Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – Miracle Business Class Lounge Review

Paul and I were going to fly Jetstar business class from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Melbourne, Australia. And, as part of our business class ticket we had access to an airport lounge in Bangkok.

And, that’s because we bought an airline ticket with a Jetstar Business Max Bundle. 

So, when we had a look on the Jetstar website… the lounge we could use was the Air France Sky Lounge at Concourse F, on the 3rd Floor.

Now, we were looking forward to it, as the Air France airport lounge had undergone renovations.

Yet, our business class airport lounge experience wasn’t what we were expecting!

So, read on to find out what happened…

The Jetstar Business Class Lounge At Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

So, when Paul and I were finishing up our check in at the Jetstar Business Class counter… we were given a ticket each for our airport lounge access. 

But, as the staff member was giving us the vouchers, we saw that it was for the Miracle Lounge. So, this wasn’t an exciting start to our Jetstar business class lounge experience… as we were expecting to go to the Air France lounge, according to Jetstar’s website.

Thus, it was annoying!

Then, when we were looking at the map on the back of the voucher for the Miracle Lounge, it was confusing…

So, after we were leaving the check in counter… the Jetstar staff member was running after us.

And, we thought that she made a mistake with the lounge! Yet, that wasn’t so. She was just checking to see that she’d put her signature on both the vouchers, to validate them. BUMMER!

Even so, we would navigate our way there to the Miracle Lounge. And, at least we had lounge access, which we were hoping would be comfortable.

Getting To The Miracle Business Class Lounge At Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

So, after we went through immigration and the security checks… we were looking for signs to go to the Miracle Business Class Lounge.

Then, after checking our confusing airport lounge voucher again… it was looking like we could go either left or right. 

But, before we were going to make tracks to the lounge, I found a sign that was next to this large monument…

So, this was different to what was showing on the voucher!

Yet, in the end we thought the board would be more up-to-date. So, we were following the direction of the board and were heading left.

Then, after confirming with an Information Desk officer, we had to go down to Level 3. 

So, we thought that it wasn’t the easiest to navigate to the Miracle Lounge for business class passengers. Yet, we did eventually find signs like these, directing us to go towards Gate A.

So, it was showing that both the Miracle Business Class Lounge and First Class Lounge were together. Yet, we were suspecting there’d be different sections for each.

Then, when we got there the outside of the lounge looked like this…

Yet, the staff member was telling us that we could either stay here… or walk to the newer lounge, which was near Gate D. Arrrrgggggghhhhh! We were near there before!

So, she was recommending the newer lounge as it was nicer. Plus, she said that there were showers and better amenities. Yet, she did say that the maximum stay was 2 hours. 

Now, in our experiences staff haven’t told us to leave, if we went over their time limit. So, we decided to risk it and go.

Thus, we went back to the Gate D area. And, along the way we were following signs like this…

And, it felt like we were going through a dark dungeon!

Then, we finally found the Miracle Lounge for business class, and the front was like this…

So, it did look new, fancy and more upmarket than the other lounge we were at. Yet, what was it like inside? Let’s find out…

Inside The Miracle Business Class Lounge 

So, after a staff member went through the formalities of validating our entry into the lounge… behind the large sliding door we could go left or right. 

So, we ended up going to the right of the lounge, which was quiet and the lighting was dim. And, we had the choice of many seats!

One side were several different types of seats and tables. Plus, there was a large display, with a variety of newspapers and magazines. 

Then, it was time to check out the food and drink offerings.

So, in one section there were a variety of chopped up fruits, sliced bread, a toaster, condiments, and more. 

And, the fruit plates had coverings over each of them, which was great to keep away any insects. Plus, keeping the fruit more fresh. 

Then, on the other side of this food display… there were vegetable sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, nuts, crisps, danishes, desserts, and more.

And, it was interesting to see that each of the finger sandwiches were individually wrapped to keep their freshness.

So, a couple of meters away from this area was more food and drinks.

And here, there were food warmers, which had dishes like stir fry vegetables, curry, rice, assorted savory items, and more. 

And, there was a range of condiments, as well as the cutlery, napkins and dishware.

Then, opposite this food area were drinks. And, this included coffee, teas, soft drinks, and beers, but no wine.

So for us, it was basic for a business class lounge! Even the ISG Lounge at Istanbul was much better from our perspective. 

You can read our review about the ISG Sabiha Gokcen Airport Lounge HERE.

Yet, as I went for a wander, I found that there was more to this Miracle Lounge…

Another Section Of The Miracle Business Class Lounge

So, when you’re at the sliding door entrance to the lounge, when you head left… the amenities are different to the right hand side section.

And, I found that there was a section with tables and chairs to chill out. Then, as I went further into the area, it was much more busy!

This area was brighter, and had more food options as well as more alcoholic drinks. So, the different foods this section had was made-to-order soup noodles… as well as salad items, congee, pancake maker and more.

Then, for the alcoholic drinks there was a red wine, white wine, a variety of spirits… and the same types of beer as per the opposite side of the lounge.

So, while this section of the lounge had more food and drink options… we did prefer the first area we went to. And, that’s because it was more quiet. Plus, we could get food and bring it back.

The Showers And Toilets

Now, we did have a look at the showers and toilets. And, although we didn’t take advantage of the showers, we had a peek inside…

So, the shower area was a decent size, clean and with several handy amenities. 

Plus, the toilet area was very clean too, with staff constantly working away and checking on them.

The Wifi At The Miracle Business Class Lounge

So, even though there was a network for the Miracle Lounge showing, we didn’t end up accessing it. Upon ‘checking in” to the lounge, none of the staff made us aware of free wifi. And, we didn’t think to us at the time.

So, we could still access the free airport wifi, and we were using that instead. And, it was working fine so we stuck with that.

Summing Up Our Jetstar Business Class Lounge Experience At The Miracle Lounge

So, while we’ve been to many different airport lounges on our travels… our experiences at the Miracle Lounge for Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport was OK. 

So, one of the main things that was off-putting, was that we were expecting to go to the Air France Lounge. And, that’s because we saw this on the Jetstar website. Yet, our expectations weren’t met, and we were given access to the Miracle Business Class Lounge. 

And, while this lounge was new, and relatively comfy… the food and beverage offerings were underwhelming in comparison to other business class lounges. Yet, in saying that it was a far better experience than what we had at Dubai Airport!

And, you can find out more about the Dubai Airport Emirates Business Class Lounge HERE.

Yet, the staff were constantly checking the food areas, toilets and other sections… to keep it clean and tidy. So, that was a big positive.

But, was it worth paying the extra for the Jetstar Business Class Max Bundle to get lounge access? We’d say “No.” 

Plus, we had some shocking experiences on our Jetstar Business Class flight from Bangkok to Melbourne! You can find out more about it in that blog post.

Yet for now, we trust this gives you an insight into the Miracle Business Class Lounge… at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

So, have you been to this airport lounge before? And if you have, how would you compare it to other business class airport lounges?

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