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Accommodation: Sliema Marina Hotel

Location: 163 Tigné Seafront, Sliema, Malta


Standard Room

Research and Booking

Paul and I were needing a place to sleep for a couple nights in Sliema. And, as we weren’t going to be in the room much… we weren’t looking to spend a huge amount on the accommodation.

Yet, we did want the accommodation to be easy access to the bus, as well as food shops.

For tips on using the buses in Malta, CLICK HERE.

So, we were traveling in peak season, and had left booking a hotel to the last minute. Thus, the accommodation options available to us was more limiting.

We had looked into some Airbnb properties, but the prices were sky high! Plus, we’d stayed at Hotel 1926 before, but this time it didn’t suit us.

And in some ways booking a last minute hotel is good, because it helps to narrow down the options! But, during peak times it’s sometimes a case of choosing from… “the best of a bad bunch.”

Yet, we were hopeful that we could still get something reasonable. So, after doing a little research… we ended up booking 2 nights at the Sliema Marina Hotel via

And the 2 nights for the standard room only, was AUD $321.55 (about 200 Euro).

We though that was a bit steep for a 3 star hotel without breakfast… especially considering what we got with Hotel 1926. Yet, it was our fault for leaving the hotel booking so late.

The reviews on Tripadvisor and on other sites did vary. So, we didn’t set our expectations high, and was grateful we found a place in Sliema. So, let’s see what the Sliema Marina Hotel was like…

The Location

Sliema Marina Hotel is opposite the Tigne/Sliema seafront. The hotel is smack bang in the middle of a bustling area of Sliema… with shops, bars, and restaurants literally at the front doorstep.

Plus, it was a couple minutes walk to the bus stops and ferries. So, it was a convenient location to get around different areas of Malta.

Yet, we were a little concerned that being in a busy area in the height of Summer… would mean lots of noise.

So, when we booked the Sliema Marina Hotel, we put in a request for a quiet room. And, we were aware thanks to other travelers, that they were renovating. So, with fingers crossed we arrived at the hotel, hoping for some peace.

Check In

Our flight to Malta was a late one, but at least the taxi service at the airport was still running.

Plus, it was quiet on the roads so we got to the Sliema Marina Hotel quicker than we thought.

Then, when we arrived at the Hotel it was after midnight, so we were pretty knackered.

And, luckily I checked before booking that they had 24-hour reception. After walking through the front doors, we noticed that the reception area was dimly lit. And, it felt like the mood lighting was on rather than garish bright lights.

Plus, the reception area was a pleasant surprise to us… with its silver and white tones giving a more upmarket feel. And, there were a couple of chairs in the lobby area.

Now, the gentleman at reception was laid back, and ran through a few details with us.

And, he mentioned that our room rate didn’t include breakfast. Yet, if we wanted breakfast it would be 8 Euros per person, which was for a buffet-style.

Then, within about 5 minutes he gave us our key and check in was swiftly over. As we were tired, we appreciated the quick check in process, without any issues.

The Room

So, going up to the room was an interesting task… as we had 2 large suitcases and 2 carry on bags each. Then, as the lift doors opened it was shocking, as we had to fit all that luggage and ourselves into a tiny lift!

So, after a bit of manoeuvering we got into the lift, and with our luggage. Yet, we weren’t sure if we’d make it to our room as the lift was slow, and at times felt rickety!

Thankfully, we did make it to our room. Yet, we did have to take the stairs a couple of times, because the lift was so slow. Then, during peak times it was almost impossible to get the lift.

Plus, as they were renovating the tradesmen would also use the customer lift. So, the lift situation was a little annoying. Luckily we didn’t have many floors to walk up and down, unlike when we were at Hotel 1926!

Does Size Matter?

So, when we opened the door to our room, we were shocked! The room was huge and could fit a family. But, with just the 2 of us the 2 single beds and a double bed was way more than what we expected.

Perhaps they put us in this big room, as we’d asked for a quiet room and this was what they had left. So, if that’s the case, then no complaints from us. Better to have a big room than a pokey room, where we couldn’t swing a cat.

So, the bed was firm, which we liked, and there were lots of pillows that we could use! Plus, the quilt on the bed was actually comfy.

And on each side of the double bed were side tables with lamps, which came in handy. The staff had put the bath towels and hand towels on top of the beds.

No Peeping Toms, Thanks!

Then we saw a small window, with black out curtains covering it. And, the next morning when we went to open the curtains… there was a sign on it saying to not open the window due to the renovations.

So, we kept the black out curtain closed, plus we didn’t want eyes peering into the room! Therefore we didn’t have natural light during our stay. But, it wasn’t a big deal for us, as we were out most of the day.

Then, next to the window was a large cupboard… and in there was a safe, coat hangers, as well as extra bedding covers in it.

Then, next to that was a big table with chair. Yet, there was no couch.

So, there was also complimentary tea and coffee with kettle, but there was no fridge. And, there was no complimentary water either. So in this area too was a hairdryer that was mounted to the wall.

Then, above that was a large mirror.

And next to all that was a small flat screen TV, with not many English channels. But we weren’t in the room to watch TV so that didn’t bother us.

We weren’t sure how good the air conditioning would be, as it seemed small for the room size. Yet, the air conditioner worked well, and did the job to keep us cool in the hot Maltese summer.

The Bathroom

Behind a wooden door, we assumed was the bathroom. And, when we opened the door one of the first things we noticed was that there was a bath.

So, we were surprised by this, as we weren’t expecting it for a 3 star hotel.

There was also a small showerhead, which could be used as a hand held too. Yet, it was a little frustrating to use… because the shower head piece wouldn’t fit in the slot to sit upright.

However, the water pressure and temperature was fine. Plus, there was a bathmat and more smaller towels in the bathroom.

But, there wasn’t a great amount of space to put our toiletries on. The only area was the glass section in front of the mirror.

And on this were several tubes of shampoo, body lotion, shower cap… as well as some soaps and 4 glasses too. Even so, the basic amenities were fine for our short stay.

And, as I mentioned earlier, there was a hairdryer out in the main room. Yet, this was mounted to the wall there, so it couldn’t be used in the bathroom.

Overall the hotel room and bathroom was tidy and clean. And, even though the hotel is on a main road in a busy area, we found it quiet.

Amenities At The Sliema Marina Hotel

At the front of the hotel is their restaurant called, Oggi Cafe. It served mainly Italian dishes, yet we didn’t try it.

And, while we they had said to us that they served a buffet breakfast, we didn’t try it. The breakfast is served on the rooftop, which apparently has great views of the sea and surrounds.

So, apparently there’s a Jacuzzi with sunbeds, but again we can’t comment as we didn’t see or use it.

Nearby the lobby area were many brochures for sightseeing activities. Plus, the staff were polite and friendly, and greeted us each morning.

Around Sliema Marina Hotel

The location of the Sliema Marina Hotel is great, if you want to be in the heart of the action.

Once we stepped outside the hotel, there were plenty of restaurants and places to drink. It does get super busy in the Summer time… so be patient when walking amongst the crowd on the foot paths!

Plus, within a few minutes walk were lots of shops including Zara… as well as other clothing stores, and souvenirs. And, for more shopping under the one roof… within 10 minutes walk was The Point Shopping Mall.

Plus, within a few hundred meters for grocery needs was Tower Supermarket. This was handy so we could get our bottled drinking water.

The buses and ferries were only minutes walk away. And, there are lots of buses that go through Sliema to other parts of the islands.

And, there are banks, ATMs and a currency exchange place within 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

So, make sure you don’t get caught out by not having Euros! Without even thinking about it, we did the mistake of not having changed any money. Yet, because of that we did find out some interesting things about the money changer in Malta.

To find out more about exchanging money in Malta, check out our blog HERE.

And of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete to Malta without visiting the beach areas nearby. In Sliema, they are mainly rocky beach sections, yet they’re fantastic to have a dip in the cooling water.

Plus, the promenade is lovely for walks… and to soak up the amazing views of the Sliema seafront.

So all in all, the Sliema Marina Hotel is in a convenient location with lots of amenities nearby.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Speed Test

Normally for us, the wifi speed is one of the most important things on our accommodation list. Yet, on this occasion it wasn’t of great importance.

And, the wifi speed at Sliema Marina Hotel was a surprise to us. So, the download speed we clocked up was 29.5 mbps. And the upload wifi speed we had was 9.56 mbps.

Now, for a 3 star hotel we thought that was pretty good. Plus, the wifi speed was even better than some of the 5 star hotels we’ve stayed in throughout the world.

Would We Stay Again At Sliema Marina Hotel?

So although we booked 2 nights, we really only had 1 day at the hotel. And, as we were out most of the day we couldn’t make full use of the facilities.

Yet, based on what we experienced we most likely wouldn’t stay at the Sliema Marina Hotel again. Because, if we booked earlier, we’re sure we’d have a better choice of accommodation for what we paid.

Yet, in saying that, it was surprisingly quiet and the room was fine for our short stay. This Sliema Hotel is in a great location for having restaurants, bars, shops… and even transport within easy walking distance.

But the tiny, slow and shaky lift was annoying. Plus, there was no fridge in the room.

Yet, the staff were friendly and efficient, which was much appreciated.

So, it may be worth your while to stay at the Sliema Marina Hotel… for the right price. Plus, once the renovations are finished, then it might be a great place to stay. Yet, the only way to find out is to stay there yourself!

So, have you been to the Sliema Marina Hotel? What did you think of your stay there?

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