The Best Place To Get Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) In Da Nang Vietnam

In Vietnam there are plenty of places to go to get coffee… And that’s no exception in Da Nang either!

There are the big chain coffee companies like Trung Nguyen or Highlands Coffee… Through to the small side street set ups with the tiny plastic chairs! There’s always somewhere close you can get a good coffee in Vietnam.

Yet, while I was in Da Nang, it was one of those days where I was craving a ca phe sua da… a Vietnamese iced coffee with milk.

Now, I generally don’t have dairy, except for slabs of cheese! Ok and maybe the rare  ice cream. So this would be a treat for me.

I was too lazy to go far and I’d walked past this coffee shop many times, called LINK Coffee…

So now was as good as ever to try it!

There’s a couple of seats outside, then once I walked in the main entrance the first thing I saw was the big indoor Vietnamese koi pond…

It looked so pretty and calming with the water flowing through. 

On the right of the entrance was a huge blackboard displaying the menu options. The staff smiled and also gave me a menu to browser through.

Coffees started from 15,000 VND (about USD $0.65).

Yet, I found the ca phe sua da and it was 17,000 VND. So cheap right? In Australia I’d be paying about AUD $5 for even a crappy coffee!

They also had teas, juices and smoothies if you wanted something different to coffee.

Learn how to make Vietnamese coffee with a phin filter here.

Where To Sit To Enjoy My Vietnamese Iced Coffee?

On the ground floor there are lots of tables and chairs, near the front of the café… all the way through to the back.

Yet, I wanted to watch the world go by from above, so I decided to grab a seat upstairs. 

After going upstairs, I noticed in the back there was a section with the doors closed. Inside was the relief of air conditioning.

While this was tempting as the temperature was getting warmer… I decided to brave the warm weather!

Then as I walked to the front of the second floor I passed several tables and chairs and this…

There were boards with post it notes all over it. I had a look and most of it was in Vietnamese so I couldn’t understand it!

I got to Link Coffee Shop about 8:45am and no-one was on the second floor. And there was shade in most of the outdoor area. 

Plus, there was a pleasant sea breeze blowing through for free “air conditioning!”

So I got front row seats all to myself. It was so blissful… apart from the constant sound of motorbikes, cars, and tooting horns! LOL.

Yet, for you digital nomads, if you’re looking for a working space then this is a good place to escape… and maybe get some inspiration!

I also did a wifi speed test…

The download wifi speed was 15 mbps and the upload speed was 8.21. While they’re not super fast speeds… they are faster than some of the 5 star hotels we’ve stayed in!

Enjoying My Ca Phe Sua Da…

It wasn’t long until my Vietnamese iced coffee was served up with a glass of water. Yep, the coffee sure was milky!

Now, what I didn’t realize until afterwards is this… The coffee that I got was a variation of the ca phe sua da. It was Ca Phe Sua Da Sai Gon, which simply they explained to me was a bigger size!

Then the staff member started moving the sliding doors around behind me… and I was wondering what was going on!

He then moved a big fan in my direction and turned it on for me. Great service or what?!

That helped to make it even more enjoyable to sit outside, chill and watch the world go by.

What was my verdict of the ca phe sua da?

I thought it was very good. It was sweet but not sickly sweet for me. I know they love to add sugar in almost everything in Vietnam! So I made sure to ask for no sugar.

I liked how Link Coffee had the upstairs and downstairs areas… plus other sections where you could come alone or with a group of friends.

The atmosphere was relaxing, with nice touches like the indoor koi pond… as well as plants and greenery upstairs.

To me it had a more homely feel than other Vietnamese cafes I’d been to. Plus, the service I received was excellent and with smiles.

And most importantly, the Vietnamese iced coffee that I had was delicious!

So this is my go to Danang café to get my fix of coffee when I head out. So I recommend you give Link Coffee a try!

You can find it on 117 Phan Tứ street, in the My An area of Da Nang.

Here’s to great Vietnamese coffee!


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