3 Best Bars In Bangkok, Suan Phlu

When you take a wander down Suan Phlu Road, it’s amazing what you can find. If it hadn’t of been for friends who told us about it, we wouldn’t have known about it.

You can take a look at Suan Plu Road in my blog post HERE.

Now, I want to share with you 3 best bars in Bangkok, which are down Suan Phlu Road…

Bar #1

On the corner of Suan Phlu 1 Alley is a cool bar called, Smalls. This was actually our second stop, because when we went in the late afternoon it wasn’t open.

So a word of warning… Smalls bar doesn’t open until the evenings. While it’s not the cheapest place to have a drink, it’s a pretty groovy place, with a more upmarket feel.

All the seating is inside the venue. There a few floors and it’s darkly lit.

Be wary though, the steps are not that big. Even I, with small feet had to take extra care going up and down the stairs.

Here are some pics of the stairs…

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere.

You can also order pizza delivery to eat in. The pizzas are by a company called Gallery Pizza.

Now, I’ve heard the pizzas are pretty good. They’ve had a long running deal of buy 2 pizzas for 499 baht (about USD $15.60). Seems like a great deal. It’d be super if the pizzas were tasty too. Haven’t tried them but if anyone has let us know!

Bar #2

Further on is another bar called, Junker and Bar…

It has a small number of seats at the front of the bar, which seem to be occupied a lot of the time. Lucky for us, one night there were front row seats! So we decided to stop by for some brews.

The atmosphere was different to Smalls Bar. Their theme is an American bar, with games, burgers and a wide range of drinks. We didn’t try the food here so can’t comment. Looking at other people’s food though, the burgers looked pretty appetizing.

It was good to sit at the front and chill, to see what the locals and tourists were up to on Suan Phlu!

The seating outside is close together. So if you want some privacy the outdoor seats are not for you!

Every day there’s a special on…

At the time we went it was happy hours. Happy hours are from 4:30pm – 6:30pm. It was Tiger beer that was on during this special, and the prices were generally cheaper than at Smalls Bar.  

After a few beers at Junker and Bar we moved on…

Bar #3

Now, we stopped at the next bar that had this sign at the front of it…

We’d been here before and we really liked the casual atmosphere. I wrote a more in-depth review of this place that you can read HERE.

It’s big, roomy and every time we’ve been here we’ve got front row seats to people watch.

The atmosphere here is laid back, and we couldn’t believe how cheap the beers were!

A big bottle of local Leo beer was 95 baht (about USD $3.00).

Sometimes we’ve enjoyed being here so much… the beers kept going down nicely!

While there are other places to go for drinks, these are our 3 best bars in Bangkok Suan Phlu. Plus, they’re close together so you don’t have to go far.

Also, each of the bars have their own unique vibe and setting… which makes for a nice mix if you’re out exploring.

So head on out and enjoy the Bangkok nightlife down Suan Phlu Road!

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