5 Things You Should Know About The Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant Bangkok, Thailand…

With plenty of places to drink and enjoy the Bangkok nightlife… sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the options.

Yet, if you’re looking for somewhere with a more sophisticated, high end atmosphere with a view… you may consider one of the Bangkok rooftop bars.

We were staying in Bangkok for Paul’s birthday… and we thought it’d be a great idea to check out one of the rooftop bars Bangkok has to offer.

So the one that we went to more for convenience, was the Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant.

And in this blog post… we’ll highlight 5 things about the Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant Bangkok.

1. The Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is in the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

The Scarlett is one of several rooftop bars in Bangkok, combined with a rooftop restaurant.

Soaring high above other places… the Scarlett is on level 37 of the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. This Pullman Hotel is on 188 Silom Road, Bangrak.

Paul and I were staying at this 5 star luxury Pullman Bangkok Hotel to celebrate his birthday.

To find out more about our luxurious hotel stay, check out our review of this Pullman Hotel HERE.

After having been to the Executive Club Lounge, the night was still young. Yet, we were too lazy to leave the hotel. So, we decided to check out the Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant.

So we took the lifts all the way up to the 37th floor. And you don’t need anyone to buzz you up there…

2. The Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant Has Happy Hours!

After taking the lifts to level 37, once the doors opened we noticed it was very dark inside.

Yet, after we walked in we liked the sophisticated and trendy atmosphere. It was busy when we got there, which was about 8:30pm.

It was also on a weekday so it was surprising to see how busy it was.

Yet, we noticed that there were happy hours between 5pm and 8pm. This maybe explains why it was busier than we expected… with customers enjoying the last of their happy hour beverages. Otherwise it was one of those days for going out drinking!

It’s not often you see happy hours in rooftop bars. So this was a surprise to us, even though we missed it.

3. The Views From The Scarlett Bar Are Incredible

Being high up on the 37th floor of a building doesn’t guarantee amazing views. Yet, at this rooftop bar, the views were incredible. If only we’d known as it would’ve been great to have gotten here just before sunset.

Even so, we got some great photos like these…

A lot of the seats at the sides of the venue were already taken, so people could soak up the views with their friends. There were even lots of groups occupying long tables…

So if you’re considering coming to the Scarlett Bar, there are a variety of seating options. Yet, we chose to sit at the bar. And we were the only ones at the bar at the time, so we had it all to ourselves! Nice.

Although, the service from staff was fine, it was a little slow at times.

4. Be Wary Of Prices

There is a reasonable drinks menu offering wine, hard liquor, cocktails and craft beers.

We saw behind the bar that there were big blackboards showing wines offered by the glass and the prices.

Be warned… the Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant menu prices DO NOT include 10% service charge or 7% government tax.

If you’re not used to this, it can add up and you don’t want a shock when you’re paying the bill at the end.

A glass of wine starts from 190 baht++ (about USD $6.10++), which is crazy cheap for a rooftop bar.

Although prices were cheap for a rooftop bar… it seemed to us that the clientele was more refined than going to an all you can drink backpackers hostel bar.

Now, don’t get me wrong, fun times can be had at those places… boy do I know! Yet, that wasn’t the atmosphere we wanted for Paul’s birthday.

We did have a few drinks here and was really enjoying it. Now, this was my fault for not checking…

Yet, the next morning when I checked the bill I had overpaid. It wasn’t anything over the top, but I noticed that the wine variety we had actually drunken was not the one on the bill.

So, if you remember, check your bill before you pay!

5. The Scarlett Restaurant Is Not Thai

If you’re feeling peckish while you’re at the Scarlett Bar, you can try some food here too.

The Scarlett restaurant serves French cuisine, so if you love that you’re in luck. Here’s a sample menu that we saw when we were at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Executive Lounge

So it offers snacks through to platters to bigger meals. You can even view some of the produce that was on display behind the glass cabinets…

And with about a dozen desserts… there may be something at the Scarlett restaurant to please your sweet tooth cravings!

Here’s Something Else To Know For Accor Plus Members…

If you’re an Accor Plus member, one of the benefits is getting 15% off the drinks bill in Asia. Yet, at the Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant Bangkok, the discount does not apply. So I wanted to highlight this to set your expectations!

All in all, we really enjoyed the Scarlett Bar, and we would come back again. It’d be great to also come along with a group of friends, starting drinks from late afternoon until… whenever!


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