Air Malta Business Class Review

When we were searching for flights from Vienna to Malta on a specific day, with Air Malta… the economy class fares were much more expensive than our trip to Vienna.

So out of interest we checked the Air Malta business class seats. And for about an extra 50 Euro for the both of us… we could get seats for their Just Business travel class! Then, we thought that it was a mistake.

Yet, as we checked again that same fare came up. So, we quickly booked it in case it got wiped off the system and changed!

We’d both flown Air Malta economy class before. Yet, we’d never flown their business class, so it’d be interesting to see how it compares to other airlines. And boy, we really did have an INTERESTING experience!

So read on to find out what happened…

REMINDER: This is for Air Malta Business Class from Vienna to Malta… with a short stop in Catania.

At Vienna Airport For Our Air Malta Business Class Flight

When we arrived at Vienna airport it was mayhem. Then, our taxi driver told us that they weren’t letting cars go through to the airport.

So he dropped us off as close to the terminal as possible, which was a few minutes walk. But for us, it was no big deal that we had to walk to the terminal.

Then, we scanned the board to see where to check in for the Air Malta flight. And we saw the check in counters for our flight.

Yet, when we went to the counters there were no Air Malta signs, let alone any staff…

So, when we checked with the airport information staff… they told us what the check in counter numbers were. Yet, they weren’t sure when the check in would open.

So, it was 2.5 hours before the departure time… yet the check in counters still hadn’t opened. 

Then we kept waiting and waiting. And finally the check in county opened… about 1 hour and 50 minutes before departure time!

The Comedy Of Errors Continues…

Yet, what we found strange was that the staff weren’t dressed in Air Malta uniform. So, we suspect that maybe it was an outsourced company…

Then, as we looked at the screens above the counters, one popped up with business class on it. So we headed on over, and all the other irritated passengers glared at us… thinking we were jumping the queues.

Ahhhhh, one of the great benefits of having the Air Malta business class ticket!

So as we were checking our bags in… the staff member said that we were over the luggage weight limit.

Yet, we told her that we had business class tickets, and that had a 32kg allowance.

She then looked surprised and didn’t realise we were business class… even though the check in counter sign said business class!!!!

So she had to re-set her computer and got help to check us in again.

After all that was over… we had access to the priority for the security checks. And here, no-one was in the line so we went through to security immediately.

Yet, once we got inside there was a long queue. And only 1 person was doing the security checks for the priority passengers.

OMG, what an interesting overall experience for Air Malta business class passengers!

Airport Lounge Access At Vienna Airport

So as part of our business class ticket we had airport lounge access. And the lounge  that we could access was called Jet Lounge in Vienna.

But for the lounge access at Jet Lounge, we weren’t told about it… even after booking our flights or at the check in counter! We only found out about it because we researched online.

So we didn’t have high expectations… as the public can buy a pass to access the lounge for 33 Euro.

But when we got there we were pleasantly surprised.

Although it was very busy when we arrived, we managed to get a table and seats.

Then we checked out the food and beverage options at the Jet Lounge.

There were breads, a curry, rice, salads, soup, condiments, chips, nuts, pretzels, fruit, sweets.

And next to that was a coffee machine and teas.

Then next to that was the alcohol, which included about 5 different types of beer, wines and spirits.

And it was surprising that the food actually tasted fine.

The staff warned us on arrival in the Vienna Airport Jet Lounge, that there’d be no boarding call. So we’d have to keep an eye on the monitors.

Getting Ready To Board Our Air Malta Business Class Flight

When it was getting close to the boarding time listed on our ticket… we checked the screens in the airport lounge. And it showed that our flight was ready for boarding. Yet, when we arrived at the gate… it wasn’t open!

Then we had to wait for about 20 minutes before we could board. Oh dear!

Yet, once the gates opened and they checked us through to board the plane… it was cordoned off…

So we had to wait again until the cleaning had finished.

On Board The Air Malta Business Class Flight

So the Air Malta business class seats were basically like economy. It was a 3 seater, but with a spare seat in the middle. And it looked like the leg room was the same as economy.

So we wondered when or if we’d get a welcome drink. Yet, as more people boarded we doubted we would get anything. Then, after everyone else had boarded the plane, we had a drink choice of water or orange juice.

So in the middle seat was a complimentary newspaper…

And in the seat pocket we found a food menu for business class passengers…

Plus, the staff came round offering a pillow and blanket…

Then, as the food and beverage service was commencing…. we could choose from white wine, red wine or Prosecco.

And after we got our drinks, the staff gave us a hot towel each.

Then, as they were giving us our meals, we discovered that they didn’t have our vegetarian meal requests. Arghhhhhh!

So the only other option available was this snack box…

And in the end our full meal was this…

The breads were delicious and the chocolate mousse was a wicked delight!

Yet, despite all this the service from staff was very good and pleasant.

So on our way to Malta, we had a short stopover in Catania. Then, many people were boarding this place for Malta.

Yet, unlike the first leg of our trip, the staff didn’t offer any food or drinks. That’s right, NOTHING! Not even water. So we were a little peeved with that!

The Million Dollar Question

Now the questions is… Is the Air Malta business class worth it, from Vienna to Malta? We only paid an extra 50 Euro from the economy fare we could choose from.

So, for the lounge access and business class perks that was good. Yet, if we got cheaper economy tickets then we don’t think it’d be worth it. That’s mostly because the flight was relatively short, compared to others.

But if your budget allows… then why not pay for the extra services and perks for Air Malta Business Class.

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Note: All of our reviews and comments are our opinions and no-one else’s. Even if we receive complimentary goods or services we share our opinions honestly.

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