21 Interesting and Top Things To Do In Brno

If we were to ask you where else would you visit in Czech Republic outside of Prague… we’d say that most likely you wouldn’t be saying Brno. Even though Brno is the second largest city in Czechia… many tourists often overlook visiting this town. 

When looking at photos and comparing it to other places… yes, Brno may not appear as quaint or breathtaking. Yet, if you look beyond that and dare to go explore this city… you’ll find that there is a lot to see and do in Brno.

Plus, it’s easy to get to Brno from Prague, even if you want to do a day trip.

We found it to be a surprising place to visit in the Czech Republic. And, it has a laidback ambiance, where it’s so easy to immerse in that relaxing zone.

So, keep on reading… as you’ll discover some interesting and top things to do in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Freedom Square

Freedom Square is one of the most important and popular areas in the town centre of Brno… of which its history is said to date back to the 13th Century. There are many historic buildings, shops, restaurants and attractions… that are in Freedom Square. And, when you come here in Summer, there’ll be plenty of different festivals and events held here… making it one of the most vibrant places to be in Brno.

So, there are several of Brno attractions that are within this famous square… that you should check out.

The Plague Column Monument

This Baroque-style feature was built in the late 1600’s, as a reminder of the plagues that wreaked havoc in Brno. At the base it depicts a tomb, with 4 saints standing atop of it. And, in the centre of the monument is a column, with the Virgin Mary. It stands out on its own, yet when the sun shines on it… the gold elements stand out and glisten.

Brno Astronomical Clock

Yes, what you see is a clock! This black granite clock in the shape of a bullet, amongst other things… is said to be controversial amongst the locals. It was built in memory of the end of the Thirty Years’ War. And, at 11am every day… marbles will fall out of this clock that you can keep. Interesting and different? Yes!


Brno Old Town Hall 

Now, one of the top things to do in Brno is to visit the Old Town Hall. Nowadays, this it houses exhibitions, events and various performances. Yet, one of the things we recommend that you do… is to walk up the stairs of the >60m tower to the top.

Whilst you’ll need to pay the entrance fee of 90 Koruna (about 3.70 Euros / USD $3.80 / GBP 3.20)… we believe it’s worth it, as you’ll see some amazing views over the city.

Masarykova Street

One of the most busy and prominent pedestrian streets in Brno is Masarykova Street. And, while it is a busy thoroughfare with plenty of shops and eateries lining it… back in the 12th Century it was a bustling area too, for trade relations.


Yet, did you know that this street was actually re-named to Victory Road in the mid-1950’s? Even so, nowadays the many of the locals still call it Masarykova… which got its name in honor of the first Czech president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Now, another street you should check out is this one…

Minoritská Street

This pedestrian walking street is much quieter than Masarykova Street… yet, it does have some interesting landmarks to see. While you stroll down this street, there are many shops and eateries that you can check out. There are also many tall, colorful buildings lining the street.

Plus, one of the notable landmarks on Minoritská Street… is the Church of Saint Johns and Loreto Chapel. When looking at it from the outside… it has commanding and distinct features, feeling as though it’s teasing you to come inside. And, once we did, the detail and luxury was mind-blowing.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

When we were staying in the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel… one of the closest landmarks to our accommodation was the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. This gothic-style cathedral sure does stand out in the town of Brno… sitting high on a hill that’s made of rock, which is said to be over 700 million years old!

Denis Gardens

If you’re looking for a place to chill out amongst some greenery… then head on over to Denis Gardens. The garden area is large and spacious, where you can take a seat to relax. Plus, you’ll notice a big obelisk structure put up in the 1800’s… in memory of the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

When you head to the edge of the terrace… you can witness some different views over Brno. 

Moravian Square

On the northern edge of Brno town centre is another square… which is one of the largest in Brno. And, this is the Moravian Square. Even so, to us there were hardly any tourists here in comparison to other parts of Brno. This square is divided into different sections. Yet, if you’re looking for some interesting things to see in Brno… check out these notable landmarks in the southern part of Moravian Square…

The Statue of the Knight

One of the defining features in Moravian Square is the Statue of the Knight. The horse part of the statue has unusually disproportionate long legs… in comparison to the rest of its body. And, the knight looks like a dwarf in comparison to the horse. Yet, if you really want to see a dwarf-like feature… then stand in between the legs of the horse and get someone to take a photo of you!

Now, when looking opposite this, there’s another statue which looks quirky…

The Statue of Justice

This interesting statue put in front of the Supreme Administrative Court in 2010… is said to signify justice. It’s said that the sculptor, Marius Kotrba, was trying to depict that justice is a strong principle. Yet, justice is not always upheld. 

Thus, the statue is trying to lift a heavy block, and the flow of the water beneath it… is sometimes strong, or sometimes weak. So, justice sometimes prevails and other times… the powers that be take justice into their hands to control it. Speak with locals about it… and you may get different views of what the Statue of Justice is all about!

Church of St Thomas

This Catholic church dates back to the 14th Century… when it was first built for the Augustinian Monastery. Yet, the site of where this church stands, and the building itself… underwent a lot of destruction over centuries. Talk about bad luck! Even so, architect Jan Křtitel Erna, gave “life” to the Church of St Thomas in the 17th Century… with the Baroque-style that you see today.

Governor’s Palace

The Governor’s Palace is this Baroque-style building… that sits alongside the Church of St Thomas. While it’s history dates back to the 14th Century as a former monastery… nowadays this building is home to the Moravian Gallery. And here, there are over 200,000 artwork pieces that feature within its collection. And, during the year the are other various seasonal exhibitions held here too.

Now, one of the top things to do in Brno for locals and tourists is this…

Vegetable Market 

The Vegetable Market has a long history dating back to the 13th Century. And, not only that, the Square where the Vegetable Market is in… is said to be one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. You may also hear that it’s known the Cabbage Market… which is what many of the locals call it.

Now, when you get there it’s a vibrant and colorful display of fresh fruit and veggies… as well as other items, such as homemade pastries.

Plus, when you’re taking a look or buying up at the market, make sure you wander around the square… as there’s lots more Brno attractions you can check out. And, one landmark you cannot miss unless you have your eyes aren’t open, is this…

Parnas Fountain

This huge structure is Parnas Fountain, which was built in the 1690’s… and is said to be one of the most important monuments in Brno. When seeing it from afar… it appears as though there’s lots of big rocks on top of each other. Yet, upon looking at it closer… this Baroque-style fountain is made up of mythical and symbolic characters. And, this includes Hercules with the 3-headed dog, Cerberus.

Now, for those of you who are classical music lovers, meters away from this is…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sculpture

While you’re looking around this Square at its beauty… watch out for a pole like structure in front of the Brno National Theatre. And, when you look up at the top of the column… you’ll see a bronze statue of a young Mozart, balancing on a clavichord.

While it’s said to represent his immense talent, freedom of expression, and joy… you’ll notice that there is one wing on his back. And, this was to signify his tragic end. 

After immersing ourselves in all that wonderful history, we saw a few vibrant colorful buildings nearby…

Moravian Museum

The large yellow building you see with lots of perfectly aligned windows… is the Moravian Museum. Now, this is the second oldest and second biggest museum in the Czech Republic… which houses hundreds of thousands of pieces. 

And, the deep red color building you can see in the photo is, Dietrichstein Palace… one of the oldest Baroque-style buildings in Brno, which is the main exhibit building of the Museum. So you know, the pieces here are geological and science in nature. 

Špilberk Castle

One of the most top landmarks in Brno to visit is, Špilberk Castle. This 13th Century establishment had several functions. Not only was it a residence for the Moravian margraves… it also was a fortress to protect the town of Brno, as well as being a prison!

There are lots of different sections in Špilberk Castle to explore. And, you can get some amazing views over Brno from here.

Now, if you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, do this…

Drink Beer and Watch the World Go By

There are lots of places to eat and drink in Brno. Yet, when you want to give your feet a rest and enjoy the surroundings… grab a drink or more in the centre of Brno. One of the places we chose was, Středověká krčma, on Svobody Street.

And here, we would enjoy cheap cold Czech beers while people watching. Plus, every now and again we’d see trams… of which the Brno tram network is the oldest in the Czech Republic.

Malinovsky Square

One of the first landmarks we saw after getting to Brno from the station is Malinovsky Square. And, this area was given its name in honor of a Soviet marshal… who in April 1945, made way to liberate Brno.

The eye-catching building you see in our photo is a significant theatre… which underwent several name changes. In the 1880’s this theatre was known by the name of, German City Theatre. Then, in the early 1900’s it became the National Theatre of Brno. Then, in the 1960’s there was another renaming the Mahen Theatre… after the local dramatist, Jiří Mahen.

St James Square

Here, the main landmark is the gothic-style Church of St James, built in the 13th Century. Unfortunately, when we were there, it was undergoing some renovations…

Even so, when we did a twirl and had a look around the area… within St James Square we saw some other interesting buildings. And, these include the National Primary School… 

As well as this building, where if you want to satisfy a sweet tooth… it has a delectable praline and chocolate store, selling many delectable treats. 

Now, before we finish up this We Drink Eat Travel blog… we want to include this last item for you as it’s different!

Interesting and Quirky Gate

From the Church of St James, wander down Rasinova Street for about a minute. And, when you get to number 2 Rasinova Street… there’s a large yellow building with lots of shops. Now, keep your eye out for a big archway between the shops, as it has this cool gate…

Someone was thinking outside the square when designing this gate!

There you have it… 21 interesting things you can do in Brno, Czech Republic. So, with a big list like this… you sure will have plenty to choose from when you visit Brno. 

If you can spend more than a day here, then we recommend it for a more relaxing trip. And, you can check out our review of where we stayed while in Brno

Now, while it doesn’t ooze the charm and quaintness of Prague or Cesky Krumlov… we believe Brno is worth visiting. It will surprise you at how much more there is to do here. It has such a laidback and carefree atmosphere, that was simple to ease into.

Have you been to Brno before? What were you favorite things to see and do?

Watch the We Drink Eat Travel Youtube video about Cesky Krumlov…

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21 Interesting and Top Things To Do In Brno

  • Freedom Square
  • The Plague Column Monument
  • Brno Astronomical Clock
  • Brno Old Town Hall 
  • Masarykova Street
  • Minoritská Street
  • Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul
  • Denis Gardens
  • Moravian Square
  • The Statue of the Knight
  • The Statue of Justice
  • Church of St Thomas
  • Governor’s Palace
  • Vegetable Market 
  • Parnas Fountain
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sculpture
  • Moravian Museum
  • Špilberk Castle
  • Drink Beer and Watch the World Go By
  • Malinovsky Square
  • St James Square

Check Out Our Review Of The Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel

Accommodation: Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel

Location: Holandská Street 12, Brno, Czech Republic

Loyalty Program or Deals Used: Velocity Frequent Flyer

Research and Booking

When we were looking at a trip to Brno from Prague… initially we were thinking about doing a day trip. 

Yet, as we had been staying in apartments for a lot of our travels… we thought it would be a pleasant change to stay in a hotel, even for an overnight trip.

So, when we were doing our research looking at hotels in Brno Czech Republic… a thought came into my head that I had frequent flyer points that were going to expire. I didn’t have many points, and there wasn’t enough to redeem for flights. 

Yet, rather than losing them, it’d be nice treat to ourselves to a night in a hotel. I have to let you know that it was a “last-minute” decision to go to Brno. Thus, when it came to researching hotels… we found that we didn’t have a great deal to choose from. Plus, we were traveling in peak season! Could we have put more challenges on ourselves? Ha, ha, ha!

Even so, after looking around on the Velocity Frequent Flyer Hotels website… we found the 4-star hotel, Courtyard Marriott Brno. And, although the hotel reviews were largely positive… we thought we would check it out for ourselves.

So, read on to find out what we thought of the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel, and our experiences…

The Location of the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Brno is relatively new, having its opening in 2016.

Now the location of this Marriot Hotel is not in the town centre of Brno. Yet, it’s only about 1.8 kilometres south, which we thought was reasonable. So, from our point of view we could still walk into town with ease.

Yet, when we were there, the surrounding area wasn’t attractive. It felt like we were in an industrial area, where there were some developments taking place. Plus, it was nearby train lines and major roads. It was drab and grey.

So, with that in mind, I guess the hotel management tried to make it aesthetically pleasing… by developing a little man-made lake, with some seats and grassy areas.

Who knows, maybe over time the environment around the hotel will look beautiful.

What Room Did We Choose in the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel?

Now, there are several room types in this Marriott hotel. Yet, as I said earlier, as we were booking late, we didn’t have all the options available to us. Plus, that may also be because Velocity only had a certain amount of rooms and types available… for frequent flyer redemptions. 

So, room types at the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel include standard rooms with a king bed, studio rooms… and even rooftop suites. Now, that would’ve been amazing! And, it looks pretty spectacular on their website. 

Yet, reality was I only had about 17,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to redeem. That’s not a lot. Plus, we knew that weren’t going to spend a lot of time in the room… as we’d be out sightseeing and doing activities. So, no point in wasting money on a lavish room we couldn’t enjoy.

Now, a MUST for us was to gorge on a 4-star hotel buffet breakfast, to start our day. 

Then, after reviewing our options… we made the decision to get a standard room which would include buffet breakfast. Yet, to enable us to redeem this room type with breakfast… we had to use the points plus pay option.

So, in the end we could redeem 15,400 out of the 17,000 Velocity points. Plus, we would need to spend AUD $42.68 (about 671 Koruna / 27.40 Euros / GBP 24 / USD $26.80). 

Now, why didn’t I redeem the full 17,000 points you may ask? OMG, that’s a rant for another travel blog post! Fellow Velocity points collectors and redeemers… you know what I mean!

OK, so a standard room per night, WITHOUT breakfast is about 2,000 Koruna (about 81.70 Euros / GBP 71.20 / USD $79.80 / AUD $126.80). Yep, the Australian dollar is crap.

Even so, we were happy to fork out the extra amount and use the points… for this 1 night stay at a Marriott hotel.

So, let us take you inside the hotel, starting off with our check in experience.

Checking into the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel

We got to Brno about 9:30am, yet the check in time was for 3pm. We did request during booking if we could check in earlier. Yet, this was subject to availability on the day. Thankfully we didn’t have much to carry around!

Now, after we did a bit of sightseeing… we then gave the hotel reception a call to see if we could check in earlier. And, to our delight the staff were accommodating… advising that we could check in at 12 noon. Awesome!

After walking from Brno town centre, then strolling over the Svratka River… we saw their man-made lake. And, after walking past that, we found the entrance to this Marriott hotel. 

Then, as we were going through the automatic glass sliding doors… we found that the reception area was a surprise! First of all, it was huge. The ceiling was high and to the right of us the wall had some interesting artwork…

There were a few people in front of us, so we kept gawking at the surroundings. To the left of us was a large seating area with a variety of lounges, chairs and tables. It felt open and spacious, with a modern look.

So, when it came to our turn for checking in… the staff member who was serving us came across as pleasant, professional and efficient.

Now, we had to pay a tax on top of the booking we had already paid for. We weren’t expecting this. Yet, it was a tourist tax of only about 1 Euro per person per night… so nothing to scream about. We must have missed it in the fine print!

Even so, minutes later we were given a card to access our room… with the staff member pointing in the direction behind us to access the lifts. So, off we went, eager to see what our room would be like.

Our Courtyard Marriott Hotel Room

The corridors leading to the hotel rooms had carpet on the floor. This can be helpful to drown out any noise from the wheels of rolling suitcases. 

And, although there were pictures on the walls, we felt that the color tone was a little bleak. Even so, we weren’t going to be sleeping in the corridor so that didn’t matter! Just an observation to share with you.

Then, after unlocking the door with our keycard… we had to push hard to open the heavy door. And, this is was our first glimpse of our hotel room…

So, one of the first things that came to our attention was the BIG king size bed. It was very inviting! We both love big beds, even though I’m not tall. Plus, we can confirm that from our perspective… the bed was really comfy, as too were the pillows. 

On either side of the bed were handy side tables… as well as power outlets and lights. 

What we also did like were the large windows… to allow lots of natural light to beam through into the room. Furthermore, there were both sheer curtains… as well as thick black out curtains. So, that did help with keeping the room dark for a better night’s sleep. Big thumbs up!

Then, after we went to pull the sheer curtains open to check out the view, here’s what we saw…

OK, it wasn’t the most appealing of views, but at least it was quiet in the room… even with the train line and major roads nearby the hotel. So you know, there are room options that have views to Spilberk Castle.

Now, in our standard hotel room was also a comfy chair and small coffee table. Plus, there was a handy desk and chair. Then, next to that was some shelving. And, above this was a big TV, that we didn’t really use. The only thing we put on for a short while was Youtube.

We were expecting that for a 4-star hotel, there’d be complimentary water bottles. Yet, there were none. It was no big deal for us… but we thought we should let you know to set your expectations.

Even so, there was a kettle, and in a small drawer there was complimentary tea and coffee…

Plus, underneath all this was a cupboard that had a small fridge… as well as a safe, and some storage space. 

And, next to this area was a closet area with several coat hangers, iron and ironing board. 

All in all, it felt spacious and we did like how everything was newish.

The Bathroom

So, when we went to check out the bathroom, after opening the door this is what we saw…

The bathroom was sparkling clean and was still looking in new condition. So, no grubby mould build up or bad smells, which was great!

One of the first things that stood out for me was the huge mirror. It was wide and tall. Now that’s how mirrors should be done! Then, beneath this was a sink with some storage space… as well as a hairdryer.

And, next to the sink was a set of amenities including soap, glasses and tissues. A word of warning, we didn’t get toothbrushes or toothpaste… which we were expecting for a 4-star hotel.

Plus, there were 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, a bath mat… as well as different areas to hang them on. We don’t understand why at hotels they provide towels… yet nowhere to hang them on in the bathroom!

The shower area was a decent size. So, we could wash ourselves, without having to worry about whacking our elbows on the walls. And, inside the shower was shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. Again, it was pristine clean.

Now, one of the defining features of this bathroom is, you can heat the floor yourself! There’s a control panel beneath the magnifying mirror… 

Although we didn’t need it, we had to test it out of course. And yes, the floor did get toasty warm. So, this is a genius feature for when the blistering cold weather hits in Brno.

Breakfast at the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel 

We chose the option in our hotel booking to include buffet breakfast. And boy, were we looking forward to it! Now, while we’ve had some magnificent buffet brekkies… others have been underwhelming. So, we didn’t set high expectations at this Marriot hotel. 

The breakfast area was in their restaurant by the name of, The Yard… which is on the ground level.

Now, there was lots of different seating and we had plenty of options to choose from. So, we chose a window seat towards the back, next to the windows. Thus, we could people watch from within the restaurant as well as outside.

On first glance, the buffet breakfast area didn’t seem that extensive to us. Yet, it was surprising once we went up to check it out.

Now, there are several hot food options.

Or, you could stick to the continental style breakfast foods… like cereals, yogurt, toast, fruit and pastries. 

And, one of the great things we love about being in Europe… is all the different and delicious cheeses. So, needless to say, we did have lots of cheese at breakfast! 

Oh, and by the way, if you like potatoes… you MUST try their baby potatoes as they are so flavorsome! I haven’t had such mouth-watering potatoes in such a long time. I know, they’re “just” potatoes, but they are truly exquisite. You must try them.

So, there was surprisingly a lot of different foods on offer… even though the area did on first glance, look small. Thus, it was a filling and delicious buffet breakfast… to give us heaps of energy to last throughout the day. We were happy and full.

Also, a big thumbs up to the restaurant staff as they were attentive… taking away our empty plates quickly. And, as we were watching them they were particular about cleaning up after guests had left their table.

What’s Around the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel?

If you feel like breaking a sweat in the hotel, on the top floor is a fitness centre / gym. Yet, as we weren’t there for a long time, we didn’t use it. So, we can’t tell you what we thought of it. Even so, we assume the equipment would be in good condition… considering that the hotel was open in 2016.

Now, as I said earlier on, the surrounding environment is not attractive. Yet, the hotel’s location is beside the Svratka River. So, you can go for a walk, jog or run. Or, if you can get access to bicycles you can cycle along the river too.

When we were feasting on our buffet breakfast… we saw several people using the path along the river. With the amount of food that we ate at breakfast… we should’ve been using that path to burn some calories afterwards!

While The Yard has indoor dining… they also have an alfresco area looking over the man-made lake area. So, it’s a comfy area to chill while having some beverages, food or snacks. 

Within walking distance is a Billa supermarket, which is about 500 metres from the hotel… as well as a couple of mini mart type stores. So, it’s convenient if you need to grab some essentials… maybe like toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Yet, at the time of writing this travel blog, if you want to go to restaurants, cafes, bars or shops… you’ll need to walk much further. Or, the better option is to simply head into Brno town centre. 

So, about 1.5 kilometers away from the hotel is one of the major landmarks in Brno… the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. Thus, we did walk there and did more sightseeing from here… including exploring Spilberk Castle and Brno town centre.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Speed Test

With the wifi at the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel, we had the option of 7 days worth of free access… or we could pay 250 Koruna for 1 day of premium wifi access. So, as we were only staying for 1 night, and wouldn’t be in the hotel room much… we chose the free option. 

Then, when we were doing the wifi speed test, this is what we got…

So, the download speed we got was 7.10 mbps, and for the upload it was 6.76 mbps. Thus, not fast speeds for the wifi. Even so, it was fast enough to do simple tasks like check emails… and look up things on the internet. 

Our Final Thoughts About the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel

Our overnight stay at the 4-star Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel was a happy one. It was refreshing to get away from Prague to see other parts of the Czech Republic.

As the hotel was built in 2016… the amenities within the hotel that we were able to experience was clean, new and refreshing. While the area around the hotel isn’t appealing… the man-made lake zone in front of the hotel was a convenient place to chill out.  

The standard room that we made a booking for… using Velocity Frequent Flyer points and the plus pay, was worth it from our perspective. The room had a comfy king bed… with a seating area to relax. Plus, there was plenty of natural light coming through the huge glass windows.

The bathroom was clean and had enough amenities to make our stay enjoyable… even though it didn’t have any toothbrushes or toothpaste. It was also ingenious to have the option to heat the bathroom floor, using a self-control panel.

And, our buffet breakfast at the Yard Restaurant was surprisingly more than enough. We could fill our bellies with lots of tasty choices including pastries, yogurt, hot food, a variety of beverages… through to salads, fruit and yummy cheeses.

There was free wifi in our hotel room. While the speeds were under 10 mbps, if we were desperate we could buy premium wifi. Yet, it was fast enough to do basic tasks, like surfing the net or checking emails.

This Marriott hotel isn’t in the town centre. Yet, it’s only about 1.5km to one of the major landmarks in Brno… being the St Peter and Paul Cathedral. And, from here you can continue to explore all that this town has to offer. 

So, in light of all this… we’d recommend the Courtyard Marriott Brno Hotel for your stay in Brno. Happy travels!

Did you stay at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel when you were in Brno? What did you think of it? Which other 4-star hotels in Brno Czech Republic would you recommend?

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Here Is How To Get To Brno From Prague

When we were staying in Prague Czech Republic… we would be spending about 3 months here. So, while there are plenty of things to do in Prague… we did some research on day trips that we could do from this beautiful capital city.

While places like Cesky Krumlov would top the list for many tourists and even locals… when we did some digging around, we found a place that seemed to not get much attention. And, that town is Brno. 

Brno is actually the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. Yet, many people seem to overlook this town and think that it’s not worth visiting. 

While it may not have the mesmerising beauty of other towns in this country… we thought we’ll make a day trip to Brno, so we could decide for ourselves if it’s a place worth going to.

So, as we didn’t have a car of our own to get around the Czech Republic… we had to find out the different options for on how to get to Brno from Prague. 

Thus, in this We Drink Eat Travel blog… we run through some of the ways of getting to Brno from Prague, for our day trip.

Getting to Brno from Prague 

When we were staying in the Czech Republic… while we did a lot of walking, we did use the public transport too. And, we found that there are many different public transport options. Plus, they were easy to use and frequent.

So, when it came to looking at transport options from Brno to Prague… it didn’t surprise us that there were lots of different ways to get to Brno. And, the distance from Prague to Brno is about 205km. 

Now, some of those options that we could take include the train, bus, getting a taxi, hiring a car… through to rideshare apps, or booking a private car with your own driver.


Getting To Brno Using Car Services

Now, we did look into car services such as a taxi… rideshare or hiring a private driver for our day trip. While we thought that it would be more expensive than options… we made the decision to look into it anyway.

So, to give you an idea of costs for those type of transport services… to get a taxi may cost around 6,500 Koruna (about USD $257 / 265 Euros / GBP 230). And, while it may get to our destination quicker… for a longer trip it did concern us about getting a taxi to Brno, in case of scams.

Then, when we were researching rideshare services like Bolt and Uber… the fare could cost around 6,100 Koruna. Yet, there are many other factors that could make this more expensive… including the time of day we would get the service, how busy it was, or how much in demand the services were. 

So, again, while it could get us to Brno more quickly… it was that lack of certainty around how much it would cost. And, not knowing what that final fare would be, didn’t appeal to us.

Then, another option we had a look at was to book a car with a driver. There are many car companies is Prague offering this service for getting to Brno. Yet, even though it would be convenient and faster… this could cost around 250 Euros, depending on who you would book through.

So, after looking at all those car options… we had a look at other public transport options, which would include the trains and buses.

Taking the Train from Prague to Brno

We found that there were a few companies that could take us from Prague to Brno… and those companies would include the main Czech Operator, České dráhy. Plus, there was another company by the name of, RegioJet.

And, we found that with these train companies it would about 3 hours getting to Brno from Prague. 

Yet, if you’re wanting to do a day trip from Prague, then we believe the earlier the better… so you can fit more in. You never know what you’ll discover when you’re there.

For us, using the train service may not have been the best option. And, that’s because the first departure time from Prague was around 8am. Plus, getting into Brno would take 3 hours or thereabouts.

Even so, for a one-way adult ticket the price is cheaper… in comparison to the other alternatives we have already gone through. So, by taking the RegioJet train… prices for a one-way trip start from around 11 Euros (about USD $10.70 / Koruna 270 / GBP 9.60).

And, if we were to use the services of České dráhy, the price starts from around 400 Koruna… (about USD $15.90 / Euros 16.30 / GBP 14.20). So, slightly more expensive than RegioJet.

Now, while this all was sounding positive, we thought we should look at the bus options… just in case there were some more attractive options.


Taking the Bus from Prague to Brno

There are 2 main bus operators that we had a look at to choose from… which was RegioJet and Flixbus.

When we were looking at Flixbus, one of the positives we immediately saw… was that they had many options starting from very early in the morning. 

And, while there were bus services with Regiojet, they would only leave every hour or so. Thus, it was convenient having a lot more options to choose from with Flixbus.

And, when comparing the the bus services to Brno, it would take around 2 hours 30 minutes… versus the train, which would take about 3 hours. A half hour of extra sight-seeing can make all the difference… especially when it’s a day trip!

So, the base fare can cost around 8 Euros and up with Flixbus… which you’d have to agree is cheap.

Yet, if you want to reserve a seat this would be an extra cost. Thus, all up a one-way adult ticket could cost around Euros 11 (about 270 Koruna / USD $10.70 / GBP 9.60). Even with the add-ons, the price is still inexpensive!

So, after looking at options with Flixbus, we had a look at the offerings with RegioJet.

RegioJet had buses that would leave Prague from 7am, then getting into Brno around 9:30am. And, to reserve a seat it didn’t cost any extra. 

Plus, they would offer other services such as a free Smart Guide on Brno… as well as complimentary cancellation 15 minutes before your departure.

So, the RegioJet bus would cost around 11 Euros (about 270 Koruna / USD $10.70 / GBP 9.60). Thus, similar to using Flixbus. 


As there are different departure points in Prague to get to Brno… we recommend you triple check where the buses leave BEFORE you make your booking. As they could leave from the Prague Main Railway Station or UAN Florence, for example.

If you travel using one of the double decker buses, if you’re tall, say over 6 foot… you may want to book a seat on the lower level. And, that’s because you may be hitting your head on the roof of the bus… especially when they go over the bumps in the road!

While most of the buses arrive and leave at the Brno Hotel Grand stop… a few do leave at a different stop in Brno. So make sure you double check your tickets before and after booking.

Which Option Did We Choose For Getting To Brno?

There were various options using the services of a car via taxi, rideshare… or hiring a car with a private driver, for example. And, even though they could get us to Brno quicker, we didn’t want to pay the price of a few hundred Euros or so. Especially as it was only going to be a day trip. 

Plus, with a couple of those options… not knowing that exact final fare was a little concerning for a longer trip.

And, while we prefer taking trains over buses… there weren’t ideal departure time options for us. As we do like to make the most of our day trips.

We thought that taking the train from Prague to Brno would be quicker… and cheaper than if we were to take a bus. Yet, as we had a look into it… it was surprising to find out that it wasn’t. 

So, in the end we made the decision to choose one of the bus companies. And, after researching the various options with Flixbus and RegioJet… our choice for getting to Brno Krumlov from Prague, was via Flixbus.

It had more options in terms of times, and was flexible if our plans were to change

All in all, we had an awesome day trip to Brno. Plus, in our opinion the bus was a great option for getting there from Prague… cheap, comfy and flexible if our plans were to change.

So, we trust that this was helpful… for when you’re thinking about how to get to Brno from Prague.

Which form of transport did you end up taking to get to Brno from Prague? And, what were the major factors in why you chose that option?

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