How To Get To Novotel Citygate Hotel From Hong Kong Airport Using Their Shuttle

If you’re going to stay at the Novotel Citygate Hotel near Hong Kong airport… if you didn’t know, they offer a complimentary shuttle service from and to the airport.

Initially we weren’t sure if we would use the shuttle bus service, as we had 2 large suitcases and 2 carry on luggage.

Yet, a few days before our arrival at the Novotel Citygate Hotel… we received an email with some information about the shuttle bus service.

So in this blog post, we give you a guide to using the Novotel Citygate shuttle bus service.

Information About The Novotel Citygate Airport Shuttle Service

As we had access to the Premier Lounge at the hotel… a staff member kindly emailed us with information about the complimentary shuttle service.

Now, we’re not sure if this information would still have been provided if we weren’t  Platinum Le Club Accor Hotels members… or if we didn’t have access to the privileges of the Premier Lounge.

So, we were advised of bus bays 11-14, in the ground floor of Terminal 1… And that the hours of operation of the Novotel Citygate shuttle bus was from 6:00am to 11:40pm daily.

Plus, the pick ups were every 20 minutes. Therefore starting at 6:00am, 6:20am, 6:40am, 7:00am and so on.

Our Experience Getting The Novotel Citygate Shuttle Bus

It was a long, long time since I’d been to Hong Kong and left the airport, so many things would’ve changed.

While the process for getting through immigration and customs was fast and easy… we found accessing the shuttle bus more confusing. And we’re not sure if that’s because our brains were fried from lack of sleep or the flight!

Even so, after we left customs, we tried to find where the bus bay and car park area was.

Hong Kong airport was busy… and there were signs everywhere for different transport options! And rather than wasting time and getting more confused, we asked an airport staff member for help.

So the staff member told us we had to go down to the ground floor. And she showed us which direction to go via the lifts. Yet, once we were in the lifts there was no option showing for the ground floor.

However, the lifts were busy and each option was pressed in the lift.


If you’re taking the lifts to get to the ground level, press 3. Yep, that’s not a typo!

Then, to get to the bus bays head towards the car park.

Then once at the car park… veer down the left side of the car park and you’ll see bus bays from 1 to 24 all lined up next to one another.

For the Novotel Citygate shuttle bus, it will be in bays 11, 12, 13 or 14. So stay around this area until the shuttle bus arrives.

And the shuttle bus will look like this…

The shuttle was about 5 minutes early… and left right on the dot of when it was scheduled to leave. The driver was helpful and lifted our big suitcases onto the shuttle bus.

There weren’t many people when we got on the shuttle bus. Yet, if it was full and everyone had big suitcases and carry on each, we reckon it’d be a tight fit!

Below is a photo of the back part of the bus. Then in front of that were several more seats and a luggage storage area.

Yet, once we left the airport… it took about 10 minutes to arrive at Novotel Citigate Hong Kong.

The driver then helped again with our luggage, and off we went to check in.

We also took the shuttle bus back to the airport, which was fine. And we never booked for either service, which I believe is first come first served.

So if your arrival at Hong Kong airport fits within the Novotel Citygate shuttle bus service hours… we recommend you give it a try.

Yet, if you couldn’t be bothered waiting around for up to 20 minutes, then this option may not be for you.

To discover more about the Novotel Citygate Hotel, CLICK HERE.

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