Getting From Hanoi Airport To City

It had been many years since the last time I was in Hanoi. So I did some quick research on options for Hanoi airport transport to the Hoan Kiem area… as we were staying at the Mercure Hanoi La Gare.

To get from Hanoi airport to city area, it would take around 40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.

We were flying domestically into Hanoi Noi Bai Airport from Danang… and would land around 11:30am. - Book Cheap Flights!

So airport transport options included public bus, Airline shuttles, taxi, shared car, or private car.

We had 2 large suitcases and 2 carry on bags.

We had considered Grab Vietnam, but as we weren’t sure of tolls and fees we decided against this. Plus, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time researching, as it was 2 days before our flight.

And rather than fuss with buses or other shared transport options, we decided on a private car.

Prices from various companies were quoting around USD $16. This was for one way from Hanoi airport to city, specifically the Hoan Kiem area.

Prices were different depending on which area of Hanoi you’d be going to.

In the end we chose Klook for the private car transfer.

Their website was detailed and outlined the entire process. They seemed to have many genuine positive reviews too. They had different private car options… including organizing getting a SIM card for your mobile phone too.

Yet, we didn’t need a SIM card so we just chose the option where the date was fixed. This cost AUD 19.25 (about USD $13.40). And with the promotion code it was AUD $17.39 (about USD $12.10).


Check the Klook website first on a desktop, because sometimes they have discount offers. 

For example, an offer at the time I checked the site was… Download the Klook app and get HKD $10 discount using the promotional code.

OK. May not sound like much but why not get the discount… especially if it was something you were going to do anyway!

Payment options were via credit card or PayPal. We paid via credit card and they didn’t charge any fees for this payment method.

Once I made the booking I received 2 emails:

  1. An order summary and confirmation that the payment was successful 
  2. The Klook airport transfer confirmation, with the voucher attached

We could redeem it by printing the voucher or showing the mobile voucher to the driver.

The day before the pick up I received a message via WhatsApp to confirm the booking. This was my preferred method of communication when I booked the private car.

The Klook Hanoi Private Car Pick Up

As I mentioned earlier, we were taking a domestic flight. So after getting our luggage, we headed towards the pick up point.

So the pick up point was in the domestic arrival hall. It’s not a huge area. So when we went through the automatic glass doors… we looked for someone holding a sign with our name on it.

Within moments we saw our Klook Hanoi private car driver. He was holding a sign with my name and Klook written on it.

We looked at his phone to confirm the details that he had. Then he helped with wheeling our luggage to the car, which was only a short walk away.

We got in the car about 12:10pm.

The car was a red Toyota Vios sedan. It was nice and clean in the outside and inside. There wasn’t much traffic on our way from Hanoi airport to city area.

So 40 minutes later, we arrived at our hotel… the Mercure Hanoi La Gare in Hoan Kiem at 12:50pm. $99 or Less

It was door to door service too. So we didn’t have to walk around in the stifling Hanoi humidity and hot weather!

While we could’ve gotten a bus, for example at about 5,000 VND each (about $0.25)… we just wanted to get to our accommodation as quickly as possible, as we wanted to get lots of sightseeing done in a short time.

Plus, we had large suitcases and 2 carry on bags.

So, we were happy to pay more for the convenience and comfort.

Overall the trip was fine, the car was good, and the driver drove safely. So, we would use Klook again for a private car airport transfer from Hanoi airport to the city.

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