Are These The Biggest Meals On The Planet?

When Paul and I were touring around San Diego… we were talking with a friendly Lyft driver in a cab ride about how MASSIVE the food portions were in the USA.

He was laughing, and then told us a place to try for the biggest meal sizes in San Diego. He was describing the food and made it sound enticing. So the place he recommended was Buca Di Beppo, an Italian restaurant.

We were only in San Diego for a short time on this trip. So without hesitation we made a reservation for dinner that night.

We hardly ate a thing all day, so as to save our appetite for this supposedly huge feast.

Then, when dinner time came round we were ravenous! And although we’d made a reservation we had to wait about 5 minutes. Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was getting hangry! LOL!

There were several other people waiting too, so we immediately thought this is a popular place.

The atmosphere was a like a vintage style Italian restaurant, with lots of old photos lining the walls. This Buca Di Beppo also had a cool little bar area.

And while we were waiting we could see the cooks in action through a massive window.

Time To Pig Out At Buca Di Beppo San Diego

Inside the restaurant… the wooden tables were covered by red and white checkered tablecloths. It did have a family style feel to it as well.

There were a lot of choices on the Buca Di Beppo menu… with their philosophy of generous portion sizes for sharing, like the Italians do.

So one of the first things we noticed was that they had 2 portion sizes for the pasta. The “small” size could feed up to 3 people, and the large size feeds up to 5. Yet, it was just the two of us, so what to do?

In the end, we ordered the Mozzarella Caprese… which had vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and basil-infused olive oil.

Plus, we had a serving of garlic bread. This was a generous portion, and we didn’t eat it all so we could save room for pasta.

So the pasta that we ordered was a large and a small Spaghetti Marinara. Yep, enough pasta to feed up to 8 people! And to go with our Italian feast, we had to team it with a bottle of red wine…

Needless to say, we couldn’t finish our meal. And unfortunately we didn’t get to try the dessert, as we were in a complete food coma.

So thankfully we could take the remaining food to go, as we hate wasting food.

And as we were staying in an Airbnb apartment… we could re-heat the Buca Di Beppo leftovers and have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day… ha ha ha!

Buca Di Beppo Restaurants

The Buca Di Beppo restaurant that we went to was on 705 6th Avenue in San Diego. This restaurant is open from 11:00am – 9:00pm.

There are many Buca Di Beppo restaurants in the USA, and we can understand why they’re so popular. So if you check out their website, you can search for their locations and hopefully there’s one close to you.

So we definitely recommend you give it a try, and indulge in the biggest Italian meals we’ve had!

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