Here’s Where To Print Documents In Bangkok And Do Photocopying

Depending on where you are in Bangkok… you’d think it’d be easy to find somewhere to print and photocopy, right?

Unless you can read Thai, or the shop front is very obvious, I couldn’t find a place to do these things! Google Maps on this occasion wasn’t helpful either.

Yet, one day Paul and I were staying at the Ibis Sathorn Hotel Bangkok.

With my USB in hand… I was going to wander the streets AGAIN to find where to print documents in Bangkok!

To cope with the hot and humid weather… I decided to grab a cold drink at the 7-Eleven before heading off. This 7-Eleven was right across the road from the Ibis Hotel, so nice and convenient.

I Got Excited About The Simplest Thing!

As I walked in, I noticed a big machine on the right hand side…

And to my delight it was a photocopying machine! Who would’ve thought I’d get excited about something like that.

On the touchpad there was an option to change the language to English. Yet, I pressed it several times without success.

I then asked a staff member to help out. And it seemed like there was only 1 person at the time who could help… as several staff seemed to be calling out to someone!

Along came this young gentleman who spoke in broken English.

So I showed him my USB and said, “photocopy and print.” And thankfully on the machine it had these functions in English so I could point them out.

It’s an interesting system. If you want to print or copy something at the 7-Eleven, here’s what to do:

  1. Confirm with the staff member if you want to print, scan and/or copy.
  2. Confirm with the staff member how many pages of each you want.
  3. You then need to go to the counter and pay.
  4. They will give you a receipt for each type.
  5. Give the receipt to the staff member.
  6. The staff member will then do the rest for you!

TIP: From my understanding it only prints pdf type documents. I originally had a few documents in word, but the machine couldn’t read it. So convert to pdf if you can.

Also, be aware that not all 7-Elevens have a photocopying facility.

The prices are very reasonable. Plus, I got full service with a smile!

Thanks 7-Eleven! Now I know where to print documents in Bangkok and do photocopying for cheap. And in the end, it was a very simple process too.

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