A Coffee House In Hanoi With A Different Feel!

While I was wandering the streets of West Lake Hanoi, I came across this place…

So, I wasn’t quite sure if it was a wine bar, a café, a gentleman’s club or mixture! That’s because there were many signs at the front of the building…

Yet, I was craving a good Vietnamese coffee from somewhere I hadn’t been before.

So, there was a sign for O’Douceurs… saying it was a coffee house, pastry and bakery. And that suited me fine!

There was lots of outside seating, and it looked quite pretty…

Yet for me, I was heading inside, as it was too hot in Hanoi… hoping it would be air conditioned as the door was shut.

But when I got inside, it felt warm inside. There are fans on, and even though it looks like there’s air conditioning it wasn’t on. Argh! Even so, I would cool down eventually.

So after I walked in, a wandered around the café, as I really liked the interior…

Plus, the deep maroon colour and wooden interior gave it a warm ambience. And this was a different style of coffee place I’d been to in Hanoi… let alone Vietnam. But it was a good different!

Yet, the tables and seating are communal style. So this is not the place if you want privacy and a romantic atmosphere!

It was weird how in the middle of a long table was a display of pastries. So not sure why it would be placed there?

It was weird how in the middle of a long table was a display of pastries. So not sure why it would be placed there?

Feast Your Eyes…

Then, my eye saw this big cabinet with an abundance of bread rolls…

And, next to that was a display cabinet with cakes, pastries and chocolates…

The chocolate truffles were from 5,000 VND each. And the cakes started from 40,000 VND each.

So I was there for what felt like several minutes, and none of the staff acknowledged me. Then, I walked up to the counter waiting for someone to serve me. And at the counter I saw several menus.

So, not only did they have sweet treats… there were sandwiches and baguettes from 35,000 VND.

Plus, they have a range of other drinks including wine and juices.

Yet in the end, I ordered a cafe nau and a croissant.

When a gentleman came into the café, he immediately sat down at a table. He waited for a few minutes, then kept waiting. And eventually he started walking up to the counter.

Then a staff member saw him and told him there was no table service for ordering. So customers need to order and pay at the bar. Yet, they do bring your food and drinks out to you though!

So, they should really put a sign up near the door so people know.

They have free wifi here, so while I was waiting I did a wifi speed test…

Not long after my coffee and croissant arrived…

The coffee was delicious. It was strong but not too sweet. I’ve had some iced Vietnamese coffees with condensed milk and they’ve been sickly sweet.

The croissant was big and tasted fine, but I’ve had better. You can check out my pastry guide in Hanoi, HERE.

So in the end, the croissant was 22,000 VND, and the cafe nau was 30,000 VND.


Make sure you have cash, as they don’t take credit card.

You can find O’Douceurs at 90 Đường Tô Ngọc Vân, in West Lake Hanoi.

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