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Accommodation: Travelodge Pattaya Hotel

Location: 236/26 Moo 10, Soi 15 Pattaya 2nd Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand

Room Type

Booked Standard Double Room

Loyalty Program or Deals Used


Research and Booking

Paul and I had stayed at the Mercure Pattaya for a couple nights to check out the area as we’d never been before.

We then booked a longer stay at an Airbnb property in Jomtien Beach. This was after hearing the beach and area was much better than Pattaya.

Yet, after a debacle with the Airbnb booking, Paul and I had to make an urgent last minute hotel booking. What a headache!

There was no time for in-depth research. So I remembered where the Mercure Pattaya was and quickly looked up hotels nearby it.

One hotel that popped up was the Travelodge Pattaya. This was around the corner from the Mercure Hotel, so we knew the area. After a very quick scan of rooms at the Travelodge Hotel, we booked a standard double room for 1 night.

The rate for 1 night at the 3 star Travelodge Pattaya Hotel was AUD $74.52 (about USD $51.55).

We thought this was a ridiculous amount, yet probably paid top dollar because it was a last minute booking.

The Location

After making the 25 minute or so journey from Pattaya to Jomtien via Grab… We had to book another Grab car to make the return journey back to Pattaya. OMG, it’s almost as clear as day, picturing how frustrated I was!

Anyway, the Travelodge Pattaya was in an area where we could walk to lots of pubs, bars and restaurants.

It was about a 10 minute stroll to the beachfront…

Check In

We had no expectations about this hotel, as we knew nothing about it. The only thing I remembered was the red and white logo!

Before we got to the reception, we had to pull our luggage up a several stairs. Then we went through a sliding door.

We noticed that the reception area was big and clean. It was even cool, compared to the hot box at the Mercure Pattaya!

The front office staff was pleasant, professional, and efficient. They took us through the amenities of the hotel if we wished to use them. Even though we booked last minute, everything was going seamlessly so far.

The Room

Once we opened the door to our standard double room, here’s what we saw…

On the right was a door to the bathroom, which I’ll go through later. There was a mini fridge, 2 bottles of complimentary water, a kettle, plus complimentary tea, coffee and sugar.

Once we walked past that, this what our first look at the room…

Although the room was compact, it was surprising to us how clean, spotless and new it appeared.

We didn’t expect a little nook with a couch and small table… especially considering there was a desk and chair opposite the bed. We then weren’t sure if we got an upgrade. Still, for a standard room we were impressed.

There was also a flat screen TV. Another shock was the amount of power sockets! At some of the hotels we’ve stayed at, there were only 2 power outlets for the entire room.

To us the bed looked small. Yet, after we got in, it was surprisingly comfortable and roomy. There were also 2 side tables and 2 lamps on either side of the bed.

Maybe coming with no expectations made the room seem all the better!

The Bathroom

A sliding wooden door separated the bedroom from the bathroom…

Once we opened the door, here was our first glimpse of the bathroom…

On the right was the shower cubicle, which included liquid shampoo and soap.

Opposite the toilet was a big mirror. There were amenities including tissues, towels, liquid soap and shower cap…

There were several towel racks / holders too. It was great how clean the bathroom was.

There was also a cupboard, which included a small safe, hangers and a torch…

So far it was a relief we got this hotel… Considering some of our experiences in Pattaya had been awful and unpleasant.

Travelodge Pattaya Hotel Amenities

Because of our very short stay in the Travelodge Pattaya, we didn’t experience any of the amenities.

Yet, apparently there is a fitness center, outdoor pool, and restaurant. There aren’t many 3 star hotels we’ve been to that have a gym and pool… so that’s a bonus if you choose to stay here.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi / Internet Speed Test

While the hotel room was surprisingly good, unfortunately the wifi/internet speeds at the Travelodge Pattaya Hotel isn’t great.

The download speed we clocked up was 3.49 mbps. The upload speed was 4.85 mbps.

Would we stay here again?

No, but that’s only because we wouldn’t stay in Pattaya again.

Yet, from our experiences with the Travelodge Pattaya Hotel, we’d suggest you consider it.

Although it’s a 3 star hotel… the room and amenities were better than some 4 stars we’ve been to!

It’s easy walking distance to many restaurants, bars and shops. So the hotel is in a convenient location. $99 or Less

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