Is This The Best Hanoi Café To Get Pastries, Breads And More?

In Vietnam, depending on where you go you’ll find patisseries and boulangeries dotted throughout the country.

The French played a big part in influencing the Vietnamese culture we see today. But in this blog post I won’t go into the history.

So the French are known for many wonderful things… And having been to France many of their pastries, especially their croissants are to DIE FOR!

Yet the great thing is, the Vietnamese have kept their own traditions in tact or melded the different cultures together.

These buttery, flaky crescent shaped delights are not always great tasting though. Some places we’ve found out use margarine as it can be cheaper, which is a sin!

So when we were staying for in Tay Ho Hanoi, Vietnam… I decided to go walkabout and explore.

And having had many croissants in Vietnam, I stumbled upon a little gem. So could this be the best Hanoi café to get pastries and bakery items?

On Xuan Dieu street is a place called Saint Honore. I noticed there were plenty of motorbikes parked at the front of it. So that led me to believe that this Hanoi café must be a popular place!

So I went in to check it out…

Saint Honore Has More Than I Thought!

As soon as I walked in there were lots of people at the counter. It was busy with people buying take away items.

Directly on my left were mouth-watering items including banana caramel cake, doughnuts, chocolate fondant, and an assortment of savory breads and pastries.

OMG… they looked so good and it would be hard to choose!

Then as I walked to the next display cabinet there were more delicious-looking treats. These included cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones, croissants and more.

Behind these display cabinets were a big variety of freshly baked bread loaves, baguettes, and sliced bread to name a few.

As I kept walking further into this Hanoi café, I saw another display cabinet and fridge…

And here there were a range of large cakes, mini cakes, eclairs and HEAPS more! Saint Honore had much more than I though in the way of sweet as well as savory treats.

Just when I thought that was it, they also had a delicatessen with lots of items to choose from.

I couldn’t help but drool over the range of cheeses they had… LOL!

Plus, they made other items like sandwiches, soups, burgers and more.

There were also some tables and chairs, which looked like it could seat maybe around 20 or so people.

They also provide free wifi.

So, could Saint Honore be the best Hanoi café to get patisserie, breads and more? $99 or Less

The Saint Honore Food Taste Test

With so many things to choose from, I ended up getting a cinnamon roll and a croissant to take away.

By the way, these looked better in the café than in the photo! They got a little crushed amongst my other shopping so sorry for that!

Anyway, what did I think?

The cinnamon roll was nice but it wasn’t the best that I’ve had before. Yet, the croissant was absolutely delicious! I would’ve had 10 of them… Ha ha ha!

The cinnamon roll was 22,000 VND (about USD $0.95), and the croissant was 20,000 VND.

Yes, a little more expensive than what you can get in other places in Vietnam. Yet, the quality of the croissant was so good and worth it. I’d definitely come back again, especially with so many things to try.

Luckily there’s the big lake or gyms nearby to work off my treats!

So, I’d say at this stage, Saint Honore is the best Hanoi café to get a croissant.

Saint Honore in Tay Ho Hanoi, is open from 7am to 10pm. You can find it on 5 Xuan Dieu.

Now, I believe they have other places around Hanoi so if this one isn’t convenient there might be one closer to you.

Do you have a favorite place in Vietnam to get pastry, sweet treats and bakery items? The challenge is on!

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