Review – Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Premier Lounge

When we were staying at the Novotel Citygate Hotel in Hong Kong for an overnighter… we were able to get complimentary Executive Lounge access. We got that because of our elite Le Club Accor Hotels status, as a Platinum Member.

The Premier Lounge is on Level 21, and a couple of days before arriving… the staff told us via email to go check in here.

When we arrived at the executive lounge, it was quiet. A staff member was greeting us and while she was processing the check in… she was inviting us to have a seat in the lounge area to wait.

Plus, she said for us to help ourselves to tea, coffee or water.

And while we were waiting we noticed how cool the temperature was in the Premier Lounge. That was a relief for us as it was hot and humid in Hong Kong when we were there.

On first impressions, the décor of the lounge wasn’t luxurious, yet it did feel comfortable. So, it was fine for a 4 star hotel.

A few minutes later the check in process was completed. And the staff member gave us our keycards, and 2 complimentary welcome drink vouchers.

She then told us that the afternoon tea was between 2:30pm to 5:00pm. Plus, the evening cocktails were from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

To us, they were generous hours and good times as well. So after that we took the lifts to our room.

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Novotel Citygate Premier Lounge Afternoon Tea

After unpacking and relaxing a little… Paul and I decided to try out the Premier Lounge afternoon tea around 2:30pm. We thought that would then give us some time between drinks so to speak… before the evening session.

There was only a family of 3 when we got to the Executive Lounge. And the sun had burst through the clouds so that a lot of natural light shone through the windows.

We had lots of seats to choose from, so we sat by the window to get a picturesque view of Hong Kong.

From our seat we could see cable cars going backwards and forwards. And this was for the journey to see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

After we sat down, a staff member asked if we’d like still or sparkling water. Plus, we could help ourselves to other non-alcholic beverages.

And as we looked around we noticed a massive shelving display… with lots of green and red apples on it, as well as big jars of cookies…

Then, just minutes later the staff member brought out a sandwich with a side salad.

And she mentioned that this was specially made for us due to our dietary requirements. While the sandwich was bland, we were given great service that was unexpected.

Even in some of the 4 or 5 star hotels, they haven’t been that attentive. So that was much appreciated by us.

Even so, we decided to see what food was on offer for the afternoon tea session.

The Food And Drinks At Afternoon Tea

There was a section which had a coffee machine, a variety of T2 teas and water.

Then across from this was a stand with 2 types of sandwiches… one with ham and salad, and the other with salmon salad.

And below that were tubs of salad with a dressing. Plus, there were yogurts, fruit salads, some desserts and orange juice.

So here’s what we found interesting… was that throughout the hotel they were promoting being green. Yet, some of the food was served in plastic containers!

So, the selection of food at afternoon tea was limited. Yet, it was enough to fill our belly without being too heavy. So then we would have room for the food and drinks in the evening session.

What better way to relax after our afternoon tea, than with a soak in our bathtub!

Evening Cocktails and Canapes In The Novotel Citygate Premier Lounge

The Exeutive Lounge access for the evening cocktails session was between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

It was very brightly lit, and we noticed that it was very cool again inside. Yet, it was better to have the temperature cool than feeling hot and uncomfortable.

We weren’t sure if we could serve the alcohol ourselves, but not long after someone asked what we would like to drink. We started off with an Asahi beer each, and they were nicely chilled.

Then, a few minutes later a staff member was presenting us with a plate of goodies each.

She mentioned that it was a special just for us, and not for anyone else! Again, thumbs up to the Novotel Citygate Hotel staff… as they attended to our dietary requirements well.

We then had a couple more drinks but turned to drinking wine. Paul had a Sauvignon Blanc and I chose the Chardonnay. The wines were actually quite nice… and we decided to take a photo with Lantau Island in the background.

The Selection Of Food And Drinks At The Evening Session

The special meal that we got was a great way to start the food dining experience at the Premier Lounge.

But after we’d eaten that appetizer, we decided to check out what else was on offer.

On one of the shelves there was a crab salad served in miniature plates. Then next to that on another shelf was a tomato and mozzarella cheese canapes.

Plus, surrounded by ice was a range of soft drinks, beers, still and sparkling water. And next to that was a small selection of desserts, as well as fruit salad. These were similar to what was at afternoon tea.

We wondered if they were the same ones, with fresher desserts added!

Around the corner were some meat skewers and mushroom vol au vents, which were quite tasty.

Then opposite those was a section, which had pumpkin soup, and a variety of antipasto type items including… dips, cheeses, crackers, olives and more.

The alcoholic beverages included beers, red and white wines, and spirits… with the equipment ready for making cocktails.

It was a pleasant evening… and the selection of food and drinks was enough to keep us happy and full.

When it was getting towards the end of the session… once some of the food items were finished like the olives, they weren’t replaced.

We guess that this was to reduce wastage, which was a good idea. Yet, after pigging out on the delicious olives we could’ve had more. But if we asked, they probably would’ve gotten some more food out for us.

Our Final Thoughts About The Novotel Citygate Premier Lounge

Overall, our experience at the Novotel Citygate Executive Lounge was pleasant. Although the décor didn’t scream out luxury, it did feel comfortable.

We could access the lounge throughout the day and night if we wanted tea, coffee or water… Or if we wanted apples or cookies!

The afternoon tea was light, so we didn’t pig out like we did at the SO Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok.

The evening cocktails and canapés was a lovely experience. The beers and white wines were served as they should be… COLD.

And although the food selection wasn’t huge… it was tasty and there was enough so we didn’t have to go elsewhere to get more food.

Plus, we couldn’t fault the service provided by the staff, and they were attentive to our needs.

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