Cheap And Cheerful Thai Food… Near Ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 4 Hotel in Nana, Bangkok

One evening Paul and I were feeling lazy and wanted somewhere close by to our hotel to have dinner. We were thinking Thai food rather than Western food…

We exited the doors of our hotel at Ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 4…

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Then as we went past the outdoor garden and café area, past the security gate, took a few steps to the right and…

We could hear the sounds of someone cooking on a wok… And the smell of fresh garlic wafting in the air…

A few steps more and we saw a Thai family cooking up a storm in their make-shift, on-street restaurant.

It was nothing fancy…

But the smells were driving us crazy and our bellies were rumbling… And it was ridiculously close!

As far as we could see there was no sign indicating the name of their outdoor restaurant.

They were about 4 tables with 6 plastic chairs each, covered by a simple black plastic awning.

They’re communal tables with unpretentious, basic settings. So if you’re after something intimate, romantic and to sit on your own, then this is not the place to go as it gets very busy!

It was a 2-sided A4 menu covered in contact plastic. There are no prices on the menu so ask beforehand if you’re concerned or wait for the price at the end.

It included… rice dishes, pad thai, noodles dishes, curries, meat dishes and vegetarian meals. They can also adapt to dietary requirements such as if you want a vegetarian pad thai.

You could get water, soft drinks and even beer. Don’t expect the drinks to be ice cold as they may be sitting on ice.

The gentleman who served us was quite young and took our order, without writing what we wanted. He spoke a little bit of English and the service was efficient.

So here’s what we got…

The morning glory had a decent chilli kick to it and the kale had yummy garlic throughout it.

The servings are quite small, so we ordered another 2 dishes…

The pad thai was OK but I’ve had better.

We were full enough after the 4 dishes. We had hungry eyes eyeing off our seats so we went up to the staff to pay the bill…

So all up the 4 small dishes cost 290 baht. That’s about USD $9.20.

Be warned, they’re not open every day.

We went on a Wednesday, yet we’d walked past on a weekend and they weren’t open. I guess with a family business they can open and close when they want.

Would we go back there again?

Yes, if we wanted somewhere VERY close by to the Ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 4 Hotel… and if we didn’t need a massive feed.

Cheap and cheerful in Nana, Bangkok!

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