Restaurant Reviews: Zucca Restaurant, Hue Vietnam

When we were in Hue, we had to try the local food based on all the rave reviews we’d heard.

Yet, one night after heading out on a bar crawl in Hue, Paul was hankering for a pizza in Hue. By the way, you can check out our blog on the Hue Nightlife… and 8 Bars To Get Cheap Drinks In Hue.

Now, I didn’t do any research in Hue about Italian restaurants, let alone pizza. Who would’ve thought I’d need to with only a couple of days in Hue!

Anyway, we had intended on continuing our bar crawl… Yet, seconds after we left our last bar, it started to spit rain.

Then as we kept going the rain was getting heavier, and started to bucket down!

So rather than going for our next pub… the next place we saw was a restaurant. It was Zucca, which was an Italian and Vietnamese restaurant.

That worked out perfectly for us, as Paul was adamant on having pizza… and I was thinking of Vietnamese food.

Inside Zucca Restaurant…

When we walked in the staff were polite and friendly. We chose a table near the doorway as most the other tables were taken.

We did notice how cool it was. They had air conditioning and fans that they turned on, which has been rare on our Hue trip. So  it would be comfortable to relax, eat and drink.

As we looked outside the window, the rain was still pouring hard. So we were grateful for finding Zucca Restaurant.

They also had free wifi…

We did a wifi speed test and the download speed was 25.2 mbps and the upload was 5.37 mbps…

The Zucca Restaurant Menu

Now, as I mentioned earlier… our bar crawl was cut short we decided to start off with some drinks…

When we looked further into the menu, we noticed how extensive it was… Plus, there was more than Italian and Vietnamese food too!

I wanted to try the local beer that was on the menu, and Paul was going to have Huda. When I asked the staff what the difference was… the local beer was in draft form, whereas the Huda was in a bottle.

So for the sake of trying things we had one each…

As we were sipping away on the brews, the staff would check in with us to see if we wanted to order food.

We weren’t ready and they said it was OK, and to take our time. They weren’t pushy at all, or tried to rush us.

I had intended on having Vietnamese food… Yet, after seeing the pizzas that everyone else was having, I was getting food envy! So with that I checked out the pizza menu…

There was a pizza that I wanted to have but it wasn’t on their menu.

It was basically a Margherita, but with mushrooms. The staff scanned the menu to see what it would cost to add mushrooms. But as mushrooms weren’t listed for having an extra charge, they said it would be free.  

WOW! That’s rare not charging for extra pizza toppings. Huge thumbs up for that.

Zucca Restaurant had 2 different pizza sizes. One was 25cm and the other size was 30cm. It was only 20,000 VND (about USD $0.90) extra to get the larger pizza size. So we decided to order the larger pizza size each.

Paul ordered the Pizza Fiorentina… with mozzarella, spinach, tomato and oregano. And I ordered Margherita pizza with mushrooms.

Our Food At Zucca Restaurant, With Surprises!

After placing our order, the staff member told us that we would get a free draught beer each. We were shocked and thought it was a mistake. So then they told us it was happy hour, which meant buy a pizza get a free beer!

Awesome! Gotta love food and drink happy hour.

Then, only a few minutes later the waitress brought out some bruschettas. I started telling her we didn’t order it… yet then she said it was free because it was happy hour.

We were loving this happy hour!

The bruschettas were flavoursome. The bread was crisp and the toppings tasted fresh and fragrant. It was so delicious!

Then another staff member brought out the free beer. These guys were efficient!

Not long after they brought out the pizzas…

They looked inviting, ready to devour…

Surprisingly they were good. The base was crispy and light, and I loved the mushrooms on my pizza.

In the end, I couldn’t eat all my Margherita pizza, so Paul helped out to devour the rest!

Needless to say, we were both chockers after all our beers and food. Yet, after they cleared our table, they brought out some passionfruit! They said to us it’s free because of happy hour.

This Zucca Restaurant happy hour is insane! Love it.

Would We Come Back To Zucca Restaurant Hue?

Overall it was a great experience, and the food was top notch.

For 3 beers, bruschettas, two 30cm size pizzas, and passionfruit… it only cost 304,000 VND (about USD $13).

We thought that was ridiculously cheap. We checked the bill to make sure it was right!

Mind you… the bruschetta, passionfruit, and a couple of beers were free because of the happy hours they have.  The happy hours were from 6pm to 10pm every day.

Now, when you think about all that, plus how good the food and service was… it was definitely worth it.

Our only gripe was that the beers weren’t that cold. Yet, after our time in Hue, it wasn’t a surprise. Yet, if we were to have pizzas in Hue, we’d definitely come back to Zucca Restaurant.

Now, go explore the world and ENJOY!


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