Hotels Review – New Airport Hotel Hanoi


Accommodation: New Airport Hotel

Location: No 6, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Soc Son, Hanoi, Vietnam


Deluxe Double Room


Qantas Frequent Flyer

Research and Booking

Paul and I had a morning flight from Hanoi airport, and we would need to get to the airport early morning. So as we didn’t want to get up super early, we decided to stay at a hotel near the airport.

We didn’t have to do a lot of research to find hotels near Hanoi airport. That’s because I received an email from Qantas Frequent Flyer… with a voucher for $30 off any accommodation booking with no minimum spend.

So, we only needed to research the places that were available through the Qantas Hotels site. And there weren’t many that seemed great to us, so that made choosing the hotel easier.

In the end, we narrowed it down to the New Airport Hotel. It appeared to have more positive reviews than negative, and it seemed like the service was good too.

The price ended up being AUD $19.75 (about USD $13.65), AFTER the discount was applied. And this was for a deluxe room. So the normal room rate including free wifi and breakfast, would have been AUD $49.75.

So is it worth paying that much for the New Airport Hotel Hanoi?

Let’s find out…

The Location

The New Airport Hotel is about 5km away from Hanoi Airport. So it would be a quick trip, which is what we wanted. To get to the hotel from the City, we took a Grab car.

The Grab driver had to do a u-turn on the highway… then drive back for about 1km to go under the highway and get to the hotel.

And as we were getting closer to the hotel, we noticed that there wasn’t much around the New Airport Hotel.

We’ll go into that a bit later in the blog post.

Check In

The young staff member who greeted us was lovely and smiling lots! She even helped haul our big luggage up the stairs, even though we could do it ourselves.

She was very polite, friendly and spoke English well.

She also asked if we needed a taxi to the airport as they could do order one for us. Yet, we were planning on getting a Grab car. Even so, if we wanted a ride to the airport that the hotel would organise, it’d cost 100,000 VND (about USD $4.35).

Good to know if we needed a back up.

The staff member was going to take us up to our room. And they have lifts at the New Airport Hotel. But the lifts are very slow, even with only 5 floors.

It was quicker for us to take the stairs… LOL!

At least they had lifts, so we didn’t have to haul all our luggage up and down so many stairs.

The Room

Our room was on the 5th floor, and to access the room, it’s a key card system where we put the card in front of a digital scan.

Then we put the card into a slot for the air conditioning, TV and lights to work.

So once we opened the door, here’s what we saw…

The room was larger than we expected, and the bed looked big. It was quite firm, which we liked so that was great too. Plus, there were 2 small tables on either side of the bed.

There was also a long couch, fan, cupboards, and coffee table.

Plus, there was a mini fridge with 2 bottles of complimentary water. The fridge was actually really cold, unexpected in Vietnam let alone South East Asia.

There was also a kettle and complimentary tea and sugar sachets. And a desk with a small stool, shelves and small cupboards.

Then she mentioned that they could cook food too. And here’s the menu…

Plus, there were other drinks that could be purchased…

There were sheer curtains, and a heavier set of curtains. But note that they are not blackout curtains. We had our trusty eye masks that we could use, and we needed them as the sun came blaring through in the morning.

Other small touches included plastic flowers! As well as this… dare I say kitschy purple lamp and lamp shade…

The Bathroom

Like the bedroom area, the bathroom was bigger than we expected too…

There was a rain head shower and hand held device.

Plus, there were amenities like toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap and soap.

There were a couple of bath towels, hand towels and bath mat.

Not only did the big size of the hotel room surprise us, it was very clean. So thumbs up to the cleaning staff!

Room Tip:

The breakfast area is on the second floor. It looked like there were rooms  on the second floor. And we’re not sure how busy or loud it gets, but if that concerns you, ask for a room not on the second floor if you can.

Around The New Airport Hotel Hanoi

There isn’t much to do around this Hanoi airport hotel. Yet, across the road under the overpass, were several local stalls set up with the little Vietnamese stools.

Most of them were the local men, drinking red bull or coffees, and some playing games.

Then, when crossing further across the road are a couple of local mini marts. They sold a range of snacks, personal care items, and drinks, for example.

Being about 5km from Hanoi airport, we were expecting some noise from the planes and traffic. With the TV on it wasn’t as noticeable.

Yet, we ended up buying beers at one of the local stores to take back to our room. We figured this would help us to sleep through the noise! Ha ha ha!

The cans of Hanoi and 333 that we got at the local mart were 15,000 VND each (about USD $0.65). And thinking about it, at the hotel the Hanoi beers were 20,000 VND. So not a great deal of difference.

Wifi Speed Test

Now, generally the wifi speed was excellent. In fact, when I did the first wifi speed test here’s what I clocked up…

This wifi speed was the fastest we’ve had in our travels in Vietnam and even most of South East Asia.

Yet, when Paul did a wifi speed test about an hour later… the download speed was around 25 mbps and the upload was about 20 mbps.

Still OK, but just thought we’d let you know.

Breakfast At New Airport Hotel

Included in our hotel room rate was breakfast. We definitely didn’t come in with high expectations!

Breakfast was served on level 2, and we were the only ones there at 6:30am…

Breakfast started from 6:30am and we could choose from 1 of 6 options…

There were also tea bags and sachets of 3 in 1 coffee included, which we didn’t have!

For the food, we chose the banh mi option. It was a basic breakfast with 3 pieces of toast, butter, jam and two fried eggs…

It was OK for a light breakfast but nothing special.

Saved By The New Airport Hotel

As mentioned earlier, we were going to get a Grab car to Hanoi airport. Yet, after 3 failed attempts and 15 minutes later, no Grab driver wanted to take our ride.

So, we took up the taxi from New Airport Hotel… which ended up being a clean and spacious Toyota Vios, personally driven from the staff. They could take us immediately and it only took about 5 minutes.

They were our saviour as it may not have been worth the trip for the Grab driver.

Yes, 100,000 VND is a little ridiculous for such a short ride in Vietnam, yet we’re grateful they had the service.

Would We Stay At The New Airport Hotel Again?

Overall our 1 night stay was fine. Staff were friendly, polite and helpful… and the hotel’s location was convenient for us to get to the airport quickly.

The room was big, clean and comfy… and the air conditioner worked fine.

Yes, there is some noise but being so close to the airport and near a main highway, so that’s expected.

Breakfast wasn’t anything special, not the meal we chose anyway. It was included in our room rate but not worth paying separately for.

So, if you’re looking for hotels near Hanoi airport, with great service and a clean room… the New Airport Hotel should be on your shortlist of hotels.

Want To Know More About Hanoi… CLICK HERE.

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