Looking For A Dentist In Hanoi, Vietnam? Read This First

Paul and I thought we’d get our teeth cleaned, before we headed off to our next destination. After almost daily Vietnamese coffees, our teeth probably needed a decent clean!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of dentists. So that’s probably because in my early teens, I had to get a tooth pulled out… and it wasn’t a pleasant experience!

I did a Google Search for “dentist Hanoi”… and in the top 2 listings were Serenity Dental and the Australian Dental Clinic Hanoi. Then I had a look at their websites and reviews.

So when I was researching further, Serenity Dental seemed familiar. I was looking at their website, and the bright, almost fluorescent green color was bringing back memories…

And then when I was discussing it with Paul and showing him the photos… the light bulb suddenly went off in our heads!

We’d actually been to a Serenity Dental before in Vietnam, but in Nha Trang. Paul was a little hesitant to go to this brand again… as he said he felt some sensitivity with his teeth not long after that visit in the Nha Trang dental clinic.

Yet, was it from Serenity Dental or something else? We won’t know.

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So, I focused my research on the Australian Dental Clinic.

And being Australians it was interesting why they called it that… considering we were in Vietnam.

I noticed they have various contact methods, which included WhatsApp. So, I was messaging them via WhatsApp, and they answered my first query within about 30 seconds.

Then when I was asking for more information, they answered EVERY question adequately. We’ve found that some places whether it be dentists, hotels or restaurants… they don’t answer each question we have.

So we believe that to save face, rather than saying they can’t, won’t or don’t have what we want… they don’t answer the question.

The Dentist In Hanoi We Chose

I’d already done some research about dentists in Hanoi, outside of Serenity Dental and the Australian Dental Clinic… and some of them sounded dodgy. So be careful if you’re going to a Vietnamese dentist.

There were other Vietnamese dentists closer to where we were staying. Yet, we were happy to pay more or travel further when it came to our teeth!

So the Australian Dental Clinic seemed to be the most transparent with their information… especially around treatments and pricing. Plus, apparently they could speak English well, which we thought was critical in situations like these.

So, I continued my WhatsApp chat with one of the staff members…

And when I asked what the price was for teeth cleaning, they said it would be between 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND (about USD $8.70 to $13). That was extremely cheap compared to Australian pricing.

Although, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s good!

This Vietnamese dentist group was was far from where we were staying. Yet, we were willing to make the trip across the city to get peace of mind. We weren’t going to stuff around when it came to our teeth!

So in the end, our choice was the Australian Dental Clinic.

They also confirmed the address with us, as my understanding is they have 2 dental clinics in Hanoi. One of them was at 36 Ham Long Street… and the one we were booked into for teeth cleaning was as 3 Nguyen Du Street.

So about 24 hours before the appointment, they sent a message via WhatsApp as a reminder.

Waiting At The Australian Dental Clinic

When we arrived I let them know about our appointments.

Then she confirmed that we hadn’t been there before. So then she gave us each a form to fill out for being first timers.

I only filled in my name, date of birth and the service I needed done. And that was enough.

We sat in a waiting area opposite the receptionist. There was also another waiting area to our left…

The dentists were on time, and we instructed to head on up to the 3rd floor. 

I was expecting lifts but there wasn’t any. So we walked up 2 flights of stairs.

They are steep, so if you have mobility issues best to check if there’s anything they can do to help.

The Australian Dental Clinic Hanoi In Action… ARGH!

Once we got to the 3rd floor, a dentist greeted us. There were two rooms free so Paul went in one and I went into the other.

Here are some photos of the dental clinic room Paul went into…

A minute or so later my dentist came into my room. She introduced herself… and put on some calming music through YouTube via a flat screen in front of me.

She then checked my teeth, and told me that the cleaning would cost 200,000 VND. If you recall I was quoted between 200,000 VND and 300,000 VND. So all good on the pricing front. 

So during the teeth cleaning the screeching and buzzing noises were loud… not from me, from the dental implements! OK, it wasn’t that bad, but good for the story!

I’m not a fan of going to the dentist and she must’ve noticed the tension… as she told me a couple of times to relax. 

About 15 minutes later the teeth cleaning was all done. I noticed a difference and I kept running my tongue against my clean teeth!

In the end, Paul’s teeth cleaning was 300,000 VND, as they said he had a lot of tartar build up.

For us Aussies that’s crazy cheap!

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Why Is This Vietnamese Dentist Called Australian Dental Clinic?

When I was speaking with one of the dentists, I asked him why it was called Australian Dental Clinic. He said that about 80% of the customers are Australians… and they go there to do big procedures like dental implants. 

Then, he said that the customers told him dental implants can cost about $8,000 in Australia… yet at the Australian Dental Clinic, it costs anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. 

That’s a massive difference! Yet for such procedures I’m not sure if I’d rather do it back at home.

Yet, for teeth cleaning, it was worth taking the 25 minute journey out there for peace of mind. And the staff were all great too. The dentists did recommend other procedures to do but weren’t pushy about it.

We recommend you check the Australian Dental Clinic if you’re thinking of dental work in Hanoi.

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