We Didn’t Know There Was A Walmart In Bangkok!

Paul and I were staying in an apartment for a couple weeks in Sathorn Bangkok. One late afternoon we were hankering for some beers!

So off we wandered down to Suan Phlu Road, which was a nice stroll away. This little area in Sathorn is actually great to check out if you have time. Take a sneak peek and check out my blog post HERE.

On the corner of Suan Phlu 1 Alley is a bar called, Smalls. This is a cool cocktail bar, unfortunately it wasn’t open at the time… so we kept on going. Then we past another drinking hole called, Junker Bar.

It’s a smaller bar and of the few seats they had at the front… there was none available. So we moved on…

A few meters after that, we saw a place with lots of wooden tables and chairs set up by the footpath.

The place looked fine and not like a dive. So we thought we’d give it a crack.

We couldn’t see a name for it, or maybe it was in Thai! Yet, a distinctive Pepsi sign was at the front…

Opposite the bar was Kasikorn Bank…

As well as a massage parlour…

So use these as a guide if you’re trying to find the bar.

The bar was almost empty, so we got front row seats to watch the world go by. Then someone came over to give us a menu…

We weren’t sure whether to laugh or be shocked by the words on the menu! Based on that… in case you were wondering, English is not widely spoken by most staff here. Not in our experiences anyway.

When we turned the menu over there’s a drinks list…

Just so you know, they do have a food menu too. Yet, we never tried the food here.

On another glance at the menu we noticed it had “WAR.MART” printed in the bottom left hand corner. We weren’t sure if that was the name of the place. Yet, between Paul and I, that was our name for it!

So, whenever we mentioned WAR.MART to friends or tourists, they said… “We didn’t know there was a Walmart in Bangkok!” We had to laugh, and then explain.

The beers are nice and cheap.

A big Leo is 95 baht (about USD $3.00). Go big or go home, as there are no small bottles of beers here! You can get a small glass of draught beer though, through to a massive beer tower.

Be warned, sometimes the beers are not that cold. So I had to get some ice to chill the beer and make it drinkable! There is a charge for ice… I think a bucket of ice like you see in the photo was about 25 baht (about USD $0.80).

The beers were going down nicely. So Paul and I stayed on longer than what we had planned! Gee, we’re so grateful for our lifestyle.

In the evening a two-piece band had arrived and played some tunes… Check out the draught beer tower had by the group on the table too!

It can get pretty busy with a mix of locals and tourists. It’s a cool atmosphere, laid back, and a great place to people watch.

So make sure you head on over to War.Mart, not Walmart! ;-)

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