My Favorite Hanoi Cafe As A Travel Blogger To GSD

Paul and I were staying in an apartment in West Lake Hanoi, otherwise known as Tay Ho. And as a travel blogger… sometimes a different environment can help to get the writing juices flowing.

If you’re a travel blogger or writer, you know exactly what I mean, right?!

So one day this happened… and I packed up my laptop, iPhone, headphones, and battery power bank.

Off I went, and I knew exactly where I was going. Here is a Hanoi cafe where I would plonk myself for a few hours to get shit done…

Tous les Jours is known for its fresh daily baked breads and patisserie items. I’ve now been here a few times. This shop is the one on Xuan Dieu in West Lake Hanoi.

So from a travel blogging perspective, here are reasons why I like to come to this Hanoi cafe to do work.

1. Tous les Jours Has Air Conditioning

In summer, Hanoi can get uncomfortably hot and humid. I don’t know about you, but for me I can’t concentrate that well if I’m sweating like a pig. So having a cool temperature environment is marvelous!

And it’s surprising that the place is cool, considering that there’s a big area where the doors are open. Maybe it’s because the shopping complex that it’s in, is air conditioned too.

2. Their Wifi Speed Is Fast

Tous les Jours has really fast internet and it’s free. So you can get the wifi password is on the docket after making a purchase. Most places offer free wifi even if they don’t advertise it. Just ask if you need it when you’re out.

So, when I was there I did a wifi speed test. And the wifi speed that I clocked up was 89.6 mbps for the download speed. Plus, the upload speed was 83.9 mbps.

They’re great internet speeds especially for Vietnam, right?

So this is great for when I’m uploading photos… and doing things for our social media like our Instagram and Facebook pages.

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and see what we get up to on our travels!

And reach out to us if you want to feature your blog or photos.

3. Tous les Jours Has A Delicious Range Of Pastries And Baked Goods

So when I come to this awesome Hanoi cafe, I can indulge and pig out on some baked goods. Plus, their croissants are fresh and tasty…

And all these treats, plus more…

And the smell inside is sooooo good. They also have other things like salads and sandwiches.

4. It’s Not Too Busy

Each time I’ve been here at Tous les Jours, it’s never been that busy or noisy. So if I forget my headphones, I don’t get distracted by rowdy people. Plus, I can spread out over a couple of tables if I need to for lots of working space.

However, I haven’t been there on the weekend, so it may get more busy then.

5. There’s Lots Of Natural Light

The are lots of windows at the front of Tous les Jour, which are almost floor to ceiling.

This allows a lot of natural light to shine through. Yet, this may not be that important to you, but sometimes this can make a big difference for me.

So Tous Les Jours is my favorite Hanoi cafe in West Lake, as a travel blogger to GSD. How about you? Where do you like to go to get some inspiration or to get work done?

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