7 Reasons Why We Love Vienna Austria

Paul and I were looking forward to our second trip back to Vienna. Paul’s first trip was for work, so his sightseeing wasn’t extensive. And I only had a day in Vienna as part of a tour.

So, this time we had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Vienna. And the more time we spent here, the more we were loving it.

So here are 7 reasons why we love Vienna, and hopefully you will too…

Basic But Hearty Traditional Vienna Food

A few of the most popular traditional foods in Vienna include… Wiener schnitzel, apfelstrudel, tafelspitz, selchfleisch and käsespätzle.

So having seen pictures of and heard about the käsespätzle… Paul and I had to give it a go! It’s like the Viennese version of mac and cheese.

And depending on where you go, the quality, taste and size will of course vary. Yet, when we were staying at the Ibis Wien Messe… I discovered a local restaurant which served it.

So the place was called Gasthaus Reinthaler, and we ordered other dishes too. Plus, as we always do when traveling… we had to order some local beers!

And here was our amazing traditional Vienna food that we feasted on…

For more about the feast and where to go, CLICK HERE.

Enticing Cakes And Sweets

When we walked around Vienna City Centre we noticed the abundance of cake and sweet shops. And even when we went to other districts they were almost on every corner!

So the thing is, Paul’s tastes are more for savory food. Yet, having urged him to try some of the sweet treats I indulged in… he was surprised at how delicious they were.

The one cake I had to have again back in Vienna, was the original sacher cake. And while we did have to line up, it was worth the wait…

To find out more about where to get the original sacher cake, check our blog HERE.

Breathtaking Buildings Everywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are in Vienna… you’re breath will always be taken away by incredible buildings and architecture.

Pretty Parks To Relax

The thing we noticed about parks in Vienna, is that there is PLENTY of seats! Why is that so strange you’re probably thinking. Well, back in Melbourne, Australia… even though we have lots of pretty parks too, the seats are limited!

So in every park that we visited, we could easily get a seat if we wanted. It’s great to be able to relax, and enjoy the fresh air in gorgeous surroundings.

Here’s a photo inside Stadtpark, which is the biggest park in Vienna…

Efficient Public Transport

Getting around in Vienna couldn’t be easier, thanks to their efficient public transport. Plus, there are many different modes of public transport. It’s also a great way to travel outside of Vienna too, if you don’t want to drive.

Getting tickets for Vienna public transport is easy.

And for several ticket options you can conveniently buy them online. Plus, you don’t always need paper tickets and can show them on your mobile device. So that’s convenient, right?

And, the public transport is generally on time and frequent, which we love!

Yet, be wary… You may not see staff checking tickets at the stations or even on buses, for example. But you’ll still need to validate the tickets, because if you get fined, it’s about a 60 Euro fine.

An Abundance Of Clean Drinking Water

Sometimes people take things for granted… like the simple things such as having access to clean water.

And having traveled extensively throughout South East Asia… Paul and I are used to buying bottled water, or even investing in a good water filter. That’s because the drinking tap water isn’t safe, and you don’t want to end up sick on your holiday!

Yet, in Vienna we were able to drink the tap water, which actually tastes great. And you’ll also see water fountains on your travels around Vienna and Austria.

Helpful Locals

There’s been a few times where Paul and I have gotten lost on our Vienna sightseeing trips. You know what we mean?! And when we’ve asked for help, everyone so far has been obliging.

Plus, if they’ve had the time they were giving more information than we expected. We’re grateful that these people were able to speak English and help.

So there are just 7 reasons why we love Vienna. There are so many places to see in Vienna and things to do. And if you take a trip to travel around Vienna or beyond, we hope you love it too!

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