A Cool Little Place To Get Coffee In Hanoi

I love walking past cafes or shops where I can smell the aroma of fresh coffee beans. I twitch my nose and breathe it all in, and let out a sigh as then I want a coffee!

So I know that when I’m in Vietnam, I know I’ll be spoilt for choice with coffee.

Yet I don’t normally drink a lot of coffee, but when in Vietnam I have a coffee almost every day!

And on just about every corner I’ll most likely be able to get a coffee.

Whether that’s from a well know coffee chain like Highlands Coffee… through to a small street stall run by a family.

There are so many different flavors too… from the consistently good Robusta, through to coconut coffee and even egg coffee! I haven’t had that one yet, but apparently it’s to delicious.

Yet, it astounds me why they have lots of crappy instant coffee!

Anyway, when I was in Tay Ho, I was told about this small coffee shop on Xuan Dieu street.

Now apparently this is a great place to get coffee in Hanoi, with service to match.

And with everyone’s taste buds being different, I thought I’d give it a try to see whether I liked it or not.

Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss It!

If you blink you may miss this place… Tapies Coffee in Hanoi, because it’s surrounded by lots of greenery…

There is some signage on the outside carved from the wood…

And there is a sign too on the corner…

When I was walking in I two staff members were warmly greeting me… a lady and young gentleman. They were friendly, polite and smiling.

Yet I wasn’t sure what I wanted so they pointed at a blackboard near the entrance.

The coffee menu included Vietnamese coffees from 20k, and even coconut coffee.

There was also hand made drip coffee from 60k for a small size. The beans used for this was Ethiopian and Kenyan.

Plus, they had other coffees such as Americano, espresso and more from 40k for a small size.

In the end with so many choices, I went ahead and got a cafe den. When it came out it looked strong!

And the price for this coffee was 25,000 VND (about USD $1.10).

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It was a very different style of coffee than what I’ve had in Vietnam previously. Initially it was like a slightly bitter flavor then it felt smooth in the mouth.

It was cool inside with lots of fans blowing and air conditioning. Plus, there was instrumental music playing in the background.

It’s a really cool coffee shop. And look how tiny the stools are!

Don’t worry if you can’t sit on those, as they have big stools too!

Plus, there’s even an outdoor area with little seats and tables.

Yet I believe that they don’t serve any food… although I did see a  customer bring in a banh mi from outside to eat.

And the staff seemed fine with that.

I’d definitely come back. The coffee was good and it’s a nice chilled place to hang out.

So definitely give this coffee in Hanoi a try if you’re in the Tay Ho area.

You can find Tapies Coffee at 111a Xuan Dieu in Tay Ho, Hanoi.

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