A Cool Little Bar Near Ibis Sathorn Bangkok Hotel

Paul and I were staying at the Ibis Hotel in Sathorn Bangkok for a few nights. We felt like having some beers somewhere outside the hotel for a change of scenery.

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We’d already been to Moon House, which has cheap beer and delicious Thai food. The green curry is super tasty!

So we kept wandering further down the street of Soi Si Bamphen, to see what we could find.

We walked past many Thai massage parlours, and then we saw a big sign saying Restaurant & Bar. As we walked to the front of the place there were several people inside, which was a good sign.

The place is Maderla. The surprising this was that it was more than just a bar and restaurant… It’s also a guesthouse.

There were many tables and chairs set up inside…

Yet, we decided to sit on the stools at the bar.

You can get free wifi and to our surprise it’s super fast!

The wifi internet speed was 53.0 mbps on the download, and 28.6 mbps on the upload! That’s better than most of the top hotels we’ve been to! So depending on the time you go… this could be a great place for a digital nomad, or coworking space.

Inside there are two TVs, which usually have sport showing on them.

There’s also music playing in the background too for some atmosphere.

There are several hostels and other accommodation in the area. So there’s a mixed group of people who come here from backpackers, Thai locals through to older expats.

Beers are extremely cheap here, which shocked us. A large Leo or Chang in bottles costs 100 baht (about USD $3.20). A small one costs 60 baht (about USD $1.90).

There’s also daily food or drink happy hours. The offerings change on different days to keep it interesting.

Unfortunately the beers are not always ice cold. Yet, they can give you a glass an put ice in it for free, or they can put the beer bottles on ice to chill. Just ask and they’ll be happy to oblige.

They like to top up your drinks too for full service! It’s a nice touch and very unexpected.

Be warned that if you eat or drink here, it’s cash only. I found that interesting considering it’s a guesthouse too.


The toilet is on the ground floor. Yet, if you’re busting to go or you couldn’t be bothered waiting, there’s a restroom upstairs too.

They have lots of fans blowing which is great, even a few pedestal fans too. Yet in the height of the hot Bangkok Summer weather it can get a little uncomfortable.

Just drink more beer Paul says to keep cool.

And with that, we did!

So give Maderla a try if you’re in the Sathorn Bangkok area.

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