Oh, we’ll also share with you another place to visit on Brac… yet, we weren’t sure if we have included it as a top place to visit on Brac Island.

You’ll have to read on to find out more about what we mean. 

Nevertheless, let’s explore Brac Island…

See the Beauty of Zlatni Rat Beach All to Yourself

OK, so most people would visit a beach during Summer time to soak up the rays, get a tan… or enjoy a beverage or 2 or more in the beautiful warm weather. Yet, have you ever been to a beach during Winter?

Well, we went to Zlatni Rat Beach (otherwise known as Golden Horn) during Winter. And, Zlatni Rat has been named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

So, while it was in Winter, we did have the entire beach to ourselves. We did wear jackets, that did protect us from the chilly wind. Yet, after sitting in the sunshine for about 10 minutes, we were toasty warm.

Now, it certainly wasn’t warm enough… so that we’d head down to the nudist beach a few kilometres away!

At Zlatni Rat, it’s so beautiful and the water is so clear. If you bring your own food and beverages… you could have a secluded picnic in an incredible environment, with jaw-dropping scenery. 

Be warned, the beach is not sandy, and is covered with small pebbles. Now, if the outdoors is appealing but beaches aren’t your thing… then here’s another of the top things to do on Brac Island…

Hike Up To Vidova Gora For Breathtaking Views

Now, if you’re looking for a decent hike with rewarding views of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia… then head on over to the town of Bol. Now, while Bol itself is a pretty town, this is the starting point for a hike up to Vidova Gora.

Vidova Gora is the highest mountain on Brac Island… as well as out of all the islands in Croatia. And, its peak reaches a height of about 778 metres. 

Now, the starting point is near the corner of Novi Put and Bracka Cesta. At the time of writing, near this intersection is the Studenac Supermarket. 

And, look out for a sign that looks similar to this…

It took us about 2 hours up and 2 hours down, not wearing hiking shoes. We don’t hike up mountains very often, but we do enjoy walking lots. So, if you’re not used to walking a lot or don’t have a reasonable level of fitness… you may want to re-consider hiking up to Vidova Gora.

Yet, if you do make the trek up, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Croatia…

Take note of the hiking markers in red and white… because to get these amazing views, you will need to pass through a gate. And, then you’ll need to walk through the car park to the viewing point. 

Focus on walking to the tower that looks like this…

One of the great things about hiking in Winter, is that we didn’t sweat like pigs! And, when we got to the top, there were only about 5 people there.

So, next on our list of things to do on Brac Island is…

Have A Coffee And Bureks In The Sunshine

Even though we were in Croatia for the most part of Winter… this country is said to have about 300 sunny days per year. And, while we were on Brac Island, for most of the time it was sunny. Although, you will want to have warmer clothes and a jacket… as it does get cold because of the cool ocean winds.

So, you can enjoy a coffee or other beverages at the cafes around the island. BUT BEWARE… not much is open in terms of restaurants in Winter on Brac Island.

When we were made a stop at each of the towns… there was always at least 1 café that was open. And, it was mainly the locals who would go there… soaking up the rays while they could.

Yet, most foodie places would be closed, even the bakeries. Except at Supetar, where it was usually busy, with many ferries docking there.

So, when we had our usual cravings for bureks when visiting the small towns… oftentimes we had to go to the supermarkets! 

In saying that… a lot of the bureks we had at the supermarkets were surprisingly decent. And, in some cases better than ones we’d had at some bakeries in Croatia!

So, if you’re wanting to experience a food gastronomy on Brac Island… you’re best to wait until Winter has finished.

Now, it goes without saying that, visiting a place outside of high season has its benefits…

Take Photos Of Amazing Scenery WITHOUT People In It

If you love taking photos of amazing landscapes then you should go to Brac Island. And, this is one of the other best things to do in Brac, especially in Winter. 

Plus, the best part is, there’s hardly a tourist in sight. 

So, if you don’t have patience waiting for hoards of tourists to pass so you can get those amazing shots… you won’t have a problem with that in Winter, on Brac Island.

Now, the next couple of things to do on Brac Island is a must… if you want to tantalize your tastebuds!

Devour The Amazing Home Grown Citrus Fruits 

In winter, you’ll still see homes with their home grown lemon, mandarin or orange trees. Unfortunately, a lot of the “fresh” produce in supermarkets globally… aren’t actually fresh.

Yet, if you have the opportunity to try the citrus fruits freshly picked off the tree… then you’ll enjoy the rich, sweet, robust flavors of juicy oranges, for example. They sure are delicious. And, it’d been a long time since we had such delicious and fresh fruit.

We were wondering when the last time was we had such fresh and yummy produce… and, that brought us back to when we were in Bansko Bulgaria, over 1 year ago!

Enjoy Some Homemade Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now, this is the smart thing about Croatians, especially as we saw on Brac Island… many homes were growing their own produce. So, thumbs up there!

Plus, Brac Island is also known for their amazing olives and olive oils. It’s the largest olive growing region in Croatia, with over 1 million olive trees on Brac Island!

And, if you go during harvest season… expect most of the island to be involved in one way or another. Plus, it’s said that if you help out… you get a litre bottle of the liquid gold for free!

It wasn’t harvest season when were there, Yet, we did taste a homemade extra virgin olive oil. And, oh my goodness, was it robust and flavorsome. 

Plus, a lot of the homemade olive oils we saw, were sold in regular old plastic bottles. Yet, of course… the bigger producers would sell them in the glass bottles with fancy labels. 

Even so, one of the best things to do on Brac Island, especially if you’re a foodie… is to try the local olive oils.

See Many Charming Churches

For such a small island, we thought that Brac Island has lots of churches. Yet, we’re pretty sure there’s no way near as many in comparison to Malta, though!

Many of the churches that we saw were beautiful. From the tiny, quaint churches such as this in Zlatni Rat… 

Through to the majestic ones such as Krista Kralja in Selca… 

You’ll always discover a church on your travels around Brac Island.

Many of them are made of the popular sand stone. And, the use of this bright stone makes them stand out, especially with a clear blue sky as the backdrop.

Discover The Many Quaint Towns On Brac Island

When driving around Brac Island, we found that there were many cute towns… such as Selca, Bol, Supetar and Splitska. Yet, one of the towns we found really picturesque is Povlja. 

So, on one side of the town you can see wide-sweeping views of the ocean… as well as the towns lining the Dalmatian Coast opposite Povlja. This is a more secluded area of Povlja, with white rocks and pebbles covering the ground. The water is so blue, and so clear. It truly is beautiful.

Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails

One of the things to do on Brac Island, especially if you love the outdoors… is to discover the island by hiking or biking. Of course, as mentioned earlier the hike up to Vidova Gora is a must do for incredible views.

Yet, there are other trails such as the Herkules trail in Splitska, or from Bol to Vidova Gora, or around Zlatni Rat. Plus, there’s the 135km Via Brattia tourist trail… which connects several of Brac Island’s historic locations. 

Many of the paths are signposted, or have trail markings painted in red or blue.

Whichever path you take… enjoy the fresh air, impressive views, and gorgeous scenery of Brac Island Croatia!

Stop At The View Points Around Brac Island For Amazing Views

When we were driving around Brac Island… we found that they had various view points where we could park and stop. And, most of the time they sure picked great spots for incredible views. 

And, here are a couple of our favorites around the island.

A few times we’d just miss the entry point to the viewing points as we were driving by. Yet, that’s one of the great things about going to Brac Island in Winter… we could quickly back track as there was no other traffic around!

Now, with this next historical landmark… we weren’t sure if we should have put it in this travel blog post. Yet, so you understand what we’re talking about, read on…

To Do Or Not To Do – Blaca Monastery?

Now, we were debating if we should include Blaca Monastery… on our list of things to do on Brac Island. So, let us tell you the story so you can make up your mind.

Around the South side of Brac Island is Blaca Monastery… which is a 16th century monstery that was built in the side of a cliff. Now, that in itself sounds amazing. So, we made the decision to head out there. 

We didn’t have any satellite navigation… or access to a sim with google maps to help get us there at the time. And, the signage to get there was minimal to say the least. There were a couple of wooden signs, which were in need of replacement or updating. 

Then, as we were driving along… we were in doubt a few times as to if we were going the right way.

The road to Blaca Monastery was quite rough and rocky. We were wondering how treacherous the road would be if a heap of rain had flooded it! Yet, we made the decision to persist for another 5 minutes. Luckily we did… as we eventually found the entrance to the walkway to the monastery.

Now, based on our research we were expecting the walk to Blaca Monastery to be about 25 minutes. Yet, we think it took us about 45 minutes! 

The pathway there is pebbly and rocky most of the way. You don’t need hiking boots, but that would make it more comfy.

Plus, we didn’t think that the walk to Blaca Monastery was that pretty. Yet, in saying that, the stone walls leading to the monastery did fascinate us. A heap of work went into building them, we thought!

So, after about 35 minutes we still hadn’t got to the monastery. Oh well, at least we burning some calories from eating lots of bureks. Ha ha!

Then, when we finally got there it was underwhelming. We were expecting jaw-dropping views. Now, don’t get us wrong, it sure was different… as most monasteries aren’t built into a cliff! Yet, based on photos we had seen online… those photos made Blaca Monastery look better than what we saw with our own eyes.

We’d have to say that if you can get views from the opposite side of Blaca Monastery… then you’d have better photo opportunities, and a better appreciation of its beauty. 

So, we thought we’d share our opinions with you… to help you make your own decisions about visiting Blaca Monastery.

How To Get To Brac Island From Split

There are many services to get from Split to Brac Island, including ferries, catamarans… or even a private yacht! Yet, as we were going to Brac in Winter, transport services to get there were limited.

So, the option we had available to us… was to take one of the Jadrolinija ferries from Split to Brac Island. 

Now, we didn’t have a car to bring across with us… but this is the ferry to take if you do. As the catamarans are for foot passengers only.

Taking the Jadrolinija Ferries From Split to Brac Island

There are different points on Brac Island that the Jodrolinija ferry arrives at… including Milna, Supertar and Bol. Yet, the one we had to take was from Split to Supetar. 

We bought our tickets online at the Jodrolinija website. And, for 1 adult for a one-way ticket, the price was 28 Kuna (about 3.70 Euros / USD $4.20). We thought that was cheap.

They sent an email for confirmation, and it also had a barcode on it. We didn’t have to print the ticket out. Instead, we just showed them the mobile phone with the barcode, which they scanned.

Jodrolinija recommend that you get there about 45 minutes before your ferry departs. In Winter, we thought that was way too early. Yet, that’s something you’ll need to work out, in terms of your comfort level.

The Jodrolinija ferry left on time. It’s a reasonable size ferry, and maybe as it was Winter… we had an entire seating area to ourselves, that would otherwise fit about 10 people.

There’s also an outdoor seating area. Yet, there were even fewer people up there as the breeze was cold!

There were services on board where you could buy some drinks and snacks. Yet, we’d already had bureks that morning so we were all good!

By the way, we found that the wifi access was intermittent… or didn’t even work. So, don’t rely on it, or even getting access to it!

The journey from Split to Brac Island (Supetar) took about 1 hour. It didn’t seem as long as that, and was quite pleasant. 

Remember to check the ferry schedules, as there are less departures in Winter. And, as they say, the schedule can change at any time!

Other Things To Note About Things To Do On Brac Island In Winter

1.              Reduced Public Transport Services

In Winter, the ferry schedules and other public transport options either DO NOT operate… or offer reduced services. So, if you don’t want to be stranded or waste time, or lose out on money… best to check the transport websites or contact them directly.

In the peak season there are plenty of options. Yet, the downside is that there are heaps more people visiting… so expect travel delays on roads, or not getting on transport services you need if you don’t plan ahead.

2.              Most Restaurants Are Closed

In Winter, Brac Island is a quiet place. So, if you want a party atmosphere, don’t go to Brac in Winter. Yet, if you’re after a peaceful and pleasant environment to chill out, it’s a great time to visit Brac.

When restaurants are open, be warned that if you’re vegetarian, let alone vegan… the choices will be limited, or others may adapt their menu to suit.

3.              Tourists Sites/Activities May Be Closed

If you had your heart set on wine tastings and gourmet trails, for example… take note that wineries may be closed. Plus, other tourist attractions… such as water sport activities are unlikely to be operating. 

Yet, when open, enjoy activities like stand up paddling, snorkelling, kayaking… through to parasailing and jetskiing.

4.              Pay Less For Accommodation

One of the biggest expenses when it comes to traveling is accommodation.

Yet, one of the huge benefits of visiting Brac Island in Winter, is you can get some awesome deals on accommodation… including up to 50% discount per night! The great thing is, you can get cheap accommodation in all of Croatia… and not just in Brac.

So, while we were expecting our first destination in Croatia to be a larger town… it ended up being Brac Island. And, having spent several weeks there, we love it.

In Winter, it’s such as peaceful and charming Island. In many towns, even though the locals know you’re a tourist… they’ll greet you with a nod of the head or a “hello” in Croatian.

OK, so many restaurants or cafes are closed. Yet, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Croatias experiences about 300 days of sunshine per year. So, when you travel to Brac Island or around Croatia in Winter… hopefully you’ll have lovely weather like we did.

So, we recommend that you include Brac Island on your list of places to visit in Croatia.

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Note: All of our reviews and comments are our opinions and no-one else’s. Even if we receive complimentary goods or services we share our opinions honestly.

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Here Are 12 Amazing Things To Do In Mostar

We were staying in Sarajevo for a long period of time. Yet, we wanted to take advantage of the Spring weather and do some other sightseeing… before Winter hit.

We did some research and thought that it would be relatively easy to get around Sarajevo to see the main landmarks… even if the weather wasn’t the best. So, we looked beyond Sarajevo to check out day trips from here. And, a place that we both agreed was a must visit was, Mostar.

Mostar is about 130km south-west of the Old Town of Sarajevo. And, this quaint town… is one of the landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Mostar had multiple rulerships, with the Ottomans in the 15th and 16th centuries. Then in the late 1800’s, it was under Austro-Hungarian rule… until after World War I when it saw its demise. And later, it was to become part of Yugoslavia.

Thus, similar to Sarajevo there is a mix of cultures and religions… making Mostar an interesting place to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So, in this travel blog, we’ll share with you 12 amazing things to do in Mostar. Now, let’s start with the most popular and significant landmark…

Old Bridge (Stari Most)

Mostar is home to the UNESCO site of the Old Bridge (Stari Most). This bridge was a new addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Listings in 2005.

The Old Bridge of Mostar was originally built, predominantly using wood. Yet, in the mid 1500’s under Ottoman rule… Stari Most went under re-construction to transform into a stone bridge. For many years it was a significant landmark. 

Yet, during the time of the Bosnian war in 1993, destruction of the bridge had taken place. All was not lost, though. As Stari Most underwent a major refurbishment… to have it built as close to its original appearance.

So, while we did have a rough self-guided walking tour of Mostar planned out… our first stop was to see the Old Bridge, even though it was in the middle of our travel itinerary! So, we did have to backtrack a little.

Yet, the great thing is, as we got there before 9:30am… there weren’t many people on Stari Most. So, we could see the beauty of the Old Bridge of Mostar from many vantage points… without hoards of people!

Clock Tower (Sahat Kula)

To see the old-world Sahat Kula, Mostar Clock Tower… take a stroll down the cute walkway of Bajatova. 

This clock tower that was built in the 1600’s, stands at around 16 metres high (about 52 feet). It’s said that at the time, Fatima Kaduna Saric, had the clock tower built on higher ground… so that it could be seen from different parts of the town. 

The old clock was in use until 1926. Yet, this was another landmark that was damaged, and had gone under re-construction. And, when you get close to the clock tower… you can still see the bullet holes from the war. 

Crooked Bridge (Kriva ćuprija)

The Crooked Bridge crossing over the Radobolja River is like a small version of the Stari Most. In fact, it was built before the construction of Stari Most. And, some say that it was a pilot project… with the intention to build a bigger version of the bridge, which would be Stari Most. 

As with both of those bridges, they have a semi-circular structure, arch and made of stone. While the Crooked Bridge may appear as grandiose as the Old Bridge of Mostar… it sure is still quaint with its cobblestone paving. Now, speaking of cobblestones…

Wander Down the Cute Alleyways of Mostar

There’s something about cute cobblestone streets that makes us want to get lost amongst them! And, in the Old Town of Mostar there are many to choose from. They’re lined with restaurants, cafes, sweet shops, souvenirs, and more. So, there’s lots to look at when you stroll around. 

Make sure you walk with care though, as we did see some people slip and fall over. The slippery cobblestone suckers!

Koski-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque

If you want to see one of the biggest mosques in Herzegovina… then have a look at the Koski-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque. Built in the early 1600’s, this grand mosque sits on the cliffs by the banks of the Neretva River. 

When you’re standing on the Stari Most, you can clearly see the mosque. The tall, prominent minaret… and the dome stand out amongst the greenery and buildings surrounding it.

Mostar Peace Bell Tower

When we were looking up this landmark online, it was a little confusing to say the least. Because in the location of where the Mostar Peace Bell Tower is… there were several other buildings stated as being there. 

For example, it said that Church of St. Peter & St. Paul was there. Yet, the old bell tower of this Church used to be there, but was destroyed during the war. 

So, in its place the Francisan Church and the Mostar Peace Bell Tower was built.

The Bell Tower is said to be the largest building in Mostar, at a height of about 80 meters. As it’s about 1km outside of the main Mostar Old Town area, we were the only tourists there.

We heard that you can go to the top of the Mostar Peace Bell Tower. Yet, when we were there, it didn’t appear to be open. Or, maybe we went during break time!

Witness the Remains of Buildings from the Bosnian War

During the Bosnian War in the late 1990’s, there were numerous atrocities. And, Mostar was a town that had suffered significantly as a result. 

And, when walking around the town of Mostar… there are still many buildings standing showing the harrowing aftermath.

It’s surreal and in some ways eerie… because when you think about it, in the scheme of things it wasn’t that long ago that the War took place.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity / Pravoslavna Crkva Svete Trojice

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is a Serbian Orthodox Church, that was built from the 1860’s. Unfortunately, like many landmarks in Mostar… this Church was destroyed in the Bosnian War.

Yet, there was a positive note, with the reconstruction of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. A Bosniak, a Croat, and a Serb came together… to anonymously help donate money for part of its redevelopment.

When we went to look at the Church, it was still under reconstruction… with rubble and materials surrounding parts of Cathedral. We just cut out most of the rubble from the photo for you!

Relax with Some Drinks and Food

When spending a day trip from Sarajevo to Mostar, we had to re-fuel to get more energy to walk around. Because, when we go sightseeing we can walk HEAPS. Yep, sometimes we walk for more than 10km (over 6 miles) on our sightseeing trips!

So, needless to say we stop to have a drink or two, and a bite to eat. Now, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in Mostar. It really depends on what atmosphere you want. For example, you can enjoy the view of the Mostar Old Bridge.

Or, you can get amongst the hustle and bustle, in the Old Town and watch the world go by…

We did both!

Yet, in the Old Town a stones throw away from Stari Most… we recommend you check out Caffe Stari Grad.

We quenched our thirst with ice cold beers at 2 Euros (about USD $2.30) for a pint. The staff were friendly and attentive… and it was great to rest our feet as we people-watched, and enjoyed the bustling atmosphere.

Of course, we had to try a burek or two on our trip to Mostar! 

And, we tried some cheese bureks, which were 2 Bosnian Mark each (about 1 Euro / USD $1.20). Unfortunately, nowhere near as tasty as the burkes at our favourite bakery in Sarajevo… Pekara Edin!

Park Zrinjevac

Zrinjevac. This park is the biggest in Mostar, covering an area of about 3 hectares… and named after the noble Zrinski Croatian family.

Park Zrinjevac had undergone revitalization in 2007… so locals and tourists alike can enjoy the park to relax, and have fun. Now, there’s one monument in the park that most people wouldn’t expect…

This Bruce Lee monument was random, especially in a small town such as Mostar. 

Yet, this life size statue of Bruce Lee was unveiled in Park Zrinjevac in November of 2005. And, it’s said that his monument is to represent the union and peace of the Croats and Bosniaks… where war and diversity had previously dominated. 

Now, while you’re in Park Zrinjevac, here’s a landmark that stands out…

Spanish Square

The Spanish Square is the biggest of its type in Mostar. It was built in 1995… in commemoration of the Spanish soldiers who lost their lives during the Bosnia War. 

There are several key buildings and landmarks in, and surrounding the Spanish Square… including Mostar City Hall, Park Zrinjevac, as well as this prominent building…

This building which was founded in the late 1800’s, is actually a high school in Mostar… otherwise known as a gymnasium. Quite elaborate for a high school building, right?

And last, but not least on our 12 amazing things to do in Mostar is this…

Get a Bird’s Eye View Over Mostar

Now, we were wanting to get a different view of Mostar. And, having walked for several kilometres out of the centre of Mostar… we were walking on a main motorway by the name of IV Boyne.

There were cars screaming past, with not much space between us and them! Plus, it was a little daunting when buses were ploughing through. And, as we had to leave enough time to get back to the bus station to get back to Sarajevo… we pulled the pin at this point.

And, while we were here, we took some pics of Mostar including this one…

Of course, we don’t recommend that you roam motorways, let alone busy ones!

How to Get to Mostar From Sarajevo

When we were looking at options of how to get to Mostar from Sarajevo… we narrowed it down to taking the train. We bought our tickets online at the  The website has an English translation button, which was helpful. 

The website is easy to navigate, and the process of purchasing tickets was simple. Plus, what was surprising is that when we made contact with them via email… we actually got a helpful response! 

We’ve had several occasions when we’ve made contact with companies via email, even hotels… and, we either get a lacklustre answer, or NO response at all!

So, after doing a little research, we also chose to buy train tickets for the first class carriage. The difference between the first and second class tickets was only 7.90 Bosnian Mark (about 4 Euros / USD $4.60). 

So, for 1 adult return train ticket on first class from Sarajevo to Mostar… the price was 27.30 Bosnian Mark (about 14 Euros / USD $15.85).

When we had a look at the times there were only 2 options from Sarajevo… one in the morning and one late afternoon. So, for a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo, we had to make the most of our time… thus, we bought tickets for the 7:15am train leaving Sarajevo.

Just so you know, you can’t pre-select seats. Thus, if you have a preference for seats make sure you get there early, especially in second class. The second class carriages were full, and some people were pushy. 

For us, first class was quiet, comfy, and we had no-one seated with us.

So, the trip took about 2 hours. And, there are some lovely views along the journey. Yet, the only downside is that on our trip the windows were dirty… so we couldn’t get clear and great pics of the scenery.

For the return journey from Mostar to Sarajevo, there were 2 departures… one in the early morning and one in the evening. We of course chose the one that was to depart at 5:09pm. 

Yet, when it was about 10 minutes out from the departure time… there was an announcement in Bosnian language, that the train would be about 40 minutes late. So, as there were a few shops nearby… we bought some beers and sat on the platform drinking, while we were waiting!


When you’re at Sarajevo station, there is a window/desk for online bookings. Yes, you will need to push past other people in line to get to that window. Yet, it does cut out lengthy waiting time. Make sure you have the confirmation email and ID to show staff.

So, there you have it… 12 amazing things to do in Mostar.

Mostar is a quaint, small town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Old Bridge is definitely the highlight. The clear turquoise waters of the River Neretva, contrasts against the stone bridge… especially on a bright sunny day.

There are many things to do in Mostar, depending on if you want a jam-packed day out… or to relax and take your time. 

From getting lost amongst the cobblestone streets, to having a long lunch, to seeing historical landmarks… through to witnessing the remnants of a war-torn town… Mostar has a lot to offer.

Plus, it is an easy day trip from Sarajevo to Mostar, when you’re staying in the capital of BiH.

So, if you have the opportunity… we recommend putting on your itinerary a trip to beautiful Mostar.

Watch the We Drink Eat Travel Youtube Shorts video about Mostar, Sarajevo…

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