How To Use The Gozo Ferry And Transport Options Within Gozo

When Paul and I were visiting the island of Malta, in our plans was also to see the island of Gozo.

We were spending many weeks in Malta, so we could afford the time to visit Gozo too. Yet, while Malta is a small island compared to others, Gozo is even smaller. Yet, don’t let its smaller size deter you from going!

Because with it’s crystal clear blue waters, laidback attitude, stunning views, and the delicious Gozitan ftira… it’s well worth a visit.

Plus, Gozo has the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Ġgantija Temples, which date back to 3200BC and 3600 BC… so that even outdates the Hypogeum that’s in Malta.

So, Paul and I ended up making 2 trips from Malta to Gozo, using the Gozo ferry. So, for one trip we only had carry on luggage, and on the second trip we had lots of luggage!

Plus, we used different transport to get to the Gozo ferry terminal, as well as within Gozo too.

Thus, in this blog post we’ll share our experiences, so that this may help for your journey.

Getting The Bus To The Gozo Ferry

So, on our first trip to Gozo, Paul and I were staying in Sliema. And, Sliema is a convenient place in Malta to get a range of buses to tour around Malta.

Plus, Sliema is a handy location… if you’re planning on getting ferries to visit the surrounding islands and beyond. And, it’s close to many shops, restaurants, bars and conveniences.

So for us, the bus stop that we got on at was called, Sliema Ferries 3. And, to get to the Gozo ferry terminal, we caught the Malta public bus number 222 to Cirkewwa.

Of course, there’ll be other routes depending on where you are.


In the peak season of Malta, the buses can get very busy and full quickly.

So, if you have a strict schedule to get from Malta to Gozo or any destination for that matter… we suggest you get an earlier bus to avoid disappointment.

And, that’s because we’ve seen and been on several buses where they don’t stop to pick up passengers… as they can’t fit any more people on.

Plus, we’ve found that the buses to the Gozo ferry terminal get super busy. And, especially as it goes past St Julian’s, St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha Bay… which is a popular sandy beach area.

So, the bus that we were going to catch in Sliema left at 9:40am. And, we were lucky enough to get a seat as we were at the bus stop earlier.

Now, you can buy a ticket on the bus for 2 Euros in Summer season… and outside of this time it’s 1.50 Euros per person.

Plus, this ticket can be used on any of the Malta and Gozo public transport buses for 2 hours.


We bought the Tallinja bus card… because we knew we were going to catch several buses during our stay in Malta and Gozo.

So, with the Tallinja card, for 15 Euros you get 12 trips of 2 hours validity. And, it’s much more convenient than having to buy single paper tickets all the time.

Plus, there are other options if you plan to tour Malta and Gozo using the public transport often. To find out more about these tickets and your options, click HERE.

So, as we continued on the bus journey from Malta to Gozo, the bus was full by the time we’d reached the start of St Julian’s.

Then, by the time we got to the major bus stop in St Julian’s… there were many angry people as the bus couldn’t take any more passengers. 

So, in some ways it was great for us, because it was like we were on a semi-express bus.

Then, about 1 hour and 20 minutes later, the bus arrived at the Cirkewwa Gozo ferry terminal, around 11:00am.

So, the Gozo Channel Ferry operates all day and night. Yet, services change according to when it’s Summer and Winter seasons. Thus, to find out more about the ferries, CLICK HERE.

Getting A Taxi To The Gozo Ferry

We were doing Google searches to see what taxi services were available from Malta to Gozo. And, we discovered that there were plenty!

So, we didn’t want to share a taxi as we had lots of luggage and wanted to get there in comfort. Thus, we were looking for a private taxi. And, in the end we had a shortlist of 2 companies.

One was called Airport Transfers Direct… and the other a local company called Mayjo, who also specialize in car rentals.

So, while we were making enquiries… they both provided excellent service, and the prices were similar. Thus, it was like tossing a coin to help choose! And, in the end we chose Airport Transfers Direct.

With Airport Transfers Direct… we could book online and we were sent email confirmations of our booking. Yet, they would assign the car and driver on the day of our trip.

So, if we wanted to find out details of the car, we would have to call their customer service phone number. We thought that they could have at least sent an email or message to notify us of the car’s details… so we knew what to look out for without having to contact them.

On our way to the Gozo Ferry

And, on the afternoon of our pick up from Malta to Gozo, although the driver was about 5 minutes early… he couldn’t find our apartment.

So, I could see a car going up and down our street, which I assumed was our driver. Then, to cut a long story short we eventually flagged him down!

The car that did our pick up was clean. Plus, the driver was dressed well and he was polite.

So, we left Malta near the St Julian’s area at 1:05 in the afternoon. And, it took us only about 30 minutes to get to the Gozo ferry terminal. Thus, it was super fast compared to the bus of about 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Yet, the price difference is more significant, with the one-way taxi trip from Malta to Gozo ferry being 30 Euros… compared to 1.25 Euros per person by bus.

And, for this company we had to pay the driver directly by cash… whereas for other companies they would request the payment in full before the trip. But, when we made the booking with Airport Transfers Direct, we did have to provide credit card details.

And, we had to provide a mobile phone number… where they will take your international number if you don’t have a Maltese mobile phone number.

Buying The Gozo Ferry Tickets

Once we got inside the building to buy tickets… the line for the Gozo ferry tickets was already long, and it was busy…

So, at the time we went, we had to buy our ferry ticket to Gozo… at the Cirkewwa ferry terminal in Malta. 

And, the price would also include the return trip back from Gozo to Malta. So, the return trip price for 1 person was 4.65 Euros. Plus, the return date and time is open, which was convenient.


So, on our second trip to Gozo the staff member told us that we buy the ferry tickets on our return trip from Gozo to Malta.

This seemed a little strange to us. But on our second trip we saw this sign at the entrance to board the ferry…

So, we’re not sure why the change in the system? Even so, we just went with the flow!

And, while you’re waiting for the ferry, there’s seating areas inside and outside…

As well as vending machines and a cafe…

Got lots of luggage? No problems!

If you have lots of luggage or big bags, there are lifts at both the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal in Malta… as well as the Mgarr Ferry Terminal in Gozo. So, we’re glad there were lifts because for one of our trips we had lots of luggage.

Then, after taking the lifts, we could take our luggage on board the ferry easily. Yet, as we had lots of luggage, we were staying on the ground level where the cafeterias were.

Otherwise we’d have to haul our luggage up some stairs to the upper deck.

So, the Gozo ferry left 5 minutes later than scheduled time. And, on our trip the water was calm and the weather was beautiful. Thus, sitting outside was ideal and we were enjoying the stunning views too.

And, there are plenty of seats available for everyone, even in the peak season. So, as well as the cafeteria, on the ground level of the ferry is a small convenience store too.

But, if you have your heart set on sitting in a particular spot… you’re best to get to the ferry terminal earlier and line up at the entrance early too.

Then, about 25 minutes later, we arrived at the Gozo ferry terminal in Mgarr. 

Yet, keep in mind that if the water or weather conditions were more rough… it could take even 15 minutes more to get from Malta to Gozo on the ferry. So, plan your journey to factor in the unpredictable weather conditions! 

Transport In Gozo

So, when in Gozo there are several options of getting around the island… which includes bus, taxi and car hire. Yet for us, we were using the buses and taxis.

Gozo Bus Services

After Paul and I were exiting the Gozo ferry terminal terminal… our plans were to go to Xlendi. Yet, to do this we had to go via Victoria (Rabat) first.

So, there are a couple of buses to get from the Mgarr ferry terminal to Victoria. And, the one we caught was bus number 301.

So, in Summer time there are lots of people waiting for buses. Yet, the buses generally only run every hour or so.

Thus, if you don’t get on the first bus you’ll have to be patient, wander around until the next bus comes… or get a taxi.


If you want to see the Malta public bus timetables and plan your journey from Malta to Gozo, and around the islands… head on over to the Malta public transport website.


So, if you download the Tallinja app you can even track when the bus is expected to arrive at your bus stop… in real time.

Yet, in the above 2 tips these should only be used as a guide. Because from our experiences the buses don’t always run on time according to the schedules!

So, by taking the bus, we got from Malta to Gozo in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, at a cost of 1.25 Euros using the Tallinja card.

Yet, if you have a lot of luggage or the bus option doesn’t suit you… then getting a taxi to your destination in Gozo may be more suitable.

Getting Taxis In Gozo 

On one of our trips to Gozo, Paul and I had pre-booked a taxi as we had lots of luggage. And, as we were doing our research online… we discovered there were several Gozo taxi services we could choose from.

Yet, to help narrow down our search, we were given a recommendation by a local Maltese person. And, the recommendation was for Michael Pace, Taxi 028 G.

Then, we were using the same Gozo taxi service for a 3.5km trip. And, it was shocking, as we weren’t expecting that the cab fare would cost us 15 Euros! I guess it was our fault for not checking with him or asking him to put the meter on.

Yet, to get from the Gozo ferry terminal in Mgarr to Zebbug, which was about 12km… it only cost us 18 Euros. So, it was a bit of a slap to the face!

Plus, if you want to travel on a Sunday it will cost extra with this Gozo Taxi Service. Yet, our understanding is that several of the smaller operators will charge extra on Sundays.

Even so, the car was clean, and on arrival in Gozo… Michael was providing us with interesting information about Gozo during our journey.

So, these were 2 of the transport options in Gozo we had used. And, other options include car hire, bike hire and more. To find out more information on what would transport would suit your needs, CLICK HERE.

Get moving…

Yet, we did a lot of walking too! Remember, Gozo is a small island.

So, to get from one town to another and see some of the sites, consider walking. And, not only will it help to burn off those holiday calories… you’ll see some amazing sites, that you may otherwise miss.

We trust this is helpful in your trip from Malta to Gozo, and we hope you have a great time.


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