A Sneak Peek At 10 Bars In Valletta During Our Pub Crawls

When Paul and I were staying in Valletta for a few nights, we enjoyed exploring around the capital city of Malta. And, it’s such a quaint city with amazing views, rich history, with plenty of things to experience.

Then, as we were wandering around, we noticed that there were lots of restaurants, bars and snack shops too.

So, while we were sightseeing around Valletta… we quenched our thirst by stopping at several places along the way that were open during the day.

And, we discovered that many bars are closed during the da… to open only in the evening until the early morning.

Thus, Paul and I did Valletta pub crawls during the night and day, wandering the streets to try different places and drinks.

So, in this blog post we’ll run through some of the places we went to. Then, they might be places you may like to add to your list when you go to Valletta.

So, let’s get right into it!

Old Bakery’s Kitchen

Address:  28A South Street, Valletta

So, when Paul and I were wandering around the streets of Valletta… across the road from a big English Pub was a little place called, Old Bakery’s Kitchen.

And, we preferred to stop here rather than the English Pub, for something local and different.

Yet, even though it was small it didn’t deter us from sitting outside and enjoying the warm weather. And if you prefer inside, there are a few tables and chairs, with a cozy atmosphere.

So, the great thing was that the beers were super cold, and they served them in glasses for us without even asking.

And, when we had a look at the menu they had a huge range of pizzas. So, if you’re looking for a bite to eat this may be worth checking out too. Plus, the prices for both drinks and food were reasonable.

The Beer Cave

Address: Castille Hotel, Castille Square, Valletta

As Paul and I love our beer, we were keen to check out a place called, The Beer Cave. Then, as we were doing some research on the place, the venue sounded real cool. So, The Beer Cave is in the Castille Hotel.

And, to enter the bar we had to go down some stairs into the cave, which was dark and dimly lit…

So, the cave is said to be 450 years old, and was previously a basement in the palace of Capitano Giacomo de Robertis… who was connected with the Knights of Malta.

Now, while the interior is rustic and characteristic, which we loved… there were about 140 beers to choose from! So, we were keen to chug down a few different brews.

Yet, to our disappointment the beers weren’t ice cold.

So for us, drinking almost lukewarm beer wasn’t pleasant and with that, we moved on.

But, maybe on another trip back to Valletta, we would go back and try it again… because there were so many beers to try, yet it was a shame they weren’t ice cold. Perhaps when we went, they had issues with the beer refrigeration!

Café Society

Address:  13 Triq San Gwann, Valletta

So, one of the places we visited a couple of times on our Valletta pub crawl was, Café Society. So, when going into the actual bar, it’s quite small inside.

Yet, the main draw card of this place is the relaxed atmosphere… and sitting on cushions on the steps, while enjoying the view of the ocean and surrounds.

And, it’s especially beautiful when the sun is setting.

So, there are some tables and chairs set up on either side of the street… if your bottom gets sore on the steps with the cushions. Yet, you’ll be lucky to snag a table especially in the height of Summer.

Plus, there were several people who brought their pet dogs along… who were enjoying chilling outside like the rest of us! So, it’s a great place to relax whether it be during the day or night.

And, the great thing was that the beers were cold. Plus, there are spirits, wines and cocktails to be enjoyed too.

So, a large Cisk cost us 3 Euros each.

So, we definitely recommend having a drink or two at Café Society, to soak up the views and atmosphere.

Tikka Bar

Address: 14 Old Treasury Street, Valletta

So, when you’re in the heart of Valletta and need a break from the sightseeing… a great place we found was this one called, Tikka Bar.

We’d come in the late afternoon, and were looking forward to quenching our thirst with some beverages.

So, it was fairly quiet with the lunch-time rush having long gone. Then, after we took a seat, a staff member soon came out to serve us.

And, Paul ordered his Cisk beer and I was hankering for a local Maltese rose wine. But, what came out after that was surprising!

Then, the staff member brought out some little plates of food such as cheese, crackers and more. Yet, we mentioned to her that we didn’t order this food. And, to our shock she said that it was complimentary. WOW, that was generous!

Yet, what surprised us more was that when we ordered more drinks and the snacks were getting low… she’d get even more snacks for us!

And, in the end after 2 wines and 4 small Cisk beers with plentiful snacks, the bill came to a measly 17 Euros!

San Paolo Naufrago

Address:  11 Santa Lucija Street, Valletta

So, San Paolo Naufrago is a place that seems to be always busy, even during the day time.

And, one of the many things we liked about this restaurant and bar… was the setting of the tables and chairs on the steps. So, we thought it was quaint even though the tables were very close together.

Plus, even inside the place was rustic with the exposed brick walls… and cave-like atmosphere.

Yet, as we were only going to have drinks in the height of Summer… we were asked to sit inside the venue. So, it didn’t matter to us as the place seemed really cool, and the staff were polite.

Plus, another great thing was that the beers were cold. And, we did end up coming back to have a feed here.

So, to find out more about our experiences having a meal here, check out our blog post HERE… And, we had an interesting episode with the manager!

Gugar Hangout & Bar

Address: 89 Republic Street, Valletta

Now, if you’re looking for a place to chill out with dirt cheap drinks… head on over to the far Northern end of Valletta. And here, you’ll discover at the quiet end of Republic Street a bar called, Gugar.

So, while it isn’t in the heart of Valletta city, it’s a nice hangout to get away from the hustle and bustle.

We came across Gugar bar, as we were staying only a couple of hundred meters away. And, this was at a quaint place called Vallettastay Casa Zoe apartment.

To find out more about this accommodation in Valletta, CLICK HERE.

So, at Gugar Hangout & Bar, there’s a small indoor area with some couches, tables and chairs. Yet, sitting outside is the place to be, like most bars in Valletta during the hot Summer weather.

It had cute tiny tables and chairs, which reminded us a little of Vietnam because of the small sizes. Plus, the mini stools outside even had the Maltese cross carved out in the middle of them.

So, a small cisk and a glass of rose wine cost a ridiculous 4.80 Euros. And, the wine was filled to the brim of the glass!

Then, in the next street across is the infamous Strait Street.

Strait Street Bars In Valletta

So, Strait Street is also known as The Gut… because back in the days this is where the live music and shenanigans happened during the war.

So by day it’s a main thoroughfare for workers. Then by night… it becomes lively with lots of little bars and restaurants lining Strait Street. So, while we did do a bar crawl down here, in this blog we’ll outline just a few of them…

Kennedy Bar and Bistro

Address:  99B Strait Street, Valletta

Kennedy Bar is one of the first bars at the start of the action in Strait Street, at the Northern end. And, while we got there soon after opening time, it was a little quiet with not many people being there.

Yet, they had the music up loud inside, which carried out onto the street. And, the music they were playing when we were there was the Rolling Stones. So, we were pretty happy with that!

But, if you did decide to sit inside, it would be difficult to have a conversation as the music was blaring. Yet, we’d say that during the Winter period most people would sit inside.

Then, as the time went on, there were several people who were dropping in after work.

And, when we had a sneak peek inside, the interior was actually rustic.

So, it was a good place to start our Valletta pub crawl on Strait Street, and they had happy hours too on certain drinks.

Yet, we had the local beers and for 2 small Cisks it was 5 Euros. Then, after Kennedy Bar and Bistro, we continued on…

Carmen Bar

Address:  82 Strait Street, Valletta

So, we thought that the music inside Kennedy Bar was loud. Yet, when we were stopping at Carmen Bar for a brew, it was even louder!

And, the music genre would chop and change, depending on what the staff member wanted at the time!

So again, we sat outside and it seemed like a cool little place.

And, as we were still wanting to stick with beers, they only have pints of Cisk and not small ones. So, the price of a pint of Cisk was 3.50 Euros.

Loop Bistro Bar

Address:  68 Strait St, Valletta

Now, after some discussion Paul and I were deciding whether or not to include this bar in the blog. Yet, as we continue on you’ll discover why.

So, Paul and I stopped here one late afternoon after a big day out sightseeing in Valletta. Then, we needed to rest our weary legs and the Loop Bar was one of the places open.

So, during the day many places have siestas, or they don’t open until from about 6:30 in the evening.

Thus, we sat down at Loop Bar and as we were thirsty after a blistering hot day, we ordered a small cisk and a glass of rose wine. Then, the staff member brought out a small bowl of crackers, which we assumed were free.

So, when it was time to get the bill, we discovered that it came out to 9 Euros. And, maybe it was heat stroke (he he he), but we didn’t even think to check the bill.

So, after paying the bill and wandering back to our accommodation… it wasn’t until much later we thought it was expensive in comparison to other bars in Valletta.

Thus, don’t do our mistake and check your bill before you leave this place!

Plus, don’t get it confused with a place next door called Tico Tico… where the seats are almost mixed together with Loop Bar!

Now, just across the road is a place that whisky lovers will drool over…

StrEat Whisky Bar & Bistro

Address:  Corner of Old Theatre Street and Strait Street

So, you must visit StrEat if you love whisky because there are about 140 whiskies! And, while I don’t mind having a whisky or two every now and again… they do have other drinks.

Yet, Paul was keen to try this place for more than a whisky or two… LOL!

So, while it was busy when we got there with no tables outside, we walked down the steps to go inside.

And, like several of the bars in Valletta we’d been to, it had the exposed brick and underground feel. There were several great paintings inside too. Plus, it was dark inside with mood lighting and the atmosphere was relaxing.

So, just be aware that a few of the tables are very close together. Thus, if you want an intimate, romantic night away from others this may not be the place for you.

Yet, that aside we sat at the tables and then at the bar too. And from here, there are loads of the whiskies on display on the various shelves. Thus, choosing a whisky here is like looking at an extensive food menu!

Yet, while I was drinking beer, Paul was indulging in several whiskies. So, StrEat is a great place to relax in a sophisticated setting.


If you’re planning on having drinks only at some of the bars in Valletta, sometimes the owners won’t allow this. And, that’s because they prefer to have tables free for people who will eat and drink.

So, this happened to us a couple of times as we were on our bar crawl down Strait Street.

Otherwise, in other places we were told we could have drinks only, but we would have to sit inside. Thus, people who were going to eat and drink could enjoy the outdoor seating.

And, if you don’t want to walk around too much… head on over to the heart of Republic and Merchants Streets. There are plenty of restaurants / bars that open from day until night here.

So there you have it… a sneak peek into 10 of the bars in Valletta we went to on our crawls. And, there are many more that we went to! We love Valletta and hope that you will too.

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