10 Places To Visit In Gozo Malta For Breathtaking Views

While most people go to the island of Malta to see some amazing sights… if you have the time you should seriously consider putting Gozo on your trip itinerary too.

Now, did you know that humans had been living in Gozo from as far back as 5000BC! Plus, some of the oldest known settlements are here too.

Like Malta, Gozo is steeped in amazing history. And, there are events happening all the time, even through Winter.

When speaking to the staunch Gozitans, they don’t like to be confused with the people from the island of Malta! So, we did encounter that “friendly” rivalry from several people on our travels.

Yet, one thing that Gozo has that Malta doesn’t is the scrumptious Gozitan ftira. And oh my goodness, it makes my mouth water even as I’m writing this blog! So, make sure when you go to Gozo, you put this on the top of your list of local foods to try.

So, what this small island of Gozo also offers are some charming and beautiful places. And further to that, the views from some of these places are simply stunning.

Thus, in this blog post… I’m going to cover 10 places to visit in Gozo Malta, for breathtaking views.

So, let’s take a look now.

Triq L-Oniċi, Zebbug

When we were getting the taxi from the Gozo Ferry terminal in Mgarr… our driver was telling us a bit about Zebbug. And, he was saying that in Maltese, Zebbug means olives. Mmmmm… yummy olives to be had then!

Plus, he said that Zebbug was the highest point on Gozo. And so for us, that meant we should get some great views.

And, we weren’t disappointed! Check out some of these beautiful photos of Zebbug…

So, we got these views when we were near the corner of Triq L-Oniċi and Triq Skapuċċina.

And, what we loved was that we could get the different views of the green rolling hills… then in contrast we could get views of the beautiful sea. Plus, as this is a residential area, it was very peaceful.

There was also a bench nearby… so if you wanted you could sit down, have a feed and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Ghasri Valley (Wied il-Ghasri)

One day when Paul and I were in Zebbug, we decided to head out for the day walking around. And in fact, we ended up walking about 10km on hilly terrain! No wonder we were weary after our sightseeing trip.

Yet, on our walk we discovered a popular area, which had lots of hikers around. And, it soon became clear why the hikers and many other tourists were here.

Plus, you may have heard of the Azure Window, which was a Gozo must see. But in 2017, it collapsed as a result of stormy weather.

Yet, the great thing is, on our sightseeing walk in Ghasri Valley, we discovered this magnificent “window”…

Plus, there was this gorgeous swimming area, which looked so inviting.

So, another of the places to visit in Gozo for breathtaking views is here…

Xlendi Bay

Paul and I made 2 trips to Gozo, and on our first outing, we decided to stay in Xlendi. Now, I hadn’t done much research about Xlendi. But, when we got there I realized it was such a quaint little town.

Plus, we met an elderly gentleman back in our hometown, who was from Gozo. And he raved on about Xlendi and how beautiful it was. So, when we finally made the trip to Gozo, we had to see it for ourselves.

And, when we got there it didn’t disappoint. The views that we saw in Xlendi Bay were absolutely stunning…

Plus, when we were staying at our Airbnb accommodation… we got this beautiful sunset photo of Xlendi Bay from our balcony.

And, there are some restaurants that are higher up on Xlendi Bay… that will provide magnificent views while you’re wining and dining. But make sure you book early in the Summer time, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Cittadella, Victoria (Rabat)

The Cittadella or Citadel is in Victoria, otherwise known as Rabat. So, this UNESCO World Heritage Listed site was built in the 1500’s… high on a hill overlooking Victoria and Gozo.

Thus, on one of our visits to Gozo… Paul and I were lucky enough to be there when Heritage Malta had an Open Day for the Cittadella.

So, what this means is that with the Open Days, people can view certain sites for free. And, as we had the opportunity to do so, we thought why not!

Then, when we got there it was a beautiful, sunny day although a little windy. So, when we got to the top of the Cittadella… we had to take our hats off to take photos, or hold on tight to them!

Yet, when we did get to the top, the views were amazing…

Plus, the Citadel looks so beautiful at night too. So, if you have the opportunity to photograph it at this time, send us some photos please!

Church Of St John The Baptist, Xewkija

So, for such a small island, did you know that Gozo has over 40 churches! And, in the town of Xewjika, it has one of the most elaborate of churches for a small island… the Church of St John the Baptist.

Plus, this is the largest church in Gozo… and it has the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the world!

But, what’s even more incredible is… the entire population of Xewkija, which is about 3,000 people, could fit into this church!

So, when Paul and I were in Gozo, we had to see what the hype was with this church. And, as we approached the Church of St John the Baptist on our walk… we could see how big and extravagant it was on the outside.

Plus, the dome itself is a whopping 75 meters tall!

Then, when we went inside, a young lady was greeting us. And, we did know that we could get to the top of the church to the observation area. Yet, we did have to pay a fee of 3 Euros, which wasn’t going to break the bank!

So, in part we had to take a lift. Then, we had to climb many narrow stairs in the spiral staircase, to get to the top. And, what we discovered was that we were in the company of these massive church bells.

And, after we took photos of the church bells… we had our first glimpse of the landscape from the top of the Church of St John the Baptist.

Then, we were walking around as we could get 360 degree views.

So, speaking of churches… there was another one that we had to visit…

Ta Pinu, Gharb

In the small village of Għarb, is a church called, Ta Pinu Basilica. And, when we got to Ta Pinu… we were mesmerized by the enormity of this church for a small town.

Yet, when we got there a lot of tourists were surrounding the Basilica, taking photos. So, we were patiently waiting to take our happy snaps of this historically rich church.

Then, after our visit of Ta Pinu, there was a walking trail opposite. And here, we could go to the cross on the hill, and see 14 marble statues along the way.

So, as we got a bottle of water each from the local truck that just rolled up outside the church… we were then wandering up the hill on this trail.

Then, at several points along the way we looked back, and saw views like this…

Calypso Cave, Xaghra

So, Paul and I were planning on seeing the Ramla Bay area… as we were told it had a golden sand beach. Yet, we were going to walk to get there from Marsalforn!

But, on our way to Ramla Bay we took the unconventional route as we were on foot. And, dare I say we got lost!

Yet, in some ways it was good that we got lost getting to Ramla Bay. And, that’s because our route then included the Calypso Cave area.

Now, just so you know, at the time of writing this blog post… the access to Calypso Cave was closed. And, from our understanding this is a permanent closure.

Yet, we followed the signs to Calypso Cave and went to the top. Then, after we got there we were rewarded with this breathtaking scenery of the Ramla Beach area.

So, with its dark golden sand and commanding cliffs, we had our first glimpse of Ramla Beach.

Plus, when we were looking in another direction we saw more awesome views.

But after this, we were getting hungry. And, in this small area there was surprisingly a little pastizzeria van…

And, if you’ve been following our blog posts… you’ll know that this pastizzeria was included in our blog to find the best pastizzi in Malta. So, to find out more about that, CLICK HERE.

Then, as we were stopping by to fill our bellies, we decided to take a seat to enjoy the pastizzis.

And, what greeted us was this incredible view…


When Paul and I were in Gozo, one of the towns we were staying in was, Marsalforn. Now, this town is popular with not only tourists… but the folk who live on the island of Malta.

And, with lots of areas to sunbake, swim, eat and drink… we could understand why many people were flocking to Marsalforn.

So, one day we went exploring around Marsalforn. And for us, as I was mentioning earlier… one of the best ways to explore is on foot.

So, as we were walking around Gozo we realized how hilly it was! Then, we were walking up one of the main roads out of Marsalforn… this one was called, Triq Ix-Xaghra.

And, along the way we were definitely getting a great workout for our legs and butts! Then, with our hearts thumping, we stopped at one point to turn around and saw this view of Marsalforn Bay…

Then, as we looked in different directions, we saw even more amazing views of Gozo…

Xwejni Bay

When Paul and I were staying in Marsalforn… one morning we decided to walk in a westerly direction along the coastline.

And, along the way we hit the town of Xwejni. So, once we decided on a stopping point, one of the first things that stood out was a massive hill.

So, in the sunshine amongst the bright blue sky… the contrast with the golden-white color of the hill stood out brightly. It was a magnificent view. And, also in this area is the Qolla l-Bajda Battery, which was built in the early 1700’s.

So, after taking photos of the scenery in the distance… we noticed how cute the pebble beach area in Xwejni Bay was. And, surprisingly it wasn’t that busy and we saw fisherman trying to make their catches too.

So, we took some photos of the bay area, as this beach had amazingly clear, crystal blue waters…

Ggantija Temples

So, one of the oldest temples in the world is on Gozo, called the Ggantija Temples. These temples are so old that they date back to 3600BC.

So, in one of our previous blog posts it was about the megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo. Thus, if you want to find out more about them, CLICK HERE.

When Paul and I were in Gozo, we made the trip out to Xaghra to go see the Ggantija Temples. Yet, we didn’t do a great deal of research about it beforehand.

But, what we discovered was that several of the megalithic temples were covered with a dome structure. Yet, these temples weren’t.

And, when we were following the pathway to the Ggantija Temples, this was one of the views we witnessed…

Gozo Malta, So Breathtakingly Beautiful

So, these were 10 places to visit in Gozo Malta for breathtaking views.

And while Gozo is a smaller island… you’d have to agree that it has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty… as well as man-made structures.

So, we could’ve spent days, even weeks searching for more spectacular scenery and views on Gozo. Having a car to drive around would be easier to travel around the whole island.

Yet, we’re always in favor of doing a lot of walking too, as you can miss a lot of things by car or bus. Plus, it helps work off the calories from all the pizza, pasta, and pastizzis!

So, to get to Gozo from Malta we took the ferry across. And, once on the island there are several options to get around.

If you’d like more information about how to get to Gozo from Malta… check out our blog post HERE.

But for now… we trust this has put the fuel on the fire to add Gozo on your list of places of visit.

We’d love to know what you think are the Gozo must sees… So reach out to us and let us know!

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