The Best Burgers In Hua Hin Thailand

When Paul and I gave up our day jobs to live our dreams, our first destination was Hua Hin in Thailand. 

We’d been before but only for a short trip, as a surprise celebration for Paul’s birthday. So on that stay in Hua Hin it was more about relaxing, lazing on the beach and pure gluttony with the food and drink!

We’ve now been to Hua Hin several times, and there’s always one place we must go to get a good dose of burger love…

Mama Binta, A Sweet Lady Who Makes A Mean Burger

Paul and I were out with a group of friends one night, in the popular bar area in town called Soi Bintabaht. The Hua Hin nightlife is vibrant here at night time!

This area has lots of bars next to one another, with different themes and offerings. Plus, there are restaurants, shops and massage parlors dotted around. And the great thing is, it’s easy to walk around to find many good bars.

So, we’d all had a fun and big night… maybe early morning out! Ha ha ha!

We were getting the munchies after downing several drinks on Soi Bintabaht. Most restaurants had closed way before… so we thought our options would be to go to a 7-Eleven or get some Thai street food.

As we wandered the streets, we saw a small crowd around a little cart. Then, once the crowd dispersed, here’s what we saw in front of us…

Loved the signage for Binta Burger, how she had under a million sold…

I reckon when we were there we helped to nudge the burger count over a million! Mama Binta as we endearingly call her, is such a sweet lady. And best of all, she makes a mean burger!

She whips them up quickly… and the aroma of the barbequed onions wafting through the air is divine.

Sometimes the line up for her burgers is long. And we’re happy to wait by having another beer at a nearby bar!

The Best Burgers In Hua Hin Is At Soi Bintabaht

At Binta Burger there are different options that you can choose from too. So if you want egg or bacon for example, let Mama Binta know, she’s happy to oblige requests.

Burgers start from 95 baht (about USD $3.10). And if you’re vegetarian, she’ll whip up burgers without the meat, and with egg for just 50 baht!

The funny thing is, Mama Binta remembers us when we go back to Hua Hin. I believe the reason is this… when we order burgers we usually get anywhere between 6-8 burgers. Yep, you read that right!

Initially I think she thought we were getting our Thai numbers mixed up. But then when we motioned how many burgers we wanted by showing our fingers and repeating the number… she was surprised.

We even had our Thai friend repeat our order to her, and they both just laughed.

So after a big night out, I could eat 1-2 burgers. So that means the rest of them are for Paul! I think I’ve said it before… Paul is like a hoover. Ha ha ha!

And, if you’ve ever had leftover pizza the next day, the Binta Burgers are actually great the next day too! You may be thinking disgusting… but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

We’ve also found that Binta Burger has a second cart. And generally, we can find the original cart with Mama Binta on  Soi Bintabaht. So the second cart seems to roam around, yet we’ve seen it several times on Poon Suk Road.

However, we haven’t seen Binta Burger operate during the daytime hours.

So if you get the chance, we recommend you give Binta Burger a try and let us know what you think!

We believe they’re the best burgers in Hua Hin Thailand!

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