The Best Chocolate Eclairs In Bangkok, Thailand

Paul and I were staying in the Sathorn area for a couple of weeks, near Suan Phlu Road.

If you’re here in Bangkok for a short stay, this area may not be on your short list… as it doesn’t have the major tourist attractions… Yet, We had the opportunity to discover this area. To our surprise, Suan Phlu has a gem of a store…

We had a craving for some cheeses. Supermarkets like Tops and Villa Market have a range of cheeses that would make any cheese lover happy… Yet, one day down Suan Plu Road, we found this place…

El Mercado Grocery & Wine Store was a great find on Suan Phlu Road… and so unexpected!

For a shop that sells higher end cheeses, cold meats, grocery produce, deli items, pastries, dried fruit, chocolate, and more… The price is surprisingly quite good.

They also sell El Mercado brand olive oils. It’s interesting how you can refill the bottles once you’ve finished.

If you’re wanting a bargain… after 5:00 pm items including pastries and sandwiches are 50% discount. The only disappointment is they may not have what you want!

So here are some cheeses we bought…

El Mercado have a big range of cheeses considering they’re a small store. There’s varieties of soft cheeses, hard cheese, blue cheeses and even a raw cow’s milk cheese.

As well as cheeses and the other items I mentioned, they sell a range of alcoholic products… including wines, local beers, and international beers.

As I mentioned before, they sell pastries and sweet treats. Check these out!

OMG… If only you could taste it right now. These chocolate eclairs were so delicious. Actually calling them delicious is such an understatement!

In fact, although Paul isn’t a big sweet tooth, he doesn’t mind an éclair… yet many that he’s tried are not up to scratch. So this is probably the first time in 20 years he’s had a chocolate éclair.

When Paul tried this, he was in heaven. He couldn’t believe how good it was.

Usually the chocolate eclairs we’ve eaten had a white cream filling. Yet, these had a chocolate filling. Double choc goodness!

The chocolate cream filling is decadent… It’s so silky smooth, and feels light and fluffy on your tongue. The dark chocolate icing is rich and melts in your mouth. It’s so wickedly tasty! We savored every mouthful.

So needless to say… If you’re near Suan Phlu Road in Sathorn, you must explore what El Mercado has to offer. It’s open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. We’re sure you’ll be salivating at the items they have on offer!


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