Here’s Where To Get The Best Dumplings In Chinatown Melbourne…

When Paul and I come back to Melbourne, we often put on a bit more weight than we’d like… LOL!

We blame it on Melbourne’s abundance of great eateries!

From cheap and cheerful to fine dining, there are plenty of places to eat in Melbourne. There’s a massive variety of cuisines on offer in marvellous Melbourne…

From Argentinian to modern Australian degustations… from burgers to barbeques… from Eurasian to Ethiopian… from Spanish to Sri Lankan… from Malaysian to Middle Eastern and more!

From cheap eats to fine dining, you’ll find it here in Melbourne. You’d need to spend a lot of time here to eat your way through all the eateries!

Now, one of the foods we MUST have when we come back to Melbourne is this…

I love dumplings and so does Paul. So where do we go to fill our bellies with the best, scrumptious dumplings in the Melbourne CBD?

The restaurant I’m talking about is Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House…

You can find this dumpling restaurant on 163 Russell Street, near the corner of Bourke Street. While it’s not strictly in Chinatown, it’s only a minute walk away.

It’s a no frills, relatively small restaurant which we’d say would fit about 30 people.

When it gets super busy you may have to share a table. So if you like peace and quiet and sitting alone, try getting there in their “low time.” This modest restaurant turns over so many people and tons of dumplings.

Not only do they have mouth watering dumplings… they make other Chinese delicacies you should try.

They have free water and free Chinese tea if you fancy that. There’s also condiments including soy sauce, vinegar and chilli on the table.

You can see the cooks making the Chinese dumplings in the restaurant behind a window. Now that’s teasing us!

Ordering is a pretty quick process and so is the eating!

For only AUD $9.80 (about USD $7.05) you get 12 delicious dumplings packed full of ingredients. None of this pastry full of air and a thin sliver of filling! What a bargain and fills the belly nicely.

Check these out!

We usually get the boiled vegetarian dumplings full of greens. Sometimes we get the vegetarian fried dumplings too. We always get a plate each though… No sharing! Ha ha!

But on most occasions, I can’t quite make my way through 12 juicy dumplings… so thank goodness Paul is around to finish them off!

Now, we must admit that we’ve only ever had the dumplings there. But having looked at other diners around us… the other meals look devourable and a decent size too.

And be warned, they usually come out piping hot… So if you can’t wait to gorge that first dumpling, you may get food burn as Paul found out!

This is a must try dumpling house if you’re in the Melbourne CBD.

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