Ho Chi Minh Nightlife – For A Rockin Great Time Go To This Place!

When Paul and I were staying in the Ben Nghe ward of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City… we wanted to check out some nightlife nearby. We discovered that about 1km away from our apartment, was the Hard Rock Café Saigon.

Both of us hadn’t been to a Hard Rock Café for a long, long time. Plus, we had a craving for a burger and fries!

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So off we went, to find our way to the Hard Rock Café Ho Chi Minh!

We decided to walk from our apartment to the Hard Rock Café… and when we got there we noticed there was a lot of outdoor seating.

The staff must’ve noticed beads of sweat on our foreheads as they told us there was air conditioning inside. So that was an attractive option, which we took up.

Drinks At The Hard Rock Café Saigon

From the time we stepped inside the Hard Rock Café, the service was excellent. There was a small shop with all the Hard Rock Café paraphernalia, and a staff member was greeting us.

We chose to sit on that ground level, as there was a basement with more seating too. There were quite a lot of tables with several booth seats as well. We plonked ourselves in the middle of the restaurant.

A staff member with excellent English came over and gave us some menus. And he was helpful and friendly.

Then we looked at the drinks menu first, and decided to have some beers to start. We wanted to have a relaxing, lazy late afternoon with some cold brews!

There were lots of drinks on the menus… from coffee, juices, cocktails, shooters and mocktails. And there were many bottled beers as well as a couple of draft beer options, which came in various sizes… from 340ml up to a 3 litre tower!

So we started off with a couple of Tiger beers, which came out nice and cold…

Then the staff asked if we were ready to order food, and we hadn’t even looked at the food menu. They were great and told us to take our time and enjoy.

So we did, and had a couple more beers!


With the prices… you need to add 10% VAT and 5% service charge on top of the prices you see on the menus.

Food At The Hard Rock Café Ho Chi Minh City

We finally looked at the Hard Rock Café food menu, and there were lots of tasty sounding meals! We saw other people’s food come out and they looked like decent sizes.

As mentioned before, we had a hankering for burgers, and we found a cauliflower burger. OK, so upon reading the title of this burger, it didn’t sound that appetizing. Yet, we thought we’d give it a go!

And when it came out it looked bloody awesome. There was thick cheese oozing out the sides of the burger… and the fries were screaming at us to be eaten!

It was a decent size and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to eat all my meal. So thankfully Paul the hoover was here in case I needed help!

While the name of the burger sounds boring, it was scrumptious. And we loved the arugula in it too.

The Hard Rock Café Saigon name a lot of their other menu items with cool, funky names. So they should find a better name for the Cauliflower Burger to make it sound more tempting. They could even do a competition around it!

So while we were eating a staff member checked in to see if everything was OK, which it was. And he mentioned there was live music on that night, if we wanted to head on downstairs after our meal. So that’s what we did.

The Ho Chi Minh Nightlife With Rockin’ Live Music

During the day, this is the basement. And you can see the stage at the front of the room, with plenty of empty seats too!

Yet, at night when we went downstairs after our feed, we heard a band playing awesome music. And look at how different it is compared to during the day…

We found out that they were a band from Indonesia.

They were playing music from the 60’s upwards, and were also taking requests. So one of my favorite bands is Bon Jovi, and I requested Livin’ On A Prayer.

Yet, although this song wasn’t in the band’s repertoire, they smashed out a different Bon Jovi tune. And that was fine with me!

So I thought they did a great rendition and their music was making a lot of the people get up and dance… and even sing on the microphone karaoke style.

It was a fantastic night!

So make sure you come on down for some fun, frivolity and great food… at the Hard Rock Café Saigon Vietnam.

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