Emirates Lounge Dubai Business Class – Not What We Expected!

Paul and I had the opportunity to experience the Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai.

We got there about 6:30am… that was after sampling the buffet breakfast at the Le Meridien Dubai Airport Hotel. If you haven’t been there for breakfast, it was an interesting experience.

You can find out more about our Le Meridien Hotel experience HERE.

We didn’t stuff ourselves silly at the Le Meridien breakfast buffet. That’s so that we could leave room to try the Emirates Business Class Lounge.

So, let’s dive in to see what our experiences were…

Getting To The Emirates Lounge In Dubai

As we were getting dropped off at Dubai Airport… we saw that the First and Business Class passenger check in were in a different area to Economy.

So, after we went through immigration it was simple to follow the signs to the Emirates Lounge. The immigration process on arrival and exit were extremely efficient and fast!

And once we got to the top of the escalators, there were signs pointing right to the First Class Emirates Lounge… and for Business Class passengers we had to turn left.

Then, once we got to the front… there were many staff sitting outside to check people’s boarding passes.

They told us that with no boarding call, we had to double check for ourselves when and where to board.

Inside The Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai

Once we got inside the Emirates Lounge, we saw how busy it was! The décor looked drab, dark and uninspiring. And having not done any research about it… we were disappointed with the décor.

We thought it would have been more opulent than what it was. Perhaps the Emirates First Class Lounge was decked out in this nature!

However, as we wandered through the lounge… we found some seats and a power socket against a wall where I could charge my laptop.

When we strolled around this Emirates Lounge… despite the dull décor, it was much bigger than what we expected. It was like it kept going on for miles.

The Food And Drinks At The Emirates Business Class Lounge

In one section of the lounge there was an area, which was brightly lit. This was the healthy section, and included a range of foods including… fruit, salad ingredients, juices, and antipasto type ingredients.

Then around the corner there were mueslis, yogurts, milks, dried fruit, nuts, breads, and more.

The drinks here included juices, smoothies, still water and sparkling water.

Then, when we walked in the opposite direction, there was a section which had signs for Middle Eastern and Western…

Here, there were a range of drinks including beer, wines and spirits. Plus, there was a range of coffee and teas. Then next to this were some foods like… eggs, mini sandwich rolls, cheeses, salad ingredients and much more.

The Middle Eastern and Western section seemed more busy than the healthy section!

With so many people flying through Dubai, no wonder the Emirates Lounge was so busy. Here’s a photo of the information board inside the Lounge to give you an idea of the amenities.

Wifi Speed Emirates Business Class Lounge

So while we were at the Emirate Business Class Lounge, we took advantage of the free internet.

And the internet speed we clocked up was 13.8 mbps on the download… and the upload wifi speed was 66.5 mbps.

So, decent wifi speed for doing some work, or surf the net.

Yet, having experienced the Emirates Hong Kong Lounge not too long prior… the Hong Kong Lounge was miles better, even though much smaller.

You can find out more about our experience at the Emirates Hong Kong Lounge HERE.

One of other things we were told at the Emirates Dubai Lounge… was that we couldn’t take photos of staff unless we got their approval.

Which Emirates Lounges have you been to? Which one is your favorite and why?

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