Ho Chi Minh Nightlife – If You Love Beer This Is A Must Visit Bar

Paul and I had been staying in the Pham Ngu Lao area in District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, where a lot of backpackers stay. And where the infamous Bui Vien bars are.

Yet, after a week or so there, we were like zombies. No, it wasn’t because we were getting trashed every night from the Ho Chi Minh nightlife! But the lack of sleep was starting to overwhelm us.

It was the combination of the loud thumping music coming through our accommodation… and the neighborhood dogs barking throughout the night.

So, we decided to get out of Ho Chi Minh City Centre!

Now, we didn’t do a great deal of research on where next to stay, as the wifi in our apartment was crap. Yet, we found an apartment in the Da Kao ward to last us a few nights.

Although the apartment entrance was on a side street… our apartment window faced the Thi Nghe Canal. And in the mornings there was some street noise that would sometimes wake us up.

Yet, almost every night there was music blaring and people yelling from a restaurant near the apartment block. And it would start around 6pm.

Oh man, it felt like we were never going to get relief from the noise in Ho Chi Minh!

So, we thought if we couldn’t beat them, we’ll join them. Yet, the place with the blaring music didn’t really appeal to us.

Then I did some quick research on bars nearby. There was one that sounded really cool, although it was about a 10 minute walk from the apartment.

Anyway, we decided to check it out…

Beers And Bottle Tops Galore

Initially we couldn’t find the bar, but after asking a local we found Deep House Beer.

There were already several people when we arrived around 6:00pm. When we first walked in there was an “I Love Beer” sign and world map made out of bottle tops…

Pretty cool, right?

The young staff came over to greet us, and Paul almost had a heart attack at the size of the seats!

Putting that aside, Paul shoved his butt into one of those tiny Vietnamese seats. And the tables were mini barrels, which was cool.

Plus, what we liked was that there were about 50 different beers to choose from around the world.

When we went, some of the beers weren’t available but no big deal. There were plenty of others to choose from!

We couldn’t believe how cheap the beers were too, starting from 19,000 VND (about USD $0.85).

Not long after we sat down they put a small plate of edamame beans in front of us… and said that it was for free. That was a nice touch, but we decided not to have them as they looked a bit oldish.

We did have several beers and enjoyed the ambience. They also serve food at Deep House, mainly Vietnamese cuisine, but we never tried it.

But the great thing was that the beers were generally cold! This is definitely one of the bars in Ho Chi Minh you should check out if you’re in the area.

You can find Deep House Beer & Café at 91D Hoang Sa Street in the Da Kao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Where’s a great bar or pub you’ve been to in Ho Chi Minh out of the city center?

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