Tantalize Your Taste Buds At One Of The Best Restaurants In Bratislava

On a lovely sunny day, Paul and I decided to go on a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava in Slovakia. So it was on a Sunday, where many shops and restaurants are closed in Vienna. Thus, it’d be a good day to go!

So after we’d done a lot of walking around in Bratislava, it was time to re-fuel our bodies. And as we were walking down Obchodná Street, surprisingly it was almost deserted.

Yet, amongst all the shops was a place called Slovak Pub…

So from the outside it didn’t look like anything special. Yet, once we walked inside and up the stairs, it was characteristic…

Then once we opened the door to go into the main area of Slovak pub… it was a hype of activity. There were throngs of people, enjoying mountains of food and drinks on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And as we looked around, we noticed several staff hovering around the counter… at what we thought was the bar area.

Then as we mentioned we’d like a table for 2, she said that we just had to find somewhere that was free.

Trying To Find A Needle In A Haystack

So, that would normally seem easy enough, but finding a free table was like finding a needle in a haystack!

Then as we hunted for a table throughout the restaurant… there were no free tables available except a few outside. Normally, it’d be our choice to sit outside. Yet, the day we went to Bratislava, it was stifling hot!

So sitting in the blazing sun in the outside terrace wasn’t an option for us. And with that, we went back inside.

Thankfully, my eagle eye saw a couple of guys leave their table so we pounced on it! But then they came back…

Yet, not to worry as they told us to stay at the table… as they were just fixing the bill. Phew!

The photos of the Slovak Pub below were taken later in the afternoon… after the crazy busy Sunday lunch session!

Then we sat down for about 15 minutes before a waiter came to our table, and we asked for menus.

Yet, it took about another 10 minutes or so for the waiter to bring out menus. He was clearly run off his feet, with beads of sweat glistening on his forehead!

The Food And Drinks At Slovak Pub Bratislava

It was interesting reading the Slovak Pub menu… because it had historic information about the Slovak Pub building, and the food.

So for example, within the pub are different rooms such as the Basnicka Izba… And this room was dedicated to Slovak writers and poets. It took us a little while to go through the menus because of the interesting info!

Plus, there were stories about the Bryndza, which is a special Slovak sheep cheese…

So as about another 15 minutes had passed, then the waiter came to our table to take our order.

Yet, as we were still perusing the menu for food… we ordered a couple of local beers to start…

We welcomed the brews, and started drinking them like water… as they  were cold and just what we needed to help cool us down.

And ,there were so many things on the menu that sounded mouth watering. Yet in the end, we ordered:

  1. Creamy garlic soup in a home made bread bowl
  2. Bryndza pierogi (Slovak sheep cheese turnovers)
  3. Potato dumplings with Bryndza and ostiepok (smoked sheep cheese)

Then, the waiter finally came back to take our order. And we could see our waiter needed double the arms and legs… for taking orders, clearing tables and listening to complaints!

These were from people who said that they’d be waiting a long time, for about an hour.

So the waiter came over to our table a couple of times he apologized. Yet, it wasn’t the waiter’s fault if the restaurant was under-staffed.

Even so, we were enjoying our beers and having a chat.

Then, our food came out…

Is This The Best Food In Bratislava?

While we were spending a lot longer in the Slovak Pub than we intended due to it being so busy… When our first meal came out our eyes lit up!

OMG, the garlic soup was to die for. So not only was it a pungent garlic flavour, when we dunked our spoon into the soup and lifted it up, there were strands of stringy cheese…

Plus, the thick crusty bread bowl it was served in was delicious too. So Paul and I were almost fighting over who was going to have the last mouthful!

Then there was the potato turnovers stuffed with the local Bryndza cheese. And wow… the cheese was so fluffy yet packed full of flavour.

It didn’t even need the cheesy sauce that came on top. But as cheese lovers, for us that was like the icing on the cake.

And so the last dish in our trio was the potato dumplings with have a guess… cheese dressing.

We got the cheese and smoked cheese option. And Paul was devouring it like this would be his last meal on earth!

After 3 half litre beers, and 3 amazing dishes later we couldn’t finish all our bread bowl. Yet, there wasn’t a skerrick of cheese left anywhere on our plates!

Some Tips Before You Decide To Dine At The Slovak Pub Bratislava

So we’re not sure if the Slovak Pub was this busy all the time. Yet, here’s a few tips and things to note from our perspective…

* If you couldn’t be bothered waiting, get here before or after peak lunch times. We got there around 2:30pm yet it was still busy. By about 3pm it was starting to thin out.

* Don’t expect to get 5 star service. So in busy times forget about receiving attentive service. The service we had was fine, and our waiter was helpful. Yet, we didn’t have a strict timeline and had a couple of hours to chill.

* On several of the dishes there is bacon sprinkled on top. So if this isn’t your thing, then ask the waiter to hold the bacon.

The total cost for or meal was, wait for it… 23 Euro. Yep, that ain’t no typo. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was! Plus, the food was amazing.

And by gosh, I wish we had room for sweets… as I was reading some of “Grandma’s sweets,” which sounded AMAZING. Who knows, maybe we’ll be back!

So we hands down recommended you give Slovak Pub in Bratislava a try. To us, it really does have some of the best Slovakian food. And if you’re a cheese lover, you’ll be in heaven!

You can find the Slovak Pub Bratislava on 62 Obchodná Street. 


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