The Best Banh Mi Hanoi Old Quarter

We’ve heard so many people tell us that they believe Hanoi has the best food in Vietnam. I remember when we were telling others that we were going to Hue, that they said Hue had the best Vietnamese food!

So, I guess it was our chance to find out for ourselves.

Max and I had a full on day sightseeing through Hanoi, including the French Quarter and around Hoan Kiem. And then we ended up in the Hanoi Old Quarter.

So to relax, we had some beers and then decided on doing a bar crawl. You can read about the 7 bars in Hanoi Old Quarter that we went to HERE.

Yet, after a lot of walking and drinking we were getting extremely hungry. So, we were wondering what to eat in Hanoi Old Quarter…

We could see that there were lots of places to eat in Hanoi, and it looked like we were spoilt for choice. There was high end fine dining through to the local Vietnamese street food.

And after wandering around, I spotted this tiny restaurant called V-Sandwich Eatery. Hmmmm… did we feel like a Vietnamese sandwich? Or some western food?

Yet, as we got closer to look at the menu, we noticed that they made vegan banh mis. And with that, we were sold!

V-Sandwich Eatery

Now, the pictures of the on the side of their cart showing the vegan banh mis looked delicious. But as we’ve found, the pictures don’t always equate to what we might actually get!

Plus, it included vegetarian banh mis as well, because there was one with egg in it. So, if you are vegan, best to check first before ordering.

Max was starving, and looked like he was starting to get hangry, which rarely happens with him. So he decided he was going to get 4 banh mis! What a guts… LOL!

I ended up ordering 4 vegan banh mis with fried tofu, and 2 with mushrooms & garlic stir fry vegetables. Now, these sounded mouth-watering.

The fried tofu banh mi was a measly 20,000 VND each (about USD $0.90), and the other one was 25,000 VND each.

They were busy and had several Vietnamese sandwiches to make before ours. Yet, we were happy to wait as they looked mighty good on the pictures.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Speed Test

While we were waiting we decided to do an internet speed test out of interest. And here are the results from the test…

The download speed was 28.6 mbps, and the upload wifi speed was 1.14 mbps.

About 10 minutes later our 6 vegan banh mis were warm, packed and ready to devour.

And boy, did we stuff our faces with these delicious Hanoi street food delights.

Plus, we were pleasantly surprised that they were packed full of filling. Most bahn mis we’ve had in our time have been light on the filling. Yet, these were great and they tasted so good.

In fact, Max said that he thought this was the best banh mi he’d had. And we would definitely come back again if we were in the area.

You can find V-Sandwich Eatery in 10 Hàng Buồm, in the Hanoi Old Quarter. Go on and give it a try!

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