Airbnb Gozo Apartments Review: Cliffview Xlendi Apartments


Accommodation:  Cliffview A Apartments

Location:  1 Triq Il Qsajjem, Cliffview Apartments A, Xlendi, Gozo


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Research and Booking

Paul and I were looking to stay in Xlendi Gozo for just over a week. And, rather than staying in a hotel, we preferred an apartment on this occasion.

Thus, to help us look for some Xlendi apartments, we were going to check what was on Airbnb.

But, as we’re Qantas Frequent Flyer members, we could earn 1 point per $1 spend with Airbnb bookings. So, we researched accommodation via the Qantas Airbnb link.

But, if we booked directly through the Airbnb website… we wouldn’t qualify to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

So, when Paul and I were planning to go, it was still in the peak Summer time. Thus, our options were more limited.

Yet, in the end we liked the look of a place called, Cliffview Apartments. So, for a 9 night stay in this apartment, it cost us AUD $1,246.20 (about 775 Euros).

And, we were expecting great views based on the Airbnb reviews… as well as the photos we saw.

But, what was the accommodation going to be like inside? Let’s find out!

The Location

After we made the Airbnb booking for the Cliffview Apartments… the host sent detailed information about the location and how to get there, which was helpful.

So, we were going to get there by bus. Thus, when we were at the Gozo Ferry Terminal in Mgarr, we were walking outside to the bus terminal.

To find out more about the Gozo Ferry and our experiences, CLICK HERE.

Then, the bus number that we took was 301, which would take us to the Victoria Bus Terminal. And from there, we caught bus 306 through to Xlendi and the bus stop we got off at was called, Xmun.

And, one of the first things we saw after getting off the bus, was this incredible view of Xlendi Bay…

Pretty spectacular, right? So, it was a great start to our trip in Xlendi and Gozo!

Then, from Xmun bus stop, we were walking up Triq Il Qsajjem… and up a steep hill to the Cliffview Apartments.

Then, minutes later we found it, and the apartment block had Cliffview on the outside of it.

Check In

The host provided detailed information on the apartment and check in process, which was great. Plus, we were able to check in before the normal time, which was also gracious.

So, as he wasn’t able to meet us in person to check in, which was fine with us… the alternative was a self-check in process.

Then, to check in the front door was open, and there was a key locker with pin pad. And, once we input the code he gave us, we would open it and hey presto… the key would be there.

But, after following the instructions and opening the key locker, there were no keys! Argh!

So, to cut a long story short the host was quick to respond. And, while we waited for the keys to be dropped off by someone… we went to have a beer and enjoy the magnificent views!

So, about 35 minutes or so later we were able to get the keys. Then, we took the lift up to the apartment. And, once we opened the door, here’s what we first saw with this Xlendi Airbnb apartment…

Inside The Cliffview Xlendi Apartments

The first room we saw when opening the apartment door was the living area.

The Living Room

The living room had a large table with 6 seats, and the table could also be extended. So, the size of the living room table was more than enough for the two of us!

Then, there were 2 large leather couches and a coffee table.

And, opposite that was a large flat screen TV with cabinets and storage areas. Plus, there were some brochures for the Gozo and Malta area, which we scanned through.

So, there was a large window, which were sliding doors. And, this led out to a small balcony overlooking the main road.

Yet, the strange thing for us was the curtains. So, the sheer curtains were fine. But, when we tried to pull the darker curtains in the evening… they wouldn’t go all the way across. Thus, there was a gap, which we didn’t like.

Even so, the living room was much bigger than what we expected.

Plus, the host also gave us a complimentary bottle of wine and snacks, which was a thoughtful touch.

The Kitchen

Next to the living room was an open plan kitchen…

And here, there was a full size fridge with freezer. Plus, there was an electric stove top with several pots, pans, and other cooking facilities. There was also a lot of cutlery, a kettle and toaster.

The only thing was when we looked inside the kettle it was grossly filthy. And, we’re not sure what was in it but we didn’t use it. So, if we wanted boiling water we used a pot to boil the water!

Even so, the kitchen was functional and we used some of the facilities during our stay… in amongst eating out and having a lot of pastizzis!

In fact, on our trip to Malta and Gozo, we had over 100’s of pastizzis. And, that’s because we were on a quest to find the best pastizzi in Malta.

So, to check out where we went and what we thought so you can try or avoid the pastizzerias… have a look at our first blog post about it HERE.

Then, along the opposite wall was a large cabinet, which had a variety of glassware.

Then, we saw a long corridor…

And, as we walked along there was a washing machine, and a big window covered with sheer curtains.

Bedroom 1

Then, along the corridor the first door that was open on the left was a bedroom. And, it had 2 single beds as well as an ensuite bathroom.

The Bathroom

Then, as wandered further down the corridor, on the next left was a bathroom. And, here there was a shower with shower curtain, toilet, basin and cabinet with mirror.

Plus, there was a few sections to hand up the towels.

The Main Bedroom

Once we had a look in the main bedroom, one of the firs things we saw was a large mirror. Trust me to check that out first – ha ha ha!

Then, there was a relatively big bed with side tables and drawers on either side, which was convenient. And, there were a set of towels for each of us.

Then, there was a lot of cupboard space, but one of the doors was jammed! So, we couldn’t open and close it to use it properly. It wasn’t a big deal for us for a shorter stay.

Yet, having brought it to the attention of the Airbnb host… we trust that he will fix it for the next guests.

And, inside the closet were shelves, coat hangers, a large clothing rack with pegs… Plus, there was also an iron, ironing board and hair dryer. So, there was lots of space that we could put our belongings.

Then, we looked at the curtains in the bedroom. And, like in the living room, the curtains were partly sheer and partly block out.

Now, this was not to our liking, as we prefer to have a dark room for sleeping. And, without full block out curtains we were sure the sun would light up the room and wake us up. It’s nice to sleep in sometimes, right?

So, the curtain set up was a negative for us. Yet, once we pulled the curtains open, we saw a table with 2 chairs on a balcony.

And, once we stepped out onto the balcony we saw amazing views. So, we did use the balcony often…

Thus, we made use of the balcony and table setting to enjoy throughout the day and night. It was so relaxing and beautiful.

Around Cliffview Xlendi Apartments

So, this was our first time in Xlendi Gozo. And, while it was a quaint town it was also small. Yet, it was great to be able to relax and the surrounding environment is beautiful.

So, we did get out and about walking around… as well as checking out the local places to eat and drink.

Now, when you’re in Xlendi you’ll most likely go into the water for a swim or paddle. And, there’s a small sandy beach area in front of where the restaurants area. So, this is good if you like shallow waters.

Otherwise, there are lots of other rocky areas to relax. And, where you can jump off and dive into the crystal clear water.

So, we found that it is quite hilly in Xlendi as we were walking around. Yet, nearby our Airbnb apartment is an easy walk to Xlendi Tower. And, when we got here the views of the water and Xlendi cliffs were stunning.

Plus, when we were wandering down from the tower towards the water… there were salt pans. So, as we headed east from here, there were even more spectacular views.

If you want to see more incredible views that we took photos of around Gozo… check out our blog post HERE.

Eating And Drinking Around Cliffview Xlendi Apartments

So, we had adequate cooking facilities in the apartment, and sometimes we made meals. And, with Xlendi being a small town… there was only 1 place we found that had fruits, vegetables and other grocery items.

And, it was at this place called, Simpatia Crai Minimarket.

Yet, the annoying thing was there were no prices on many of the products. So, we found a few times that depending on who was serving us… we’d get different prices.

But, the great thing was next door was the Snack Shack.

And, not only did they have a variety of food like pizzas, pies, wraps and more… They had pea and ricotta pastizzis.

Thus, we did have many mainly for breakfast, while we were staying in Xlendi! In fact, the Snack Shack features in one of our blog posts, as we try to find the best pastizzi in Malta and Gozo.

So, to find out more about the best pastizzi in Malta, you can CLICK HERE.

Then, when we weren’t cooking or having meals at the apartment… we went out for a bite to eat. And, one of the most memorable traditional Maltese foods we had was this…

OMG, if you go to Xlendi you must head on over to Il-Kcina Ghawdxija. Because this place has the most delicious Gozitan ftira. And, even if you’ve eaten a ftira from Malta it’s way different!

So, we ordered the one with potatoes and cheese and it was divine. And, it was made with fresh sourdough bread cooked the traditional way.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Speed Test

The wifi speed at the Cliffview Xlendi Apartments was not too bad. And, when we did our internet speed test the result we got was this…

So, the download speed we clocked up was 34.3 mbps… and we got 6 mbps on the upload. Thus, overall it was fine for surfing the internet and doing basic things.

Would We Stay At Cliffview Xlendi Apartments Again?

The Cliffview Xlendi Apartments in Gozo was in a good location. And, the host was very responsive and accommodating, which was great. Plus, the views of Xlendi Bay from the rear balcony were spectacular.

Also, at night when it was time for bed it was quiet. But, there were a few things that were a little annoying including…

  • The curtains didn’t have say a set of sheer curtains, then a set of black out curtains. Thus, we had to put our eyemasks on to keep the sun out during sleeping.
  • The bathroom didn’t air out as well as we would like, so it would stay damp for a little while.
  • The wifi was OK, but for us to do our normal work routine the speed would need to be better.
  • On the level above us… we could hear kids yelling and the thumping of their feet as they were running throughout the apartment.

So, we’re sure many holiday-makers to Malta plan their trip way in advance.

But for us, a lot of other Airbnb accommodation had already been booked up. So, we may have got a place that was slightly better and less pricey.

Yet, overall it was fine for our needs, and if we had to we would stay again.

Have you been to Xlendi Gozo? If so, where did you stay?

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