Lemongrass Restaurant Breakfast Buffet At Premier Village Danang Resort

Lemongrass Restaurant is in the 5 star luxury Danang hotel, Premier Village Resort. The restaurant in the Premier Village Danang Resort… which is on 99 Võ Nguyên Giáp in the Ngu Hanh Son District.

For guests who dine in Lemongrass… it offers Vietnamese cuisine as well as international cuisine from morning to night.

Yet, Paul and I were interested in trying their breakfast buffet for a big feed.

During the week from Monday to Friday breakfast is from 6:30am to 10:30am. On the weekends it’s open until 11am.

As well as to see how it stacks up against other 5 star hotel breakfasts we’d been to. The price per person was 413,028 VND (about USD $17.75).

Plus, as Accor Plus members, we would get 50% off our dining bill. So basically 2 for 1 buffet breakfasts which is awesome value!

Yet, what would the variety and quality be like? Let’s dive into our experiences at Lemongrass Restaurant now…

Going To Lemongrass Restaurant At Premier Village Resort

Paul and I took a Grab from our accommodation to Lemongrass.

The driver was a little confused after entering Premier Village where to drop us off. Then after opening his car window, he yelled out something in Vietnamese to the security guy.

So, here’s where we got dropped off… which was about 10 meters from the hotel complex main entrance.

Then security asked where we wanted to go, and we said Lemongrass for breakfast buffet.

He then pointed in the direction we had to head. Then when we looked we thought OMG, are kidding?

See the white building in the above photo? Here’s a closer look after we walked past it…

Then we had to keep on walking… Yep, all the way up this road!

It was bloody hot already around 8:15am in the morning, and we couldn’t believe we had to walk all that way! Pretty bad service we thought. So not a great start to our dining experience.

Once we walked up there was another security guy who asked where we wanted to go… and we said Lemongrass, for breakfast buffet.

He then pointed over in a general direction to where another staff member was! Then he told us to get on the hotel’s shuttle…

He would drive us to Lemongrass restaurant. Great, so why couldn’t someone pick us up from the Premier Village Resort entrance?

Anyway, on our way there we noticed that it looked very lush, luxurious and exclusive. The gardens were well maintained and perfectly manicured. It was truly exquisite.

There were many families riding bicycles around the Village too.

Then a couple hundred meters on we arrived at Lemongrass Restaurant.

Next to it was a pool, which looked inviting. It would’ve been nice to jump in to cool down! There were seats outside too.

Inside Lemongrass Restaurant

We got to the restaurant around 8:30am, and once inside it felt warm at the door. But then as we walked further inside the restaurant it was blissfully cool. Woo hoo, finally! BIG THUMBS UP to the Premier Village Resort!

This would have to be one of the best restaurants in Da Nang, for knowing how to keep a place cool!

We noticed that the clientele was approximately 98% families. And several of the kids were screaming and running around in the restaurant.

So if you’re wanting a peaceful breakfast this is not the place for you… unless you arrive around 9:45am, when most of the guests had cleared out.

The furnishings were well maintained and clean. And the décor was stylish and modern. It was nice and bright, with lots of natural sunlight in the restaurant too.

Let’s Take A Sneak Peek At The Breakfast Buffet Food And Drinks

A staff member asked if we’d like coffee or tea to start… And I treated myself to a Vietnamese iced coffee, and Paul had his usual Americano. Plus, we tried some of the fresh juices on offer.

For my go to place for a Vietnamese Iced Coffee in DaNang, CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately the coffee didn’t blow me away. The best I’ve had would have to be at the Pullman DaNang, and there it was presented so stylish too. You can check it out in my blog post HERE.

Initially it was difficult to find plates, then they re-stocked soon after.

At the big bar area were a range of juices, smoothies, teas and coffees…

Then around the corner was a variety of fresh fruits, whole and chopped up…

And next to that were a range of spreads, cereals, milks, bread pudding, and more…

Then next to that was a big range of cheese, cold cuts and condiments…

And in the middle was a big table with breads, muffins, cakes, pastries, yogurts, and more…

Opposite this was a section that included congee, chinese buns and dumplings…

But Wait, There’s More!

Then around the corner from that was a long table that had a variety of hot foods. These included… ribs, beef stew, stir fried noodles, stir fried vegetables, sausages, baked beans, crispy and soft bacon, and Vietnamese local dishes.

Then next to that was a Vietnamese noodles station and egg station… where we had omelettes cooked to order.

Yet, Paul had a problem at the egg station. He was trying to order poached eggs, but none of the staff knew what he was talking about… not even the chefs!

So eventually they found someone who could help… and thankfully one of the chefs knew what poached eggs were! Yet, instead of giving him 2 as he asked, it was a lonely single poached egg he got…

Next to the egg stations was a small Korean section… 

Then there a small Japanese section, along with salads, and ingredients to make your own salad…

Then lastly there was this cool little cart which had Vietnamese coffees and juices. Plus, opposite that was a kids corner.

Would We Come Back To Lemongrass For A Breakfast Buffet?

The total price per adult for the Lemongrass buffet breakfast was 413,028 VND (about USD $17.75). And for children aged 4 to 12 years, it’s 215,569 VND (about USD $9.25).

We were able to use our Accor Plus dining benefit to get 50% discount, for 2 people dining together. Beware though, the benefit only applies to adults and not children.

We had high expectations… as the Premier Village Resort Danang appeared exquisite, luxurious and spacious. It was great that the restaurant had its air conditioning on and it worked well.

Unfortunately, not all the food was 5 star quality. Stale bread, lack of food top ups, and lack of seasoning let it down… amongst a few other things I mentioned earlier.

In comparison the Pullman Danang Beach Resort, which is only a few hundred meters away… from a food quality and value it reigns supreme.

Whilst the Pullman’s breakfast buffet is slightly more expensive at 576,000 Vietnamese Dong (about USD $24.75)… it’s worth it for value and quality.

Yet, the only MASSIVE problem at the Pullman Danang Hotel, is that it’s too hot in the Epice restaurant. Therefore making the dining experience uncomfortable.

So, all in all, we wouldn’t need to make another special trip to Lemongrass to have their breakfast buffet.

We’re glad to have had the opportunity to experience it though. So onwards and upwards to another destination for buffet breakfast. Stay tuned!

Can someone top the Pullman Danang Resort, or even better still… Red Oven Restaurant at SO Sofitel Bangkok? The challenge is on… LOL!

Until our next post… drink, eat, travel and ENJOY!

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