We quit our “normal” life back in Australia over 7 years ago. And since then, we’ve been living an EXTRA-ORDINARY life that we LOVE.

We’ve been discovering what the world has to offer. Yet, we’re a little different to many other travellers…

We like to call ourselves “slow travelers.”

Rather than rushing through a place… we like to take our time. And, this can mean spending many weeks, or months in one location… which allows us truly appreciate what that city has to offer. 

Whether it’s the people, culture, food, through to daily life… we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in how some of the locals live. 

We love sharing our experiences… funny, sad, bad, shocking, and amazing!

Check out our blog posts about drinking and eating around the world… As well as travel hints and tips. We hope that they inspire you to live a more fulfilling life!


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