Istanbul Nightlife – Eat, Drink And Be Merry In Nevizade Sokak, Beyoğlu

When Paul and I were in Istanbul, we were staying at an Airbnb apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul. So, this may not be the first choice of areas to stay in for many tourists.

And, that’s because many of the Istanbul attractions are in Sultanahmet.

Yet, there were a few reasons we stayed in this area including…

  • It seemed like a safer area from what we were reading from others
  • There were plenty of cafes and restaurants
  • Beyoglu was a more hip area than say the tourist area of Sultanahmet
  • It was less of a rip off regarding prices compared to touristy Sultanahmet
  • It was easy to get around different areas of Istanbul

Yet, what we weren’t 100% sure about was how widely accepted it was to drink alcohol in Turkey.

Yet, on our first night in Beyoglu, Istanbul… it was pleasantly surprising for us to see that there were plenty of bars and places to drink.

In fact, it was more surprising to us with the amount of bars in such a small area. Yet, it was great for us as we were keen to explore the Istanbul nightlife. And, if you know us, we love a drink or two or more… LOL!

Thus, while we were in Beyoglu, we went on a number of bar crawls! Yet, if you want a vibrant area for Istanbul nightlife, then head on over to Nevizade Street (Nevizade Sokak).

There are plenty of places to have a bevvy as well as to eat.

So, in this blog post I’ll give you an insight into Nevizade Sokak in Beyoglu Istanbul… including some of the places we went to. Plus there’s one bar which became our favorite… even though the “boss” will keep an eye on you… Sounds strange?

Keep reading to find out more!

Bubble Pub

So, the side of Nevizade Sokak that we decided to start on was at the corner of Balo Sokak.

And, with so many places to choose from to drink… to make it easy we picked the first bar on the corner called, Bubble Pub.

So, pretty much all the places have outdoor and indoor seating. And, at Bubble Pub this is no exception. Yet, as it was getting cool for us without a lot of warm clothes on… we took a seat inside.

So, when we were there they had happy hours, which we believe were for certain beers only. Yet, that was great for us!

And, once we were walking in the staff were friendly and polite. There were seats at the bar, tables and chairs or couches inside.

When we got there early evening it was quiet inside. So, we had pretty much all the pub to ourselves! So, the beers we had were Tuborg.

And, during happy hour the pint was 15 Turkish Lira (about USD $2.55), and the small was 13 Turkish Lira.

Then, it was time to move on and explore more!

Sahika Bar

So, this little bar is on the corner of Nevizade and Kameriye Sokak. And, it has tables and chairs that wrap around the two streets.

So, at this point we felt like something different. And, we both felt like a red wine.

They had a few different ones, of which we weren’t sure what they were. And, while the waiter who was serving us couldn’t speak much English… he instead brought out the 2 bottles of red wine we were considering.

That was great service so that we could check it out for ourselves! So, the bar inside is small and we did sit inside in the corner. Yet, we were still able to people watch.


A lot of the places down Nevizade Street have upstairs areas too. So, make sure you ask if you prefer to check out the action from above.

Nevizade Mavi Pub

So, the next of the bars in Beyoglu Istanbul that we went to was called, Nevizade Mavi Pub.

When we got there all the tables at the front were taken. Thus, we sat inside and the waiter gave us a menu. So, once we chose our beers he mentioned that they had happy hours at the time.

So, if we wanted to get the type of beer we’d chosen, we may as well take advantage of the happy hours! Hey, it was great that he mentioned it to us. And of course, we all love happy hours, right?

So, we drank nice cold beers, and was happy like everyone else around us!


Sometimes at the bars they may bring out snacks. Yet, be careful as they may not be free and you’ll end up paying for them. So, if in doubt, ask.

Then, at the opposite end of Nevizade Street from where we started… this place ended up being our “local” while we were staying in Beyoglu Istanbul. And, the place is…


So Vera Café and Bistro is a big place. In the main area are lots of tables and chair outside, as well as an upstairs area. Plus, opposite the main restaurant are several other outdoor tables and chairs.

And, the staff here are friendly, funny and polite. Yet, be aware of the boss, whose name is Vera. She likes to keep an eye on everyone. So, we took a photo of her when we were drinking our beers…

Ha ha! Yes, the “owner” Vera is a cute kitty cat. And, she rules the bar! So, even if you’re sitting there having a drink, she’ll make her way over and claim “her” table.

What we also liked was that the service was great and the beers were super cold. Plus, they had a wide variety of beers and other drinks to choose from.

So, a pint of Efes cost 20 Turkish Lira, and a small was 16 Turkish Lira. As far as we know they don’t have happy hours, yet we thought the prices were good anyway.

Plus, there was one time when I was a chilly, so one of the staff brought out a blue blanket for me!

Food On Nevizade Sokak

OMG, when it comes to food you’ll be spoilt for choice, as there are heaps of places to eat. From hearty tasting menus, through to fish restaurants and cheap eats… there’s something for everyone for any budget.

Also, check out the places on the side streets of Nevizade Street too, as you might find some gems.

Many of the places have happy hours, generally from the late afternoon to around 7pm. So, keep a look out for the signs and blackboards on the street.

Yet, after a few nights out exploring the Istanbul nightlife on Nevizade Sokak… some of the places became a blur the next morning. LOL!

Thus, wherever you go, make sure you eat, drink and be merry!

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