Here’s Something To Do In Chiang Mai That’s Different!

When I was doing some research on Google Search about different things to do in Chiang Mai… I came across something called Catmosphere Cat Café.

So, my first thought was that this was a place where people could eat cats. And that wasn’t something we were NOT anywhere near interested in doing!

Yet, as I looked into it, it was a place that seemed surprising and interesting to us.

At Catsmosphere Café, people could have some drinks or food while being in the company of cats! And the cats could come and go as they please within the café. 

So after our hike at the Huay Kaew Waterfall, we walked from there to the cat café Chiang Mai. It took us about 15 minutes or so from the waterfall to get there.

Inside Catmosphere Cat Café In Chiang Mai

So before we went inside, a staff member came outside and gave us a quick run down of Catmosphere Cafe.

There are a few rules including that we had to take our shoes off, and put on some slippers. Plus, we had to wash our hands before we could go in.

When we went in, there were about 10 people already inside. Plus, there were a couple of cats roaming the floor.

When we looked around we noticed that the tables are low, and there are no chairs but big cushions instead. We assumed it was so that we could be comfortable sitting low to play with the kitties.

Once we sat down we were given a food and drinks menu. We had a quick look and ended up choosing a couple of soda waters each. And that cost us 176 baht in total (about USD $5.70). While it didn’t break the bank, it wasn’t cheap by Thai standards.

But if you didn’t want anything to eat or drink, you have to pay 100 baht per hour that you’re there.

We’d arrived at Catmosphere Cat Café just before lunch time. And we noticed that many of the cats were doing their thing… chilling out or sleeping.

You’re Mission, Is To Find All The Catstronauts!

We noticed that there was a photo of each cat in the café, with their name underneath it. The cats are actually called “Catstronauts.”

And there was a range of cat breeds from Siamese to British Shorthair. To us, the cats looked comfy and happy, which was good… and the ones we saw were very cute.

We were allowed to pick up the cats… but if the kitties didn’t want the attention we had to let them be, which was fair enough.

There were many toys we could choose from to play with the kitty cats. Yet, as only a few of them were roaming around, we had to “fight” for their attention so to speak.

We think it would’ve been better to come at a different time, as most of the cats were sleeping!

Yet, it was lovely to have the company of the kitties in the absence of having our own pets.

You can find Catmosphere Cat Café at 233/5 Huay Kaew Road, Chiang Mai.

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