REVIEW: Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Executive Club Lounge

When we stayed at the Pullman G Hotel in Bangkok for Paul’s birthday… we were able to get complimentary Executive Club Lounge access. That was thanks to the Le Club Accor Hotels loyalty program, as I was a Platinum Member.

You’ve got to love having elite status!

So with that, when we arrived at this Pullman Bangkok Hotel… our check in was on Level 27, where the Executive Lounge was.

On arrival we received a welcome drink that was served in this funky light globe glass!

Yet, check in at the Pullman G Executive Lounge was not the best experience we’d had. And it was disappointing considering it was Paul’s birthday.

You can find out more about our horror check in process HERE.

Our Privileges In The Pullman G Executive Lounge

Now, Paul and I love experiencing different executive lounges around the world. Unfortunately, we’ve had some shocking experiences and other times we’ve felt like a King and Queen.

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When we checked in, the staff handed us a letter outlining the benefits of the Executive Lounge…

We didn’t take advantage of all the benefits like the free local calls or suit pressing. Yet, it was good to know in case we needed it.

Now, take a look at the bottom of the letter where it mentions the dress code…

“Patrons are encouraged to wear at least a casual outfit. Please refrain from wearing bedroom slippers and bathrobes.”

As soon as we saw this, we weren’t expecting it to be a high end Executive Lounge!

Well, let’s see how our experiences unfold in the Pullman G Bangkok Lounge. Let’s kick it off with afternoon tea…

Pullman G Bangkok Executive Lounge Afternoon Tea

The complimentary afternoon tea was between 2:00pm to 4:00pm. There were only a couple of other people when we arrived.

There are 2 different sections in the Executive Lounge. To the right, it gets drenched with the warm sunshine.

So even though the views are great, Paul and I sat on the left side of the lounge to try not to sweat!

To start, Paul and I had a soda water…

Then we wandered over to see what food was on offer. Where the food was on display, it felt like we were in a corridor! It was a small area, and the food selection was smaller too compared to other executive lounges we’d been to.

Yet, let’s take a look at what was on offer. For the savory items there were these mini tortillas, which were actually very tasty…

Plus, there were mini chorizo sliders… Yet we couldn’t eat them.

Other afternoon tea items included scones with jams and cream, cookies, slices, mini cakes, and macaroons…

There was also a variety of fresh fruit too…

Unfortunately on our second day, there were no savory items that we could eat. And so they mentioned that if we could wait 20 minutes, they could make sandwiches for us…

Unfortunately this was annoying… because we did let them know our dietary requirements before our stay. Yet, no-one in the Executive Lounge seemed to acknowledge it, or check in with us.

We thought that was poor service in that respect.

We didn’t end up spending long in the Lounge for afternoon tea, as it was uncomfortably warm in there. Plus, the seats we were sitting in felt like we were sinking!

So it was back to the coolness of our hotel room, then bath time! $99 or Less

Evening Cocktails and Canapes In The Pullman G Hotel Executive Lounge

The Club Lounge access for complimentary evening cocktails and canapés was between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. These hours were more like what we were used to… unlike the ridiculously early hours at the SO Sofitel Club Signature Lounge.

You can find out more about our experiences in the SO Sofitel Bangkok Executive Lounge HERE. Some interesting events happened there!

So back to it…

In the Lounge, we noticed there was a separate room next to the main Executive Lounge area…

This seemed more intimate and no-one else was in there. Even though the food and drinks were in the main area… we decided to have our Executive Lounge experience here.

That was because the air conditioning worked better in this room so it was nice and cool… And we could enjoy our drinks and food without sweating like pigs.

The staff would also come past to check if we wanted more wine or beer, which was great. It was like having our own butler service and VIP room… LOL!

The unfortunate thing was that on the second night, this room was not open. Arghhhhh! So we were forced to go into the main area…

Oh well, as Paul said keep drinking to keep cool. Ha ha ha!

The savory canapés in the evening included… rice paper rolls, skewers, sashimi, and  mini rolls…

There were also quail eggs, dips, crackers, bread rolls, olives, pickles, cold meats…

The sweet treats included jelly, cheesecakes, mini cakes, and fresh fruit…

Beyond A Joke…

As well as the other food we described… there was also some hot food roaming around, but we couldn’t eat it. In fact, we couldn’t eat most of the savory items the Pullman G Executive Lounge offered.

Again, it was frustrating and we told them again about our dietary requirements. So they apologized and offered to cook something specifically for us… as they wouldn’t be making any vegetarian hot food canapés.

When they told us that, Paul and I told them to not bother. It was beyond a joke by that stage.

So here’s basically what we ate…

Plus, a couple of the beers Paul had were not cold. The staff were apologetic, and promptly took away the warm beer. Yet, for a luxury 5 star hotel they shouldn’t be serving warm beer!

So in the end, we were over the Executive Lounge… And headed on up to the Scarlett Bar on the 37th Floor of the Pullman Hotel.

Our Final Thoughts On The  Executive Lounge At The Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

Overall, our experience was average at the Pullman G Executive Lounge. While the service from a few of the staff members was exceptional, the ambience inside the lounge wasn’t.

One of the biggest negatives for us was that the Executive Lounge constantly seemed uncomfortably warm… except for that “VIP” room we occupied, when it was open!

And another big frustrating factor was advising the hotel of our dietary requirements BEFORE staying there… Yet, it seemed like it we were an annoyance for them to cater to our needs.

The views are great from the Executive Lounge… Yet, there are many other places in Bangkok where we can experience awesome views. Plus, we could be in comfortable conditions.

So for us, we wouldn’t come back to the Pullman G Executive Lounge in Bangkok.

Have you been here before? If you have, share your experiences with us as we’d love to know!

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