Read This Before You Go To The HI SO Rooftop Bar Bangkok

Paul and I were staying at the 5 star SO Sofitel Bangkok to relax, and enjoy some well deserved indulgence.

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Being an Accor Hotels Platinum Member, we got a voucher for 2 free drinks when we check in. This could be redeemed at the HI SO bar, or on Level 9 at the Lobby Bar.

We chose to redeem it in the HI-SO Bar, which was on the 29th Floor. We weren’t sure what to expect as we didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t until a staff member told us, that we realized it was a rooftop bar. Awesome, happy days!

After we finished at the Club Signature Lounge for evening canapés and cocktails, we took the lift up to level 29.

After exiting the lifts we noticed that it was very dark inside, with glimpses of bright lights. We could either go left or right. Confusion started to set in. Then we were starting to veer left until a staff member approached us, asking us where we’d like to go.

We had no idea, so showed her our Le Club Accor complimentary drink vouchers. She starting leading us to the right hand side, which led us to a big outdoor area.

This area was for the HI So Sofitel Rooftop Bar. At around 6:30pm the front section of the bar was almost full. We didn’t get front row seats, yet that didn’t bother us though.

As soon as we sat down, a staff member came out to give us a drinks menu for our free drinks. It was a little different to the one in the Club Signature Lounge.  

In the end, Paul ordered a white wine, which was a grenache from France. I ended up getting a Prosecco, to continue on the bubbles theme from the Lounge Club.

Along with the drinks we got complimentary snacks. Not sure if that was for everyone or for Le Club Accor Hotels eligible members.

As we looked around we noticed that the décor was stylish and modern. It was dark, with flashes of purple, blue and red colors lighting up parts of the venue…

The sound of upbeat music was pumping in the background. There were mostly couples at the bar the night we went, mainly sipping on wines and cocktails.

I’m not sure if there was a dress code. Yet, as we looked around the males were wearing at least a t-shirt, no singlets and closed toe shoes, which included fancy sneakers. Most of the females were in dresses or a top and skirt.

It was warm and slightly humid that night, yet it wasn’t unbearable.

Paul was taking pictures of the Bangkok skyline from the venue…

Later on, there were flashes of lightning brightening up the dark sky…

When Paul got a menu for other drinks, the staff mentioned that not all the drinks on the menu were available.

In the end we didn’t stay long. Yet, I’m sure it would’ve got even busier. There was a constant stream of people coming in and out of this hip Bangkok bar.

If you want to experience a rooftop bar, give this a try, even if you’re not staying at the SO Sofitel Hotel.

The views might be even better when you’re there for sunset!

So eat, drink and be merry :)

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