10 of the Top Reasons to Visit Danang Vietnam

If you’ve ever had the thought to visit Danang Vietnam then you need to keep reading. 

We’ve been to Vietnam many times… staying in different towns for weeks and even months. So, we’ve had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a particular area… and to discover how the locals live.

Each place that we’ve been to from Ho Chi Minh City, to Hue through to Hanoi… are mind-blowing and unique in their own ways. Yet, there is one city that we keep going back to and that place is… Da Nang.

Now, you’re likely to also see this town being spelt as, Danang. Don’t worry, most people aren’t picky about how you spell it! Regardless, there are many reasons why we love this awesome place.

So, in this We Drink Eat Travel blog… we’ll run through 10 top reasons to visit Danang Vietnam.

1. Quiet or Vibrant, You Get the Best of Both Worlds in Minutes

Danang is on the central coast of Vietnam, and has 2 different areas… the beach side and the city side. And, the stretch of water that divides these two districts is the massive Han River. 

So, while there are several bridges that can connect you from one side to the other in minutes… there is one bridge that tourists flock to see, the Dragon Bridge. More on that later!

Now, when you visit the city side, by the name of Hai Chau… and then explore the beach area, you’d think you’ve just been to 2 different towns!

When you explore Hai Chau, you’ll discover that has more of a commercial feel… with many businesses and the major markets on this side. There are a variety of local eateries that you can try on this side… as well as several Western style bars and cuisines. 

Yet, if you’re after more bars and a growing restaurant scene… then you should stay on the beach side of Danang. Our personal preference is the beach side, as we enjoy strolling on the sand by the beachfront… in contrast to walking on a footpath along a river, for example.

Why not spend time in both districts to see which you prefer!

2. Visit Danang Vietnam for the One of the World’s Most Amazing Beaches

Danang boasts many superb beaches along it’s coastline. Yet, one of the most famous is My Khe beach. Now, you may have heard of this beach as it has been rated one of the 6 most attractive beaches IN THE WORLD… according to Forbes Magazine.

So hey, that’s something to take note of… especially coming from a publication and company with a high esteem.

And, when you have a look at some of these pics of My Khe Beach in Danang… it’ll inspire you to want to book tickets to get there soon!

Plus, if you love water sports and activities… then there’s plenty to enjoy here. You can choose from parasailing, surfing, rafting and more. Now, don’t worry if you’re not up for that sort of heightened physical activity. Like us, you may enjoy a leisurely and relaxing stroll along the beach front. 

When you feel the warm water crashing over your feet, and the harmonious sound of the waves… you can’t help but to relax.

3. It’s Inexpensive and Easy to Get Around Danang

If you’re after inexpensive transport while you’re exploring Da Nang… then you’ll definitely get it here. One of the best apps we highly recommend you download is the Grab app. Plus, you can use this app in many places around Asia… making it convenient and handy for your travels.

For example, you could hire a private driver and car… to get you from Da Nang International Airport into the beach side of this town. 

Prices vary of course. Yet, you may get a quote of around 200,0000 Vietnamese Dong for a one way trip. Yet, if you use Grab… it may only cost around a measly 50,000 Vietnamese Dong! That’s a saving of around 75%! We understand though, that some of you may want to have a driver ready and waiting for you on arrival. Thus, Grab may not be the best option for you.

Yet, here’s a travel tip if you do decide to take a Grab from Danang Airport…

The driver may ask you to pay a fee of around 20,000 VND. And, this is the fee for having to come in to the airport to pick you up. Nowadays, we’ve found that most drivers will ask the customer to pay for this fee. Whereas back in the days, some drivers would absorb the cost. 

And, when you think about it… it’s only around USD $0.85, 0.75 Euros or 0.65 GBP. Yet,  make sure you remember this… to avoid any unnecessary frustration or feeling that yyou’ve been ripped off. As you don’t want to kick-off your trip in Da Nang with a negative sentiment.

4. Visit Danang Vietnam for a Laidback Coastal Town Without the Hefty Price Tag

When you get views like the below of a beach town… you’d expect to pay a lot for accommodation or food and drinks, right? Now, when you visit Danang Vietnam, it will surprise you at how inexpensive taking a trip here is.

For example, if you want to hire a lounge for the day to laze on the beach… you’ll pay around 40,000 VND. That’s only about USD $1.65, 1.50 Euros or 1.30 GBP. That is mind-boggling cheap!

Plus, if you’re wanting to indulge in a cocktail, beer or wine on the beachfront… it’ll only set you back a few dollars. That’s not even during happy hour times either! Yep, so you can soak in the amazing views while you’re relaxing with a bevvy of your choice.

Now, when it comes to accommodation if you want the best travel deals… consider visiting in the shoulder to low season. You can get awesome hotel accommodation of around 4 stars starting from as little as USD $14… INCLUDING buffet breakfast. 

OK, so don’t expect the breakfast to include gourmet cheeses, or your Western staples. Yet, it will fill you up, and even enough to last you past lunch!

5. Drinks are Super Cheap

You know, the funny thing we’ve found is… sometimes it’s cheaper to drink beer than to have soft drinks or sodas. Now, we’d rather drink beer than soda yet that’s for different reasons. That’s for completely different blog!

For example, one of the cheapest happy hours we found was as Green Grotto. And here, between 6pm-9pm every day we could get buy 1 get 1 free. Now, this would be for Huda beer in a bottle or on tap. Furthermore, this is one of the FEW places that has “real” happy hours that we are used to. Keep reading on to see what we mean.

When you’re hopping from one place to another in Da Nang, drinking merrily… there are many places the offer happy hours. Mind you, we find the drinks cheap in Danang anyway. Yet, with happy hour it’s even cheaper.

However, what we’ve found is that their happy hours are not what we’re used to. For example, you’ll find many bars offering happy hours of, “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.” And, in a few of the places this applies PER PERSON… not by the number of beers you buy!

Even so, you can drink and be jolly in Danang for as little as 25,000 VND for a local beer. And, if you opt for a European beer or craft beer… it’ll only cost from around 40,000 VND!

6. Visit Danang Vietnam for a Beautiful Landscape 

On a recent trip to Da Nang, we had free use of the hotel’s bicycles. So, we took advantage of this and spent around 6 hours taking a leisurely cycle around this town. 

Now, you do need to know that depending on where you go… the roads may be a little precarious due to the abundance of crazy traffic that can dominate.

There is a great path on the Danang beachfront that you should ride along. And, along the way over a few bumps you’ll witness some of the most beautiful coastal landscape in Vietnam.

Now, at the time of writing this blog, you don’t need to wear helmets when riding bicycles. Yet, we recommend you keep up-to-date with local laws around this… as you don’t want encounter a frustrating episode that could have been avoided.

7. Take Advantage of Low Season for Awesome Deals

We have been to visit Danang Vietnam so many times now, from low to high season. And, if you’re comfortable to endure some rainy weather and gray skies on your travels here in low season… you can get some AMAZING accommodation bargains in this city.

For example, in high season for a 4 star hotel that we have been to several times… in high season it would cost around USD$30. Yet, in low season the price would be slashed to more than half the price!

In the scheme of things, Danang Vietnam is surprisingly cheap… still! We suspect that because this city has a dominant visitor profile due to spectacular Hoi An. Thus, it needs to compete.

Yes, it will be much quieter in the low season. Yet, that has its advantages too like not having rowdy neighbors next to your hotel room. Or, you can go to the best restaurants in Danang without having to book.

You’ll also find that some places have more food and drink specials to lure you in! We definitely recommend that you check out Danang in low season. 

And, the great thing is, if you find that the weather is too gloomy for you… you can get to other parts of Vietnam easily and cheaply to explore more what this country has to offer.

8. Visit Danang Vietnam for a Variety of Delicious Food

Since our first trip to Danang many years ago… the range of food especially for say vegetarians was very little. It was challenging to even get one of their staple street foods of a Banh Mi, with only egg and veggies. Yep, it was surprising, even when we could see the ingredients in the food cart!

Nowadays, you’ll see with vegan banh mi, vegetarian banh mi and of course… the standard meat banh mi. Thus, if you have particular dietary requirements you’ll find that Danang has grown… especially since it is becoming more of a higher traffic tourist destination.

Be wary though… some places do not understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian for example.

Here’s a BIG yet simple travel tip:

If you do have dietary requirements, get online, or ask a friend, or a translator or a tour guide… to help write out in Vietnamese what you can or can’t have. And if worse comes to worse… use Google Translate. Or you could have pictures on hand so you can easily communicate with the locals. Really, it’s NOT that hard.

9. There are Lots of Bars Within Easy Walking Distance to Quench Your Thirst

One of things that surprises us is that although Danang is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam… we feel like it’s the opposite. We don’t know what it is. Yet, it has the feeling of a “sleepy” coastal town. In saying that, it still boasts a lot of variety and things to do.

For example, if you visit the My An part of Danang… this is the main expat and touristy area of this town. And, you can easily do a bar crawl… as there are many of them covering a block or two. The main street here for bars is Ngo Thi Si. 

From laidback bars through to ones pumping out loud music… you’ll find different places to check out. Some have pool tables, others have karaoke, through to hosting trivia nights and live music.

Plus, as we were saying earlier, drinks are real cheap in Danang. So, you can have a cracking night out even through to wee hours of the morning… without breaking the bank!

10. Visit Danang Vietnam for Many Amazing Attractions

Da Nang boasts many attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s action-packed water sports, to visiting the bright pink Danang Cathedral… one of the most popular attractions is the Dragon Bridge. 

Spanning over 650 meters, the key feature of this bridge is… the huge golden dragon that dominates the landscape.

Make sure you head on over to the bridge or get a great vantage point at night time… on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the 9pm Dragon Show. What you’ll witness is the dragon breathing out fire in a spectacular display. The bridge is lit up beautifully, changing colors for a spectacular display.

Just so you know… the head of the dragon is on the Tran Hung Dao Street side of the bridge. So, get your cameras and phone ready to capture a magical event!

Now, we could keep going on about Da Nang and what an awesome place it is. Yet, we would be harping on for a L-O-N-G time. So, this is simply a taste of 10 reasons why you should visit Danang Vietnam… and what you could expect in this amazing beach town.

While many tourists flock to Hoi An, which has a completely different feel and tourist attractions… you should spend some time in Da Nang. Especially when you consider the towns are only around 30km from each other. 

Plus, if you enjoy a relaxing, laidback lifestyle… then that should spur you on further to put Danang on your list of places to visit. It sure has less hustle and bustle than other cities in Vietnam. Yet, it still has a sense of unique charm that you need to experience.

We hope that you get the opportunity to visit Da Nang Vietnam… and to enjoy all the incredible culture, food, fun and festivities this awesome place has to offer. 

Start planning your trip now, and get access to deals and discounts that we can offer you!

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