The Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi Vietnam

When Paul and I were having delicious coffees at Tapies, we saw a sign for Veggie Castle… a vegan buffet.

Well, that sparked our interest, and that same day we decided to check it out. The street numbering system in Hanoi, let alone Vietnam can be difficult to decipher. So, I checked Google Maps to see where it pinpointed Veggie Castle.

Now, Google Maps isn’t always accurate, but we made a mental note of it. We did find it, albeit a little different to Google Maps.

There are two Veggie Castle restaurants, and we went to the one on 19 Ngõ 275 Âu Cơ, West Lake Hanoi.

When we found it, here’s the signage from the outside…

The building actually looks beautiful with its majestic 3 stories.

Inside Veggie Castle Hanoi Restaurant

To get to the entrance, we had to walk up a flight of stairs.

At the counter we had to pay for our meal first, then were given a ticket each. The cost of the vegan buffet was a mere 70,000 VND per person (about USD $3.00).

Now, we thought that was a crazy cheap price… yet sometimes cheap doesn’t mean good value or good quality.

So when we looked around on that same floor where the register was, there were no tables available. And when we looked behind the register we realized why, as that’s where the buffet was set up.

So, one of the staff motioned for us to go upstairs or downstairs, as there was seating available there. Yet, we decided to check out the vegan buffet first, and get some dishes.

I had an idea on what to expect, as I checked the Veggie Castle Hanoi’s facebook page, which is where they list the daily menu. A great idea!

And they post some photos of the delicious-looking food, I’m sure to tease us!

Yet, when we got there and saw the food, Paul was surprised…

He was amazed at the number of different dishes on offer. And while I was taking photos he couldn’t be bothered waiting for me… so he marched on and put loads of food on his plate!

Then we ended up going downstairs, and as we walked down the steps we noticed how much cooler it was. The air conditioning was on and there was only us, plus 2 staff members. So we basically had the whole floor to ourselves!

And the décor had a homely feel… Plus the restaurant, furniture and amenities were clean. So far so good!

So now let’s take a look at the vegan buffet spread…

The Veggie Castle Menu

On the Veggie Castle menu for the day we went, it listed the dishes as:

Canh nghệ, dọc mùng đậu kênh thìa là
-Tumeric broth w/indian taro and tofu

Đồ luộc: ngô dẻo, carot, cải ngọt, củ cải 
-Steamed vegetables: Vietnamese corn, carrots, white radish

Cà tím nướng nấm sốt bơ lạc 
-Braised mushroom, aubergine w/tofu and peanut butter

Bánh gối, bí đỏ chiên 
-Vietnamese crispy dumplings/ Fried pumpkin

Rau bí xào 
-Stir-fried marow shoots

Mì spagheti rau củ sốt cà chua 
-Spaghetti w/tomato sauce

Lơ xanh , ngồng tỏi, mộc nhĩ, carot, su hào xào thập cẩm 
-Stir-fried mixed vegetables

Khoai tây bi , nấm, nhiều carot, đậu cove sốt vang 
-Braised potato, mushroom and carrot w/red wine sauce

Đậu phụ chiên tẩm hành 
-Fried tofu w/mushroom sauce and scallions

Salat rau sà lách thập cẩm sốt mật mía mù tạt vàng
-Letuce salad w/mixed vegetables and molasses and yellow mustard sauce

Nộm đu đủ nấm chiên 
-Papaya salad w/mint and fried mushrooms

Cuốn bánh tráng 
-Fried jicama wrapped in rice paper

Chè khoai lang tím
-Sweet gruel w/taro

Plus, there were 2 massive rice cookers, one with white rice and the other with brown rice.


We’ve found in Vietnam some of them think that Vegetarian and Vegan are the same… So best to check beforehand as you don’t want any disappointment.

The Veggie Castle Vegan Buffet Taste Test

These were some of the plates of food Paul and I got each to start. So it looks appetizing, right?

And when we took our first mouthful of food… we both looked at each with eyes wide open! We were gob smacked at how delicious the food was. So, as we continued on feeding our faces, it was a case of can’t talk… eating!

Plus, most of the dishes were flavorsome, and if we had to be picky only a few could’ve had a bit more seasoning.

But the dish we least liked was the spaghetti and tomato sauce. Perhaps they should stick with the Vietnamese dishes!

Even so, it was that great we ended up having 8 plates of food between us, as well as soup. And OMG, I think I overdid it as my gut was grossly protruding afterwards. That’s my bad for overindulging!

So needless to say, we’ll be back again for this exceptional vegan buffet, and we recommend you try it. For just 70,000 VND it was a steal, and the taste and range was fantastic.

Plus, they provide free tea too if that takes your fancy.

Veggie Castle is open from 11am to 2pm, and then from 6pm to 9:30pm.

Well done Veggie Castle Hanoi, HUGE thumbs up!

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