Is This The Best Restaurant In Hanoi Vietnam For Pizza?

Having been in Hanoi for a couple of weeks, I noticed what a huge variety of cuisines there was to choose from. And one day in Hanoi, I had a craving for pizza.

For those of you who don’t know, pizza is one of my favorite foods!

So I did a Google search and typed in “best pizza in Hanoi”… and of the top 3 places that were listed was a restaurant called Pizza Belga. They made their pizzas using a wood fire oven, which I think gives a great flavor.

Plus, the great thing for me was that Pizza Belga is in the West Lake Hanoi (Tay Ho) area. And that was walking distance to where we were staying. So perfect!

I did a little bit of research before I went to check out this pizza restaurant. There were a lot of reviews, with more positive than negative reviews. I also looked at more recent photos, and OMG the pizzas looked incredible!

I checked that they were open during a week at lunch time, as that’s when I wanted to go. Thankfully they were open 7 days a week, lunch and dinner.

So, off I went to check out and see if they made the best pizza in Hanoi!

The Pizza Belga Menus

When I arrived it was quiet, and I had the entire restaurant to myself! After I opened the door, a staff member was smiling and greeting me. She then guided me to my table.

Once I sat down I was given a series of menus to look at. And not long after a staff member had put down a glass of cool water for me for free.

The first menu I looked at was the wine list, and there were 2 type of wine by the glass… A red and a white wine from 120,000 VND (about USD $5.20). Otherwise, there were several wines by the bottle from varying regions… and the prices were  starting from about 550,000 VND.

I assumed that you can bring your own wine, as there was a corkage charge of 200,000 VND.  I’m not sure if that corkage price is about standard in Vietnam, but from my perspective that’s expensive! That may be so you end up buying the bottles of wine in the restaurant.

Other drinks at Pizza Belga included a range of craft beers, juices and soft drinks.

Then, when I looked at the food menu… I noticed that there was much more than pizza… as well as meals that they did just at lunch time.

In the end, I chose a Pizza Margherita DOP and a soda water. Yet, as I was looking around the restaurant, I noticed that there were big blackboards with specials on them.

I didn’t even notice them when I walked in. But it would’ve been good for someone to tell me about these specials BEFORE I ordered… or while the staff were giving me the menus.

That aside, I give a huge thumbs up to the staff for exceptional service.


If you want to try other things not listed on those menus outside the restaurant… come at lunch time. At this time Pizza Belga offer Panuozzo Sandwiches.

While the staff took my order to be prepared, I noticed that there was air conditioning, which was on. Yet, the wood fire pizza oven is in the main restaurant area… so this would heat up the place, especially when the pizza making was at its peak.

However, it’s better to have it than not at all during the hot and humid Hanoi summer.

There’s also an outdoor area with lots of seating, if you prefer that option.

My understanding is that there’s another level of seating above the main restaurant area.

Once they were making my pizza the aroma was amazing. I was loving the smell of the wood fired pizza, and it was making me more hungry!

My Margherita Pizza DOP came out quickly, and I assume that was because I was the only person there. So I’m not sure what the wait times would be like when Pizza Belga was busy.

Does Pizza Belga Make The Best Pizza In Hanoi?

So here is my pizza, and boy it looks damn good, right?

When I was cutting the pizza slices I noticed that the pizza base looked thin. Then when picked up the first piece it started to droop. So I had to grab it quickly with my other hand otherwise the topping would have dropped off! 

So the pizza base was a little soggy in the middle… and in the end I ate my pizza with a fork and knife, using my hands to eat the crust.

Now, the flavor was delicious, and I was loving the buffalo mozzarella. And there were fresh basil leaves in the pizza to help give it more flavor.

Was it the best pizza I’ve had? No, but it was tasty and it was great to have a wood fired pizza.

The soda water was 30,000 VND, and the Pizza Margherita DOP was 210,000 VND. Yet, the total bill was 225,000 VND (about USD $9.70)… as the soda ended up being half price at 15,000 VND because of the lunch deal.

So I recommend you try Pizza Belga if you’re in the area, for a yummy wood fired pizza.

You can find Pizza Belga at 225 Âu Cơ, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam.

Where do you think the best pizza in Hanoi is? And why do you think it’s so good?

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