Restaurant Reviews: Cozy Restaurant and Cafe, Hue, Vietnam

If you speak to Vietnamese who are from Hue, or used to live there… they claim that the food is very good.

Now, a lot of people would say that about their home town. And by gosh, we do go on about Melbourne and the awesome food!

So we decided to check out a restaurant, and taste for ourselves what the Hue food was like. And with the help of Google and TripAdvisor, I quickly looked at some places.

I narrowed it down to a place called Cozy Restaurant & Cafe.

How To Get To Cozy Restaurant and Cafe

This Hue Cafe and Restaurant is not on a main road, but down an alleyway. Yet, there is signage on the main street, which is called Ha Noi…

The address of Cozy Restaurant & Cafe is:  6/27 Ha Noi Street.

Then when we walked down the alleyway, and it was easy to find…

As an older gentleman opened the door he was welcoming us in.

Inside Cozy Restaurant & Cafe

Once we walked in, our first impressions were that it was a small… As we only saw a 4 seater table and 2 seater table. Um, that would be EXTREMELY cosy!

Yet, a waitress took us to the back of the restaurant where it felt cooler. OMG they had air conditioning and it was on and working!

She must have seen us dripping with sweat!

We were the only ones there at the time… as we were having a very late lunch around 2:30pm.

We liked the interior… and it had lots of Vietnamese prints and it actually did feel cozy.

In the back area, the Cozy Hue Cafe & Restaurant could seat about 24 people… And it looked like there was an upstairs section too. 

The menu was extensive. Yet we went straight to the page with Vegetarian foods.

In the end we ordered fried vegetable spring rolls, tofu yellow curry, and bun chay (rice noodle soup with vegetables).

As we waited for our meals we noticed all the items on the table…

We had to laugh when we saw that there was a container with towelettes in them… the container had the word, “Free” on it.

That’s because at many places in Vietnam they give you towelettes… yet they don’t tell you you’ll have to pay for them. Then when you get the bill they add them as an additional charge.

We’ve been caught out before. It’s not a big amount… Yet, it’s the dishonesty that annoys the crap out of us!

They also have business cards with common Vietnamese words, translated into English pronunciation…

Here’s The Cozy Restaurant Hue Food!

We didn’t wait long until our vegetarian spring rolls arrived…

The spring rolls came out with a sauce. After asking what it was, the waitress replied telling us it was a fish sauce. Then after saying we couldn’t have it, she asked if peanut sauce was OK, which was nice of her to do.

We gave the fried vegetarian spring rolls a thumbs up! The pastry was crisp, and they tasted fresh.

Soon after Paul’s bun chay came out piping hot…

Bummer! I had food envy. 

The great thing about the noodle soup was that it had a lot veggies. In some places we’ve been to, there’s lots of soup and noodles but only a sprinkle of vegetables. 

So big thumbs up for loading up the veggies!

Then my tofu yellow curry arrived, with a serve of rice.

Ha ha, paybacks… Paul got food envy this time. And the thing is, it was delicious. 

Now, I hadn’t asked for rice. I didn’t say anything to the waitress to see whether she’d add it onto the bill at the end.

Overall the vegetarian meals were tasty, and the portion sizes were great for the prices. 

If you want a beer they start from 17,000 Vietnamese Dong (about USD $0.75).

Towards the end of our meal the waitress brought out these two dishes…

She told us that they were free desserts! Wow, that’s a nice touch.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Internet Speed

Cozy Restaurant and Cafe also provide free wifi. We did a wifi speed test, which came out with this…

The download speed was 15.6 mbps and the upload wifi speed was 9.29mbps. For digital nomads, it seemed like a place where you could efficiently get some work done.

Would We Come Back To Cozy Restaurant and Cafe?

For sure!

The ambiance in the Cozy Restaurant & Cafe did feel cozy and homely. The staff were friendly and accommodating, which was a big positive.

The 3 dishes that we ordered only cost 115,000 VND (about USD $5.00). Plus, a free serve of rice with the curry, and complimentary creme caramels each!

So you’d have to agree that’s great value, right?

We recommend you give Cozy Restaurant & Cafe a try. It sure did live up to the Hue food being delicious!


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