My Go To Place For Tasty Vietnamese Coffee, Cheap Beer, Smiles And Service

If you’re in Danang Vietnam, near the Bac My An beach area… there’s a place we tried for both coffee and beers!

No, we didn’t have a coffee & beer combination! Yet, I’m pretty sure there’s a craft brewery in Vietnam that did make one, but I’m not sure how that went…

Anyway, I digress! So I better get back to it…

There’s a Da Nang restaurant / café called Gia Han Coffee, at 3 Mỹ Đa Đông 12. And it’s open from about 6:30am to 11pm.

They put on background music and it’s a mix depending on what day and time it is… Sometimes they play Vietnamese slow tunes, and other times it’s pumping rock music!

The clientele is a mix of locals and tourists, as there are several apartments nearby… as well as the popular Starfish Alley hostel.

All the seating is under cover with a variety of options…

There’s also a section behind the main area, if you want more privacy from the front of the restaurant…

At night, it looks pretty with a rainbow of colors lighting up the restaurant.

Drinks And Food Too

At Gia Han Coffee, not only do they serve drinks, they also make food too. Here’s a sample of one side of the menu…

The other side of the menu had even more coffees starting from 12,000 VND (about USD $0.50).

And there are plenty of banh mi options starting from just 15,000 VND. On the other side of this menu are a heap of other coffees and more!

Crazy cheap, right?

Here was my delicious cafe sua da, which was only 15,000. And the coffee here is excellent.

Here is the gentleman behind the counter who’s there almost all the time making coffees!

The beers start from 15,000 VND. And the surprising thing was that we were expecting cans because of the cheap price, yet we got bottles…

Service With A Smile

For a local place, the service is better than some of the 5 star hotels we’ve been to!

Whenever we’ve ordered something from here, they give you a glass of water or tea. Even when I got take away coffee, they motioned me over to sit down while I waited… and they gave me a glass of water.

Some of the staff can speak English, and they will go out of their way to help you. They will smile, and wish for you to come back, but not in a desperate way.

When they saw me I was a little hot from walking in the sun… So one of the staff was directing me to seating where I could have a fan blowing on me.

It’s a breath of fresh air having awesome service like this.

Now, we haven’t tried the food. Yet, we’ve seen many people have a bahn mi or other food, which looked fine.

Wifi Speed Test

Gia Han Coffee also have free wifi. While I was there I did an internet speed test…

I clocked up 36.3 mbps on the download and 10.3 mbps on the upload. Not bad, and faster than what I was expecting. I have seen several people here with laptops.

So it might be a good co-working space for you digital nomads.

So, if you happen to be in the Bac My An beach area, make sure to give this Da Nang restaurant a try. Whether it’s for Vietnamese coffee, tea, cheap beers or food… you’ll be guaranteed to get great service.

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