Bangkok Public Transport: How To Use BTS Bangkok

Bangkok is a big, vibrant city with a population of over 8 million people. Then, when you add the millions of tourists that flock here… that’s a heap of people who need to get around!

Thus, the Bangkok public transport is crucial in helping to do this. 

And thankfully, their public transport is efficient and cheap compared to other parts of the world. So, I even believe that it’s better than in our home town of Melbourne, Australia… where it’s a first world country!

Now, you may have seen our blog post about how to use the Bangkok MRT. And, this is another great way to get around Bangkok. 

But if you haven’t seen the blog yet, you can check it out HERE.

Yet, in this blog post, I’ll run through how to use the BTS skytrain in Bangkok.

What Is The BTS Bangkok?

The Bangkok Transit System is part of the Bangkok Mass Transit System, which includes the MRT and bus network.

So, the BTS SkyTrain was the first electric mass transit railway system, to start operating in Thailand. And, unlike the MRT… the BTS rail network is elevated above the normal traffic on ground. 

So, there are 2 BTS skytrain services operating. And, this includes…

  1. The Sukhumvit Line, which is the Light Green color, which covers 36 stations 
  2. The Silom Line, which is the Dark Green color, and has 13 stations

Here’s a Bangkok BTS map, showing the lines and stations…

And, these trains service many of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. Thus, making it convenient.

So, the skytrains on the BTS are air conditioned. Yet, as the stations are above ground and in open air… you’ll be waiting for the skytrains in the hot Bangkok weather and humidity. 

Plus, we’ve found that the BTS is more busy than the MRT. Thus, we definitely recommend avoiding the peak times if you can.

Yet, in saying this… even outside peak times it can sometimes be a struggle to get on a BTS skytrain. Thus, you may miss out on catching the first skytrain. 

So, if you need to get somewhere by a certain time… plan ahead and consider getting to your destination earlier. So, in peak times the skytrains run more often.

Yet, as a guide, they will run about every 3 to 8 minutes.

How Much Is A BTS Fare?

So, the Bangkok BTS fares vary depending on how many stations you’ll be traveling through. Yet, fares start at about 15 baht per adult (about 0.50 USD / Euros). Then, around 44 baht for an entire journey on the line.

So, it’s cheap to travel on the BTS… although in comparison to the MRT it’s slightly more expensive. 

And, there are other ticket options including a one day fare.


If you’re going to be in Bangkok for a while, or you’ll be planning on coming back… then you may like to consider buying a Rabbit Card. Then, you can add money onto this card, making your trips more convenient. Plus, it’s slightly cheaper than using single journey tickets.

You can find out more about the Rabbit Card HERE

How To Get BTS Tickets

So, the BTS tickets are plastic cards, similar size to a credit or debit card.

And, you can buy these at a ticket counter from a service officer, or via a self-service machine.

Yet, with some of the machines you can only use coins.  

Otherwise, there are other payment options you can use, including mobile banking applications… if you feel comfortable using that type of facility.

When using the self-service machine, there is a touch screen showing the BTS stops. So, you first touch on the area where you want to go to. Then, the screen will automatically zoom into that area.

Then, when you’ve found the stop you need, press the screen on that exact BTS station. So, an option will then appear where you can choose the number of tickets to buy. And, the maximum number you can get in one transaction is 4 tickets.

Then, you make your payment and the ticket(s) will come out in the dispenser near the bottom of the machine. So, this ticket is good for one single journey.

How To Use The BTS Bangkok 

Now that you have your BTS ticket, head on over to one of the turnstiles. 


Check which turnstiles are in operation before you try to go through. And, the ones you can’t go through will show a red cross, at the front of the turnstile, near the top. 

Lightly tap your ticket over the sensor pad at the top of the turnstile. Then, push the barrier to get through the turnstile.

So, you’ll then have to take the stairs or escalators up to the platform.

And, you’ll notice that you can go up via the left side or right side. So, if you’re not sure which side to take… check the boards that have the stations shown on them like this…

Then, once you’re on the platform, on the ground you’ll see arrows like these… 

So, make sure you’re standing where the arrows are pointing in the direction of the platform… that is, the yellow arrows with the black background. 

Then, when you’re at your destination, all you need to do is put your ticket in the slot. Then, push your way through the turnstile barriers.


If you’re mobility impaired or have some baggage to lug around, all the BTS stations have elevators, EXCEPT for Saphan Taksin Station, S6.

The Service Hours Of The BTS Bangkok 

The BTS SkyTrain operates every day, from 6.00am to midnight. 

Yet, you’re best to check the BTS timetables to make sure.


So, there’s a real handy website for the BTS. And, if you click HERE you can find out more. This website is very detailed… with lots of information about tickets, the stations and more.

So, we trust this blog post about how to use the BTS skytrain in Bangkok was helpful. And, by throwing in some tips it should make your journeys better.

Plus, like the MRT… the Bangkok public transport option of the BTS is a great way to get around. It’s cheap and efficient. And, the skytrains stop at many of Bangkok’s popular attractions and sites.

Plus, it beats getting stuck in traffic!

So, safe travels in Bangkok and ENJOY!

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